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List of Professions in Italian or List of Occupations in Italian with example sentences

What are the List of Occupations and Professions in Italian with articles, Pronunciation, origin of words and with tons of examples?

It is likely that whenever we meet someone, they will ask you about your job and what you are doing. Would it not be nice if you could answer your occupation in Italian? For saying this, you need to know the List of Occupations and Professions in Italian. In this blog, you will learn to say about your profession or ask about someone’s occupation / job in Italian. The below are the main topics which we will cover as a part of this blog.

  1. What is the terminology for “Occupation” and “Profession” in Italian?
  2. What are the List of Occupations and Professions in Italian with articles and Pronunciation?
  3. Gender of professions / occupations / jobs in Italians
List of Occupations and Professions in Italian
List of Occupations and Professions in Italian

Introduction to the List of Occupations and Professions in Italian with gender.


  • One of the first questions (sadly which is impolite in many cultures and also Italy) which a few Italian people ask is “Che lavoro fai?” Or “what is your job?” in Italian.
  • So you better learn the List of Occupations and Professions in Italian.
  • In this blog, you will learn to say about your profession or ask about someone’s occupation / job in Italian.
  • If you’re to ever learn Italian properly, or if you want to live and work in Italy, you better get to know the terms for List of Occupations and Professions in Italian.


  • Most Italian people are guarded when they ask one’s profession as it is personal.
  • Asking someone about their profession is one of the most common things to do when making small talk in most countries but not in Italy or in fact most of Europe.
  • The people will prefix / end the question with “Se non sono indiscreto/a…”, which in English translates to “If you don’t mind me asking …”.
  • If you are being asked the question, you can respond with:
    • Faccio ( I do) + definite article + the name of your occupation;
    • (I am) + indefinite article + the name of your occupation.


List of Occupations and Professions in Italian – PROFESSION AND GENDER

It’s of course quite near impossible to list all possible professions, but there are some common ones and the rules that you should know.

  • Even if a few of the Italian profession names change depending on their genders, there are some professions that just don’t change.
  • For example the names ending in ista which is like “il farmacista-la farmacista, il fisioterapista-la fisioterapista” etc..


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Can you teach me some interesting vocabulary related to occupation in Italian?

You need to know some vocabulary related to Italian professions in order to speak sentences properly. Also this will help you understand when people talk about their jobs and their daily life.

The Mechanic
The Mechanic
Italian English
Lavoro Job
Impiego Job, employment
Professione Profession
Occupazione Occupation
Mestiere Profession, vocation, job
Carriera Career
Azienda, impresa, ditta Company
Startup Startup
Stipendio Salary
Datore di lavoro Employer
(Lavoratore) dipendente Employee
Libero professionista Freelance, self-employed
Centro per l’impiego, ufficio di collocamento Job centre
Opportunità di lavoro Job vacancy
Curriculum vitae, curriculum, CV Résumé, CV
Lettera di accompagnamento Cover letter
Colloquio di lavoro, colloquio conoscitivo Job interview
Tirocinio, stage (pronounced /staʒ/) Internship
Stagista Trainee
Formazione Training
Lavoro temporaneo / a tempo determinato / parasubordinato Temporary role
Lavoro stagionale Seasonal work
Lavoro occasionale Occasional work
Lavoro su turni Shift work
Lavoro autonomo (in proprio) To be self-employed, to work as a freelancer
Lavoro dipendente a tempo indeterminato Permanent work, permanent contract
Volontariato Voluntary work
Italian English
Lavoro Job
Impiego Job, employment
Professione Profession


List of Professions in Italian or List of Occupations in Italian

There are so many types of jobs in the world that is becomes nigh impossible to list them. However, it is fair to say that there is a common List of Professions in Italian or List of Occupations in Italian.

List of Occupations and Professions in Italian related to the Education Industry

Teachers are the first people we meet in our life whose profession we understand. They are the first people who we understand have a job. So to do them service, I shall begin with them my list of Occupations and Professions in Italian.


There are so many types of teacher and professors. Let us go through the list now.

Italian English English Italian
Insegnante (m/f) Teacher, instructor I like my teacher Mi piace il mio insegnante
Professore / professoressa Teacher, professor My professor is very intelligent. Il mio professore è molto intelligente.
Maestro/a Elementary school teacher His mother is an elementary school teacher Sua madre è un Maestro.
Maestro/a d’asilo Kindergarten teacher The young girl likes her kindergarten teacher. Alla ragazza piace la sua maestra d’asilo.
Educatore / educatrice Educator, teacher The president was an Educator in 1981. Il presidente era un educatore nel 1981.
Docente universitario Lecturer Lulu was a famous Lecturer in Mathematics. Lulu era un famoso Docente di Matematica.
Tutor (m/f) Tutor I am searching for a Tutor. Sto cercando un Tutor.
Preside (m/f) Principal, headmaster, school supervisor The Principal is quite strict. Il preside è piuttosto severo.
Decano / Rettore (m/f) Dean, chancellor The Dean is bored. Il Decano è annoiato.
Custode / Bidello/a Janitor, custodian The janitor is very old. Il custode è molto vecchio.


