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Learn eye colors and Eye shapes in German

Colors and Shapes of eyes in German

The eyes are one of the most important organs in the body. It is the most important connection to perception as we can understand what we can see. We see and we perceive, we see and we believe. Also one of the most common topics when it comes to talking to a lover is by describing how beautiful their eyes are. So it becomes very important that we learn as much as we can related to the eyes in German. Hence in this post, we will be learning about a comprehensive vocabulary lists in relation to the eyes in German with tons and tons of example sentences.



  1. How to say “Eyes in German”?
  2. Pronunciation Guide
  3. Parts of the eyes in German
  4. Glasses and Spectacles in German
  5. Eye Diseases in German
  6. Learn eye colors in German
  7. Eye shapes in German
  8. Lover Talk related to the eyes in German


How to say Eyes in German?

  • ORD: The German translation for “the eye” is “das Auge”
    • EXAMPLE SENTENCE: “The eye is an important organ” à Das Auge ist ein wichtiges Organ.
  • WORD: The German word for “the eyes” is “die Augen”
    • EXAMPLE SENTENCE: “A snake has two eyes.” à Eine Schlange hat zwei Augen.
  • WORD: The German translation for “one eye” is “ein Auge”
    • EXAMPLE SENTENCE: “The earthworm has one eye.” à Der Regenwurm hat ein Auge.


What are the parts of the eyes in German?

Close your eyes… yes I know it’s ironic or even eyeronic!!! Quickly name the different parts of the eyes. You have the white bit, the circle bit, the smaller circle bit, an eyelid, eye lashes and the eye brow… Whew.. it’s a small list thankfully!!! In the table below, you can learn how to say the names of all the parts of the Eye in German. This will help you expand your basic German A1 vocabulary list and will help you have to see the eye doctor. So let us learn about the parts of the eye in German.

Parts of the eye in German
Parts of the eye in German
English VocabGerman VocabExample sentence in EnglishSame sentences in German
The corneaDie HornhautThe cornea is transparent in color.Die Hornhaut hat eine transparente Farbe.
The sclera (white of the eye)Die SkleraThe sclera must be white in color.Die Sklera muss weiß sein.
The irisDie IrisI am blind and my iris is grey in color.Ich bin blind und meine Iris ist grau.
The pupilDer PupilleThere is a small injury in the cornea and the pupil.Es gibt eine kleine Verletzung in der Hornhaut und der Pupille.
The eyelash / eyelashesDie Wimper / WimpernYour eye lashes are beautiful.Deine Wimpern sind wunderschön.
The eyebrow / eyebrowsDie Augenbraue / AugenbrauenThe man shaved his eyebrows.Der Mann hat sich die Augenbrauen rasiert.
The eyelid / eyelidsDas Augenlid / AugenliderThe owl has three eyelids.Die Eule hat drei Augenlider.

Glasses or Spectacles in German?

Half the people in the world wear glasses. Most of the people in the world would have worn sunglasses at some point in their lives. Is it thus not important to know about the different spectacles in German? In the table below, you can learn the names of all the vocabulary related to Glasses in German or Spectacles in German.

Glasses in German or Spectacles in German.
Glasses in German or Spectacles in German.
SpectaclesSpectacles in GermanExample sentence in EnglishSame sentences in German
The spectaclesDie BrilleMy mother has four pairs of spectacles.Meine Mutter hat vier Brillen.
The reading glassesDie LesebrilleDo you need reading glasses?Brauchen Sie eine Lesebrille?
The contact lensesDie KontaktlinsenMy daughter wears contact lenses.Meine Tochter trägt Kontaktlinsen.
The eye patchDie AugenklappePirates wear eye patches.Piraten tragen Augenklappen.
The sunglassesDie SonnenbrilleHe likes to wear sunglassesEr trägt gerne eine Sonnenbrille
The bifocal glassesDie BifokalbrilleMy grandfather wears bifocal glasses.Mein Großvater trägt eine bifokale Brille.
The monocleDas MonokelWinston Churchill had a monocle.Winston Churchill trug ein Monokel.


Eye Diseases in German

Whenever you have to go to the eye doctor, you need to be careful. In France or in any German speaking country, the doctors might be able to explain the problem only in German. You should be able to know all the common eye diseases in German Let us know learn about the Diseases related to eyes in German.

Diseases related to eyes in German
Diseases related to eyes in German
Eye DiseasesEye Diseases in GermanExample sentence for Eye Diseases in EnglishThe same sentences for Eye Diseases in German
HeterochromiaHeterochromieHeterochromia is very rare.Heterochromie ist sehr selten.
ConjunctivitisBindehautentzündungI have conjunctivitis and so I must sleep.Ich habe Bindehautentzündung und muss schlafen.
CataractKataraktCataract operations are safe.Kataraktoperationen sind sicher.
Nearsighted (myopia)Kurzsichtigkeit (Myopie)Are you nearsighted? Do you have myopia.Sind Sie kurzsichtig? Haben Sie Myopie?
Farsighted (hyperopia) Weitsichtig (Hyperopie)Are you farsighted? Do you have hyperopia?Sind Sie weitsichtig? Haben Sie Hyperopie?
GlaucomaGlaukomGlaucoma is dangerous and can cause blindness.Glaukom ist gefährlich und kann zur Erblindung führen.
Colour blindFarbenblindDogs are colour blind.Hunde sind farbenblind.


