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Geometry in German and different Geometrical Shapes in German with example sentences

What are the different Geometrical Shapes in German?

  1. Introduction to different Shapes in German
  2. What are the different two dimensional Geometrical shapes in German?
  3. What are the different three dimensional Geometrical shapes in German?
  4. What are the different types of Triangles in German?
  5. Learn Geometry in German.


Introduction to different Shapes in German

In real life, learning the list of Shapes in German is a very important activity. Why? Let’s start at the very beginning. Even for babies, we start off the process of learning by introducing the baby to different shapes such as circle, triangle, square and rectangle. Then we move next to teaching babies about 3D shapes (toys) such as cubes, cuboids, cylinders, spheres etc.

Whether you’re in school or in college, whether you’re working or retired, in a developed country or a third world country, you cannot live without about the different shapes (both 2D and 3D). You will need to mentally process images that you see and they are nothing but shapes. So it becomes very important that you learn the different Shapes in German quite well.

For example:

  • The ball is spherical
  • The bottle is cylindrical shaped.
  • The party hat is a cone.
  • I need a square sized paper.

Here you need to know how to say the shape in German and also the statement in German. This is what you will be learning in this blog called Shapes in German.


What are the different Geometrical shapes in German?

There are so many shapes and sizes which we would have studied as a child in our mathematics classes. We do come across these shapes on a daily basis for everything and sometimes we are asked to use them in our conversations.

In Mathematics, the shapes are categorized into 2 broad categories: 2D and 3D or two dimensional and three dimensional. Let us go through the different Geometrical shapes in German.


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Two Dimensional (2D) Shapes in German

Everything that have only an X Axis and a Y Axis and no Z Axis is 2 dimensional. If you draw something on a piece of paper, its 2 dimensional. Most movies that you see are labelled as 2D since the screen only has length and breadth and no depth (not talking about the new funky 3D movies though). It is thus very important that you learn some of the Three Dimensional (3D) Shapes in German

What is a 2D shape called in German? The translation for 2D or two dimensional in German is “zweidimensionalen” or “zweidimensional”


GermanEnglishEnglish SentenceGerman Sentence
Das Dreieck, Die DreiecketriangleThe triangle has three sides.Das Dreieck hat drei Seiten.
Das Rechteck, Die RechteckerectangleThe rectangle is my favorite Shape.Das Rechteck ist meine Lieblingsform.
Das Trapez, Die TrapezetrapeziumShe drew a trapezium.Sie hat ein Trapez gezeichnet.
Die Raute, Die RautenrhombusA rhombus has four sides.Eine Raute hat vier Seiten.
Das Parallelogramm, Die ParallelogrammeparallelogramThe parallelogram is an interesting shape.Das Parallelogramm ist eine interessante Form.
Das Rechteck, Die RechteckerectangleA rectangle is a long squareEin Rechteck ist ein langes Quadrat
Das Quadrat, Die QuadratesquareShe has square glasses.Sie hat eine eckige Brille.
Das Fünfeck, Die FünfeckepentagonA pentagon has five sides.Ein Fünfeck hat fünf Seiten.
Das Sechseck, Die SechseckehexagonA hexagon does not have seven sidesEin Sechseck hat keine sieben Seiten
Das Sechseck, Die SechseckehexagonThe plate was hexagon shaped.Die Platte war sechseckig.
Das Siebeneck, Die SiebeneckheptagonThe heptagon has 7 sides.Das Siebeneck hat 7 Seiten.
Das Achteck, Die AchteckeoctagonAn octagon has 8 sides.Ein Achteck hat 8 Seiten.
Die Ellipse, Die EllipsenellipseCan you draw an ellipse?Kannst du eine Ellipse zeichnen?
Der Kreis, Die KreisecircleA circle is not a poygon.Ein Kreis ist kein Poygon.
Das Polygon, Die PolygonepolygonA triangle is a polygon.Ein Dreieck ist ein Polygon.
Das OvalovalThey call it the Oval Office.Sie nennen es das Oval Office.
Der Halbkreis, Die HalbkreiseSemi circleto form a semicircleeinen Halbkreis bilden


Three Dimensional (3D) Shapes in German

Everything that you see in the real world is a 3D shape. You might see a cylindrical drum, a conical bottle. The sun is spherical and the earth as well. The dice from Dungeons and Dragons is a 8 sided Octahedron or a 12 sided dodecahedron. It is thus very important that you learn some of the Three Dimensional (3D) Shapes in German

So the question is (and one which many ask), will you encounter an octahedron in real life? Of course. Take a hexagon and extend it and there you go. An example… A screw is nothing but a cylinder mounted on an octahedron.

What is a 3D shape called in German? The translation for 3D or three dimensional in German is “dreidimensional” or “drei Dimensionen”

GermanEnglishEnglish SentenceGerman Sentence
Das Tetraeder, Die TetraedertetrahedronTetrahedrons are beautiful.Tetraeder sind schön.
Der Würfel, Die WürfelcubeA cube has 6 sides.Ein Würfel hat 6 Seiten.
Das Hexaeder, Die HexaederhexahedronA cube is a hexahedron.Ein Würfel ist ein Hexaeder.
Das Oktaeder, Die OktaederoctahedronAn octahedron has 8 sides.Ein Oktaeder hat 8 Seiten.
Das Dodekaeder, Die DodekaederdodecahedronA dodecahedron has 12 sides.Ein Dodekaeder hat 12 Seiten.
Das Ikosaeder, Die IkosaedericosahedronA icosahedron has 20 faces.Ein Ikosaeder hat 20 Gesichter.
Der Zylinder, Die ZylindercylinderThe box is cylinder shaped.Die Box ist zylinderförmig.
Der Kegel, Die KegelconeThe boy carries a cone.Der Junge trägt einen Kegel.
Die Pyramide, Die PyramidenPyramidI want to make a glass Pyramid.Ich möchte eine Glaspyramide bauen.
Die Kugel, Die Kugeln.SphereThe earth is a sphere.Die Erde ist eine Kugel.
Das Prisma, die PrismenPrismMy school has a glass Prism.Meine Schule hat ein Glasprisma.


Types of Triangles in German

What is an Equilateral Triangle in German?

  • An Equilateral Triangle is one wherein all the sides of the triangle are of the same length.
  • In German, an Equilateral Triangle is called as “gleichseitiges Dreieck” which translates to “same side length triangle”
    • Ein gleichseitiges Dreieck ist ein Dreieck mit drei gleich langen Seiten bzw. Kanten sowie drei gleichen Winkeln von jeweils 60°.
    • An equilateral triangle is a triangle with three sides or edges of equal length and three equal angles of 60 ° each
Equilateral Triangle in German
Equilateral Triangle in German

What is a Right Angled Triangle in German?

  • A Right Angled Triangle is one wherein one of the sides of the triangle is straight or 90 degrees.
  • In German, a Right Angled Triangle is called as “rechtwinkliges Dreieck”
    • A right triangle is a triangle with a right angle .
    • Ein rechtwinkliges Dreieck ist ein Dreieck mit einem rechten Winkel.


What is an Isosceles triangle in German?

  • An Isosceles triangle is one wherein two sides of the triangle are equal in length.
  • In German, an Isosceles triangle is called as “gleichschenkliges Dreieck”
    • Ein gleichschenkliges Dreieck ist ein Dreieck mit mindestens zwei gleich langen Seiten.
    • TRANSLATION: An isosceles triangle is a triangle with at least two sides of equal length.



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