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List of all trees in German

List of all Trees in German with English translation.

Trees in Germany
Trees in Germany

Why is it important to know the important to know the names and the list of all trees in German? In Germany, the one thing that you will notice everywhere is that it is very green. You will be surrounded by thousands and thousands of trees. Whether you are in Munich or in Berlin, in a city or a village, a street or in the country side, you will see many trees plants and shrubs.

Germans love nature and will do anything to protect their forests and animals. Germans spend weeks every year hiking through the forests and the evergreen. So it is important to know the list of all trees in German.

How many trees are there in Germany?

As per the latest estimate, roughly 33% of Germany’s land area is forest area which equals 11.4 million hectares. However this is just forest area and does not include trees inside the cities or the villages. It also does not include the trees on the side of the roads. The count of trees in Germany is over 90 billion trees.

What are the common types of trees in Germany?

The most common types of trees in Germany are spruce, pine, beech and oak. These type of tree species have the highest count in Germany since they are most common in all the forests.


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List of all Trees in German

List of all trees in German
List of all trees in German

When you are wandering through the forest or “Wald” you will see many varieties of trees. How do you call them? Below you can find the list of all trees in German and with English translation.  The tables below are divided into masculine, feminine and neuter words. This will help you with remembering the genders.


ENGLISHGERMANEnglish SentenceGerman Sentence 
sprucedie FichteThe spruce tree is 3 years old.Die Fichte ist 3 Jahre alt.
hazel-nut treedie HaselThe hazel nut tree has many hazel nuts.Der Haselnussbaum hat viele Haselnüsse.
coconut treedie KokospalmeThe coconut tree is 50 meters tall.Die Kokospalme ist 50 Meter hoch.
cork oakdie KorkeicheThe corn oak wood is used for making tables and chairs.Das Holz der Mais-Eiche wird zur Herstellung von Tischen und Stühlen verwendet.
almond treeder MandelbaumDid you see any almond trees in california?Hast du Mandelbäume in Kalifornien gesehen?
olive treeder OlivenbaumOlive trees are very common in Spain.Olivenbäume sind in Spanien sehr verbreitet.
peach treeder PfirsichbaumShe likes peaches so she planted a peach tree.Sie mag Pfirsiche, also hat sie einen Pfirsichbaum gepflanzt.
mapleder AhornThere are many maple trees in Canada.In Kanada gibt es viele Ahornbäume.
the apricot treeder AprikosenbaumThe apricot tree is 10 years old.Der Aprikosenbaum ist 10 Jahre alt.
the treeder BaumPlease do not cut trees.Bitte keine Bäume fällen.
the fruit treeder ObstbaumMy farm has many fruit treesMein Hof hat viele Obstbäume
the orange treeder OrangenbaumThe orange tree has many oranges.Der Orangenbaum hat viele Orangen.
the elmUlmeThe elm tree is very large.Die Ulme ist sehr groß.
the fernder FarnThis fern tree is 1000 years old.Dieser Farnbaum ist 1000 Jahre alt.
the birch treedie BirkeThere is a birch tree in my garden.In meinem Garten steht eine Birke.
the cherry treeder KirschbaumWe had a cherry tree in our gardenWir hatten einen Kirschbaum in unserem Garten
the cactusder KaktusThe cactus plant does not need water.Die Kaktuspflanze braucht kein Wasser.
the lemon treeder ZitronenbaumA lemon tree has many thorns.Ein Zitronenbaum hat viele Dornen.
the oakdie EicheThe oak tree is very sturdy.Die Eiche ist sehr robust.
the fig treeder FeigenbaumAre there figs in the fig tree?Gibt es Feigen im Feigenbaum?
the palm treedie PalmeThe palm tree grows in Saudia Arabia.Die Palme wächst in Saudi-Arabien.
the pear treeder BirnbaumThe pear tree is very greenDer Birnbaum ist sehr grün
the apple treeder ApfelbaumApple trees are common in Europe.Apfelbäume sind in Europa weit verbreitet.
the poplardie PappelThe poplar tree is young.Die Pappel ist jung.
the rose bushder RosenbuschThe rose bushes are thorny.Die Rosenbüsche sind dornig.
the fir treeder TannenbaumThe fir tree has many leaves.Die Tanne hat viele Blätter.
the weeping willowdie TrauerweideHe has three weeping willow trees in his garden.Er hat drei Trauerweidenbäume in seinem Garten.
the lime treedie LindeThe lime tree has a strong smell.Die Linde hat einen starken Geruch.
the chestnut treeder KastanienbaumThere is an owl in the chestnut tree .Es gibt eine Eule im Kastanienbaum.
the beechdie BucheThe beech tree grows only in Asia.Die Buche wächst nur in Asien.


Parts of a plant in German

Now that you know the list of all trees in German, you need to know the different parts of a plant in German. You may have to descibe about a flower that you like, a root that you ate or a bud that blossomed in your garden.

Parts of a plant in German
Parts of a plant in German
ENGLISHGERMANEnglish SentenceGerman Sentence 
branchast, Die Äste des BaumesWe need to burn the branches of the tree.Wir müssen die Äste des Baumes verbrennen.
trunkder Baumstamm / die BaumstämmeThe carpenter made a table with the tree trunk.Der Zimmermann machte aus dem Baumstamm einen Tisch.
leafdas Blatt / die BlätterThe tea leaves must be dried.Die Teeblätter müssen getrocknet werden.
fruitdie Frucht / die FruchtFruits are tasty.Früchte sind lecker
rootdie Wurzel / die WurzelnThe potato is a rootDie Kartoffel ist eine Wurzel
the barkdie RindeThe cow ate the tree bark.Die Kuh hat die Baumrinde gefressen.
the seedDer SamenThe seeds are small but the tree is large.Die Samen sind klein, aber der Baum ist groß.
the bushDer BuschThere is a small bush near my house.In der Nähe meines Hauses steht ein kleiner Busch.
the thornder DornCactus have thorns.Kakteen haben Dornen.
the stem of the flowerder BlütenstielThe stem of the flower is very strong.Der Blütenstiel ist sehr stark.
the buddie KnospeThe bud of a rose is red in color.Die Knospe einer Rose ist rot gefärbt.
the plantDie AnlageThe plant has 2 leaves and one flower.Die Pflanze hat 2 Blätter und eine Blüte.


Hope you had fun learning about the different trees and plants in German.

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