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Vocabulary List of drinks in German with examples and articles

Vocabulary List of drinks in German and list of alcohol in German with examples and articles

Why is the Vocabulary List of drinks in German so important? Let us run through a few examples, shall we? When you are in a restaurant, you start off your order with a drink. For example, you may order a beer, or maybe an orange juice or even a glass of water. And what happens when you are done with your meal? Well, you might order a tea. You wake up in the morning and have a glass of milk. You drink water throughout the day. See where I’m going with this? All of this requires you to have memorized the vocabulary list of drinks in German.

List of Drinks in German
List of Drinks in German

In Europe, people usually start off their meal with a beer or a wine. So you need to know the list of alcoholic beverages in German for this. Children love sweet and cold chocolate milk shakes. So you need to know the list of non-alcoholic beverages in German for this.

TAHDAAAAH!!! Thus there are only two categories of beverages. In this blog, you will learn about all the types of

  1. List of Alcoholic Beverages in German
  2. List of Non Alcoholic Beverages in German
  3. Types of Milk in German
  4. Different types of tea in German
  5. Water in German

So let’s get cracking and dive straight into the list of drinks in German.


The SUPER DUPER KEY VOCABUARY among the list of drinks in German

So I keep kept asked this question a real lot. What are the most important German vocabulary for drinks without which I cannot survive…. The four most important words in among the list of drinks in German is Coffee, Tea, Milk, Water and Alcohol. Learn how to say these words in German

Main drinks in German
Main drinks in German
EnglishGermanEnglish SentencesGerman Sentences
How to say coffee in German?Der KaffeeI drink coffee in the morning.Morgens trinke ich Kaffee.
How to say tea in German?Der TeeTea is my favorite drink.Tee ist mein Lieblingsgetränk.
How to say milk in German?Die MilchMilk is very cheap in Europe.Milch ist in Europa sehr günstig.
How to say Alcohol in German?Der AlkoholShe does not drink Alcohol.Sie trinkt keinen Alkohol.
How to say Water in German?Das WasserI must drink three liters of water.Ich muss drei Liter Wasser trinken.


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Alcoholic Beverages in German 

MMMMMMMMMmmmmm… My favourite! Who wouldn’t like to go to a party without being drunk or without a plan of getting drunk? Certainly not me! The most simple and commonly searched vocabulary list is the list of alcohols. Why? It’s fun and also important!

Alcoholic Drinks in German
Alcoholic Drinks in German

Let us now learn about the list of all alcoholic beverages in German with examples. This will allow you to get a head start into the vocabulary list of drinks in German. You will also benefit from the fact that all articles have been mentioned and there are tons of examples in English and in German.

EnglishGermanEnglish SentencesGerman Sentences
AlcoholDer AlkoholThe shop does not sell AlcoholDer Shop verkauft keinen Alkohol
The Alcoholic beverageDas alkoholische GetränkI do not like alcoholic beverages.Ich mag keine alkoholischen Getränke.
AbsintheDer AbsinthAbsinthe is very tasty.Absinth ist sehr lecker.
Beer Das BierShe drank three liters of Beer.Sie trank drei Liter Bier.
BrandyDer BrandyOld men like Brandy.Alte Männer mögen Brandy.
BoozeDer SchnapsThe girl forgot to bring the Booze.Das Mädchen hat vergessen, den Schnaps mitzubringen.
ChampagneDer ChampagnerFederer opened the Champagne.Federer öffnete den Champagner.
Cider Der ApfelweinCider is sour.Apfelwein ist sauer.
Cocktail Der CocktailShe can make tasty Cocktails.Sie kann leckere Cocktails machen.
Gin Der GinThe pub is famous for Gin.Der Pub ist berühmt für Gin.
Red wine Der RotweinRich women drink Red wine..Reiche Frauen trinken Rotwein..
Rosé wineDer RoséweinRosé wine is very expensiveRoséwein ist sehr teuer
Rum Der RumDo you like Rum?Magst du Rum?
Shandy Der RadlerChildren should not drink Shandy.Kinder sollten Shandy nicht trinken.
Vodka Der WodkaRussian Vodka is cheap.Russischer Wodka ist billig.
Whiskey Der WhiskyMy favorite Whiskey is Ballentines.Mein Lieblingswhisky ist Ballentines.
White wine Der WeißweinI like White and hate red wine.Ich mag Weißwein und hasse Rotwein.
WineDer WeinMy wife drank Wine on her birthday.Meine Frau hat an ihrem Geburtstag Wein getrunken.
The CognacDer CognacThe lawyer drank a Cognac.Der Anwalt trank einen Cognac.
The Sangria Die SangriaI can make a Sangria.Ich kann eine Sangria machen.
The Dry sherry Der trockene SherryThe Dry sherry is tasty.Der Dry Sherry ist lecker.
The Liqueur Der LikörAbsinthe is a Liqueur.Absinth ist ein Likör.
The Port WineDer PortweinPort wine is cheapPortwein ist günstig
The Pint Das PintI sold 300 pints of beer.Ich habe 300 Liter Bier verkauft.
The AleDas BierAle is very bitter.Ale ist sehr bitter.
The mulled wineDer GlühweinOn Christmas, we drink mulled wine.An Weihnachten trinken wir Glühwein.


