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German Short Story Books to Boost Your Learning

Short stories in German have often been thought of as the ideal short story form. The short story form is intrinsically linked to German literature in shaping the tone and style of modern prose, and the German short story has had a profound impact on the course of world literature. There are many benefits to reading short German books. They are shorter than longer books and read faster they are better to read during a lunch break or when you have a few minutes of spare time. The text is usually clearer and easier to understand, which can increase comprehension, and the vocabulary is somewhat easier to learn, which can improve your skills.

Thus, below are 5 Easy German Short Stories to Boost Your Learning.

  • Das Märchen: The short story Das Märchen is a literary classic of German literature. The story is a true story that starts with a ferryman who starts to see ghosts. Then the story develops into a complex tale of love, which ultimately leads to the story of the mythical creature that is the main character. The story tells that the “best” are always the most beautiful and that the “worst” are always the most dangerous.
  • Die Geschichte von Hyazinth und Rosenblütchen: This short story revolves around the love triangle that develops between Hyazinth, Rosenblütchen, and the ferryman Parabellum. Naturally, Hyacinth and Rosenblütchen fall in love and get married first, but Parabellum is not a passive bystander. He plots to get Hyacinth and Rosenblütchen to separate by killing Hyacinth. He fails but continues to scheme.
  • Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten: This is a collection of short stories by the German writer Grimm Brothers. The stories present the lives of three German musicians in their ordinary life from the point of view of a typical German student. The tales are written in the first person. The stories are set in the neighborhoods of German towns.
  • Der zufriedene Fischer: The story is simple, but it has a powerful message. The author wants to warn people that they are in the process of exposing themselves to a lot of negative in the short story form. Within the story, no matter how good-hearted the characters are, they will eventually be confronted with their limitations, and being strong will force them to overcome them. The simple story of victory against all odds will motivate the reader to strive to be as strong as possible.
  • Scorpion: In a society where a “black child” is constantly reminded that he or she is “other”, and can only hope to be accepted for who he or she is, and where he or she comes from, Scorpion, the main character of the story, is in a constant struggle to be accepted by society. Throughout the story, he tries to persuade several people to accept him despite his appearance while walking through a city.

The easy German short stories form has a great potential for the development of language and literature. Because of the short stories’ short length, they can be read in a short amount of time. They can be read even in a situation where they don’t have time to listen to the entire story.

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