Eye colors in German

You are in Germany and on a date, a date with an amazing German dude / dudette. He (or she) sits opposite to you and you stare deeply into his eyes. The eyes are of a very beautiful colour. You wanna impress you date and so want to ask about the colour or of their eyes in German. How do you do it?

  • ENGLISH SENTENCE: Translation for “What Color are your eyes?” in German?
    • GERMAN SENTENCE: The translation “What color are your eyes?” in Germanà Welche Farbe haben deine Augen?

Now how does your date respond?

  • ENGLISH SENTENCE: Translation for “I have blue eyes.” in German?
    • GERMAN SENTENCE: The translation I have blue eyes in Germanà Ich habe blaue Augen.

Similarly, let us learn about the different eye colours

different eye colors in German
different eye colors in German
Eye ColorsEye Colors in GermanExample sentence in EnglishSame sentences in German
brown eyesbraune AugenShe has brown eyes.Sie hat braune Augen.
grey eyesgraue AugenYou have grey eyes.Du hast graue Augen.
black eyesschwarze AugenThe Asian man has black eyesDer Asiate hat schwarze Augen
green eyesgrüne AugenMany Europeans have green eyes.Viele Europäer haben grüne Augen.
amber eyesbernsteinfarbenen AugenMy wife has amber eyes and they are gorgeous.Meine Frau hat bernsteinfarbene Augen und sie sind wunderschön.
violet eyesviolette AugenHave you seen violet eyes?Hast du violette Augen gesehen?
hazel eyeshaselnussbraune AugenI love hazel colored eyesIch liebe haselnussbraune Augen
blue eyesblaue AugenThe wolf has blue eyesDer Wolf hat blaue Augen
Grey blue eyesGraublaue AugenPolar bears have Grey blue eyesEisbären haben graublaue Augen
White eyesWeiße AugenThe blind man has white eyesDer Blinde hat weiße Augen
Light blue eyesHellblaue AugenMy son has light blue eyes.Mein Sohn hat hellblaue Augen.


Shapes of the eyes in German

You know that different people have different eye shapes. Some people have round eyes while some people have slanted eyes. I like people who have almond shaped eyes while you may like people who have large eyes. Small eyes may indicate intelligence while cross eyes (through no fault of their own) are ridiculed. Let us learn about the different shapes of the eyes in German

different shapes of the eyes in German
different shapes of the eyes in German
EnglishEye Shapes in GermanExample sentence in EnglishSame sentences 
Slit eyes (or) slanted eyesSchlitzaugenMost Asians have slanted eyes.Die meisten Chinesen haben Schlitzaugen.
round eyesrunde AugenThe woman has round eyes.Die Frau hat runde Augen.
almond shaped eyesmandelförmige AugenThe supermodel has almond shaped eyes.Das Supermodel hat mandelförmige Augen.
large eyesGroße AugenChildren have large eyes.Kinder haben große Augen.
small eyeskleine AugenDo you have small eyes?Hast du kleine Augen?
cross eyedschielenI am cross eyed.Ich bin schielend.


Lover Talk in German…..

The eyes are considered as a reflection of one’s beauty. You often compliment your partner on their beautiful eye. So you must know how to do this kind of lover talk in German as well

  • One of the most common sentences one can say to their lover is that their eyes are very pretty. The German translation for “your eyes are pretty” is “deine Augen sind schön
  • Another very common sentence that I usually say to my wife is that her eyes are very beautiful. The German translation for “You have beautiful eyes” is “Du hast schöne Augen
  • The German translation for “I love your eyes” is “ich liebe deine Augen


Simple questions and Answers

Let us have a small test. Try and answer as many questions as you can honestly!!!

How to say brown eyes in German?       braune Augen
How to say blue eyes in German?Blaue Augen
How do you say green eyes in German?Grüne Augen
How do you say Hazel eyes in German  haselnussbraune Augen
How do you say grey blue eyes in GermanGraublaue Augen
How do you say dark blue eyes in GermanDunkelblaue Augen
How do you say bluish green eyes in GermanBlaugrüne Augen
How do you say grey eyes in GermanGraue Augen
How do you say black eyes in GermanSchwarze Augen


Some more

What colour are your eyes?Welche Farbe haben deine Augen?
I have green eyes.Ich habe grüne Augen.
My eyes are black in color.Meine Augen haben eine schwarze Farbe.
Do you wear glasses?Trägst du eine Brille?
I wear contact lenses.Ich trage Kontaktlinsen.

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