Different types of Milk in German

This one is important since most people use milk in one way or the other. If you go to a German supermarket, you will find at least 20 – 30 types of milk. There’s 10% fat, 5% fat, 3% fat, no fat, full fat, plant based milk etc… enough to make the head spin. So among the list of drinks in German, you better get acquainted with the list of different types of milk in German.

Milk in German
Milk in German
The Soy milk Die Sojamilch
The Warm milk Die warme Milch
The Whole milk Die Vollmilch
The Pasteurized milk Die pasteurisierte Milch
The Skimmed milk Die Magermilch
The Condensed milk Die Kondensmilch
The Milk Die Milch
The Milk-shakeDer Milchshake
The Low-fat milk Die fettarme Milch
The rice milkDie Reismilch
The full fat milkDie Vollmilch


Types of teas in German with example sentences

Tea in German
Tea in German

A ton of people swear by tea! I’ve seen many office goers drink a massive half a litre of tea every two hours. You have 100s of varieties of tea, ranging from hot to cold, from fruit based to plain, from herbal to milk based and so on. If you go to any supermarket, you will be inundated by choices of tea. So you absolutely need to memorize the vocabulary list of all tea based beverages in German.

The Fruit tea Der Früchtetee
The Green tea Der Grüne Tee
The Herb tea Der Kräutertee
The Hibiscus tea Der Hibiskus-Tee
The Comomile tea Der Kamille-Tee
The Black tea Der schwarze Tee
The iced tea Der Eistee
The Lemon-balm tea Der Zitronenmelisse-Tee
The Linden tea Der Lindentee
The Mint tea Der Minztee
The Orange-blossom tea Der Orangenblütentee
The Vervain tea Der Eisenkraut-Tee
The Tea Der Tee
The Tea with lemon Der Tee mit Zitrone
The Tea with milk Der Tee mit Milch



List of all non-alcoholic drinks in German with example sentences

The best way to start a morning is with a cup of coffee. A lemonade would be kickass during a summer day. To keep a child happy, all you need is a nice cold chocolate milkshake. Sounds true right? Anyone living in Germany needs to complete their list of drinks in German by memorizing the vocabulary list of all non-alcoholic beverages in German. This would help life move smoothly.

Non Alcoholic beverages in German
Non Alcoholic beverages in German
The Apple distillate Das Apfeldestillat
The Black coffee Der schwarze Kaffee
The Cappuccino Der Cappuccino
The Chocolate Die Schokolade
The Chocolate milk-shake Der Schokoladen-Milchshake
The Citron lemonade Die Zitronenlimonade
The Coffee Der Kaffee
The Coffee with cream Der Kaffee mit Sahne
The Coffee with milk Der Kaffee mit Milch
The Espresso coffee Der Espresso-Kaffee
The Fresh banana milk-shake Der frische Bananen-Milchshake
The Fruit juice Der Fruchtsaft
The Fruit milk-shake Der Fruchtmilchshake
The Ice Das Eis
The Ice cream milk-shake Der Eis-Milchshake
The Juice Der Saft
The Lemon juice Der Zitronensaft
The Lemonade Die Limonade
The Orange juice Der Orangensaft
The Soft drinksDie Softdrinks
The Thick chocolate Die dicke Schokolade


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