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Der Esel und sein Meister

German short stories – Learning German through English

Aesop’s Fables – Der Esel und sein Meister


Once upon a time, there was a farmer who was travelling with his donkey to the market. The market to was at the bottom in the valley and they had to travel all around the mountain to get there.


Es war einmal ein Bauer, der mit seinem Esel zum Markt reiste. Der Markt war unten im Tal und sie mussten rund um den Berg fahren, um dorthin zu gelangen.



The Donkey said, “BRAAAAY! BRAAAAY! Dear Master, if we run down the cliff, we can reach the market much faster.”

The Master said, “Yes, but the cliff is steep and we will surely fall down. It is safer if we travel around the mountain.”


Der Esel sagte: „BRAAAAY! BRAAAAY! Lieber Meister, wenn wir die Klippe hinunter rennen, können wir den Markt viel schneller erreichen. “

Der Meister sagte: „Ja, aber die Klippe ist steil und wir werden sicher herunterfallen. Es ist sicherer, wenn wir um den Berg fahren. “


The Donkey decided, “Fine. I shall see you in the bottom of the mountain then”.

The donkey moved towards the edge of the cliff. The master pulled the donkey back by its tail many times but he would not listen. Finally, the master gave up.


Der Esel entschied: „Gut. Ich werde Sie dann am Fuße des Berges sehen. “

Der Esel bewegte sich zum Rand der Klippe. Der Meister zog den Esel viele Male an seinem Schwanz zurück, aber er hörte nicht zu. Schließlich gab der Meister auf.



The Master said, “Ok. It seems that you have to learn the hard way. Go the way you want and see the path it leads you on.”

The Donkey stepped off the cliff and fell down and broke its head.


Der Meister sagte: „Ok. Es scheint, dass du auf die harte Weise lernen muss. Geh den Weg, den du willst und sieh dir den Weg an, auf den er dich führt. “

Der Esel trat von der Klippe und fiel hin und brach sich den Kopf.




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About: Studying through Dual Language immersion is among the best techniques for learning a new language. The objective of this website is to teach yourself how to read and speak German confidently using English as a base 🙂 These German short stories are super cool to read for beginners and also for entertaining children. Aesop’s Fables are among the best stories that can be studied on a daily basis. 


About the Editor
The author of this German dual language short story is a C1 Goethe certified German language expert. He has over 5 years’ experience in teaching German and over 8 years learning. 

He has conducted over 1000 plus hours of classes to over 300 students. In simple words (his words as well as his student’s words), he is AWESOME!!! He can be reached out to at deindeutschlehrer24@gmail.com

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