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List of Continents in German with example sentences

Vocabulary: List of Continents in German with English translation: Die Kontinente

In school, we would have learnt about the list of 7 continents. Similarly you would not have noticed it but the list of continents in German or English is something that you use at least once in a while.

List of Continents in German
List of Continents in German

For example:

  1. The African man is very tall.
  2. The Asiatic grocery store is open.
  3. The Australian is handsome.
  4. This Avocado is from Peru, South America

This for basic A1 examination as well as the most basic conversations, we speak about which country and continent we are from and we have to say the name of the continent in German.

We have to say which countries we have travelled to and we have to say the name of the country in German. For this we need to know the “List of Countries in German”.

This is an essential vocabulary test in A1 and also in A2 and obviously in real life. The question (focused on A1 vocabulary) could be something along the lines of “Can you tell me which Continent your country is from?” You can use the right German vocabulary and explain about your continent in Europe or North America.

The A1 vocabulary list of Continents in German is below. You can also find example sentences in German with English translation for each continent.


What is the translation in German Language for “Continent”

The translation in German language for Continent is

der Kontinentthe continent
die Kontinentethe continents


List of Countries which speak German

Although German is a very popular language in the world, there are only 3 countries which have German as their national language. So which are the countries in which German is spoken. German is used in the following counties:

List of German Speaking Countries
List of German Speaking Countries
  1. Germany – Deutschland
  2. Austria – Österreich
  3. Switzerland – Schweiz
  4. Liechtenstein – Liechtenstein

German language is spoken as a mother tongue in several European countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, in parts of Belgium and Denmark, and South Tyrol (Italy). Roughly speaking, about 100 to 120 million people speak German as their mother tongue.


List of Continents in German : Name of all Continents in Deutsche with English translation

Every child knows that there are 7 continents in the world. Let us learn the names of all the continents in German

In the table below, you can learn how to say the names of continents in German and is the most fundamental usage in daily German language and thus forms the basic German A1 vocabulary list. So let us learn about the continents in German

List of Continents in German

List of Continents in German

VocabularyTranslationEnglish SentenceDeutsche Satz
der Kontinentthe continentIs Asia the largest continent?Ist Asien der größte Kontinent?
die Kontinentethe continentsThere are 7 continents.Es gibt 7 Kontinente.
NordamerikaNorth AmericaI live in North America and I am very rich.Ich lebe in Nordamerika und bin sehr reich.
SüdamerikaSouth AmericaArgentina is a large country in South America.Argentinien ist ein großes Land in Südamerika.
AfrikaAfricaThe sahara desert is in Africa.Die Wüste Sahara liegt in Afrika.
AsienAsiaI like Asia but I live in Europe.Ich mag Asien, aber ich lebe in Europa.
EuropaEuropeThere are many countries in Europe.Es gibt viele Länder in Europa.
AustralienAustraliaKangaroos are common in Australia.Kängurus sind in Australien weit verbreitet.
ArktisArcticPolar bears live in the Arctic.Eisbären leben in der Arktis.
AntarktikaAntarcticOnly penguins live in AntarcticIn der Antarktis leben nur Pinguine


List of continents in German with English translaion: Some more example sentences 

ContinentEnglish SentenceDeutsche Satz
North AmericaCanada is the largest country in North America.Kanada ist das größte Land in Nordamerika.
North AmericaMexico City is the largest city in North America.Mexiko-Stadt ist die größte Stadt in Nordamerika.
North AmericaSt Kitts and Nevis is the smallest country in North America.St. Kitts und Nevis ist das kleinste Land Nordamerikas.
North AmericaMissouri River is the longest river in North America.Der Missouri River ist der längste Fluss Nordamerikas.
North AmericaLake Superior is the largest lake in North America.Lake Superior ist der größte See in Nordamerika.
South AmericaBrazil is the largest country in South America.Brasilien ist das größte Land Südamerikas.
South AmericaSao Paolo is the largest city in South America.Sao Paolo ist die größte Stadt Südamerikas.
South AmericaAmazon River is the longest river in South America.Der Amazonas ist der längste Fluss Südamerikas.
AfricaAfrica is the second largest continentAfrika ist der zweitgrößte Kontinent
AfricaGiraffe is the tallest animal in the world and it lives in Africa.Giraffe ist das größte Tier der Welt und lebt in Afrika.
AfricaThe Nile is the longest river in Africa.Der Nil ist der längste Fluss Afrikas.
AsiaThere are 48 countries in Asia.Es gibt 48 Länder in Asien.
Asia4.6 billion people live in Asia.4,6 Milliarden Menschen leben in Asien.
AsiaYangtze River is the longest river in Asia.Der Jangtse ist der längste Fluss Asiens.
EuropeThere are 50 countries in Europe.Es gibt 50 Länder in Europa.
EuropeGermany is located in Europe.Deutschland liegt in Europa.
EuropeMoscow is the largest city in Europe.Moskau ist die größte Stadt Europas.
AustraliaAustralia is the largest island in the world.Australien ist die größte Insel der Welt.
AustraliaAustralia has 6 states.Australien hat 6 Staaten.
AustraliaThe Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the biggest coral reef system in the world.Das Great Barrier Reef in Australien ist das größte Korallenriffsystem der Welt.
AntarcticaAntarctica is the coldest continentDie Antarktis ist der kälteste Kontinent
AntarcticaAntarctica is the fifth largest continentDie Antarktis ist der fünftgrößte Kontinent
AntarcticaAntarctica is the windiest continentDie Antarktis ist der windigste Kontinent


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