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Childhood Stories… 


We spent hours every day listening to wonderful stories, be it Tenali Raman or Akbar and Birbal, be it Arabian Nights or Aesop’s Fables, be it Ramayana or Mahabharata or be it any Enid Blyton novel. We always read, heard or discussed these stories at least for a few hours every week. It was always interesting and kept us wanting more. 

But when now we try to study a language, why aren’t we as interested after a few days? Simple. We are forced to learn long boring passages, single sentences without a context, word lists, grammar pages, the list goes on. It becomes difficult to memorize words without a proper memory to associate with. And without association, the words keep slipping away!

At childhood-stories.com, we strive to teach a new language to you through the powerful tool called association. We will invoke every happy memory of your childhood through these wonderful stories and enable easy learning of a language. Every story is dual language and hence learning becomes fun and memorable.   






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