The doctor and nurses who save the world

The medical profession is vast and very complex. As a kid, you would have heard only of “Doctor”. When you are slightly older, you hear of the word “Surgeon”. When you are much older, you come to know of the huuuuge doctor related list of Occupations and Professions in Italian.

Of course, at some point in your life you’re going to have to run in to a hospital or come across a doctor. So it is best if you memorize the list of Occupations and Professions in Italian which are in relation to doctors.

A super sexy Nurse
A super sexy Nurse

I am not going to give examples as this would be overwhelming and highly complicated. Let us try and get this list down J

Italian English
Medico (m/f) Doctor
Dottore / dottoressa Doctor
Infermiere/a Nurse
Chirurgo (m/f) Surgeon
Paramedico Paramedic
Psicologo/a Psychologist
Psicoterapeuta (m/f) Psychotherapist
Psichiatra (m/f) Psychiatrist
Neurologo/a Neurologist
Pediatra (m/f) Pediatrician
Cardiologo/a Cardiologist
Radiologo/a Radiologist
Dentista, odontoiatra (m/f) Dentist
Oculista (m/f) Ophthalmologist, eye doctor
Dermatologo/a Dermatologist
Ortopedico/a Orthopedist
Omeopata (m/f) Homeopath, expert in homeopathic remedies
Ginecologo/a Gynecologist
Ostetrico/a Obstetrician
Urologo/a Urologist
Farmacista (m/f) Pharmacist, chemist
Igienista dentale (m/f) Dental hygienist
Veterinario/a Vet
Biologo/a Biologist


List of Occupations and Professions in Italian related to pulic service officers

The people in this list lay their lives in order to ensure that we are safe and get a good night’s sleep. These are of course the soldiers / firemen / the guards and many more. This list of Occupations and Professions in Italian is something that you need to absolutely memorize. You will need to call the police many times in your life. You will need to respect a soldier, praise a fireman and many more. How can you do those without knowing the proper vocabulary for that?

Firemen - The bravest of the brave
Firemen – The bravest of the brave
Italian English English Italian
Poliziotto/a Policeman, cop The policeman caught the thief. Il poliziotto ha catturato il ladro.
Agente Police officer I want to be a Police officer. Voglio essere un agente di polizia.
Carabiniere Carbineer The Carbineer was very rich. Il Carabiniere era molto ricco.
Guardia giurata Security guard The security guard was born in Germany. La guardia di sicurezza è nata in Germania.
Vigile del fuoco, pompiere Fireman I married a Fireman. Ho sposato un pompiere.
Soldato / soldatessa Soldier The soldier was very brave. Il soldato è stato molto coraggioso.
Ispettore / ispettrice Inspector The Inspector is forty years old. L’ispettore ha quarant’anni.
Investigatore / detective Detective The detective is very clever Il detective è molto intelligente


List of Occupations and Professions in Italian related to the Food industry

The people in this list are the main reason why we don’t go hungry and of course remain healthy!!! These warriors are of course the people from the food and restaurant industry…  This list of Occupations and Professions in Italian needs to be memorized by all.

You will go to restaurants almost every week / month. You will need to request for service. How can you do those without knowing the proper vocabulary for that?

Italian English English Italian
Ristoratore / ristoratrice Restaurant owner, restaurateur The restaurant owner is from Sicily. Il proprietario del ristorante è siciliano.
Cuoco/a Cook, chef The king gave a 100 coins to the Cook. Il re diede 100 monete al cuoco.
Capocuoco / capo chef Head chef, executive chef, chef de cuisine The Head chef of the Marriot is Jean Pierre. Il capo chef del Marriott è Jean Pierre.
Aiuto cuoco / assistente chef Chef’s assistant, assistant chef I am the assistant chef in Marrot. Sono l’assistente chef di Marrot.
Capo partita Chef de partie, station chef The Chef de partie is very angry. Il Capo partita è molto arrabbiato.
Saucier (pronounced /sosje/) Sauté chef, saucier The saucier is very generous. Il saucier è molto generoso.
Pizzaiolo Pizza chef The Pizza chef is the most important person in a Pizzeria. Il Pizzaiolo è la persona più importante in una Pizzeria.
Sommelier Sommelier, wine steward A wine steward should not be clumsy. Un Sommelier non dovrebbe essere goffo.
Cameriere / cameriera Server, waiter/waitress The waiter liked the waitress. Al cameriere è piaciuta la cameriera.
Barista (m/f) Bartender, barman/barmaid The Bartender is very patient. Il barista è molto paziente.


List of Occupations and Professions in Italian related to the Legal advisory industry

Where would we be without lawyers and judges? A lawless world perhaps? Let us do the profession justice by memorizing the list of Occupations and Professions in Italian related to Judiciary.

Italian English
Avvocato Lawyer, attorney, solicitor
Magistrato Magistrate
Procuratore Attorney, lawyer, counselor
Pubblico ministero, PM Prosecutor
Ufficiale giudiziario Officer of justice
Giudice Judge, magistrate
Giudice di pace Justice of the peace, small claims judge


The professions related to Business and office life

Most of us go to regular office jobs and this list is vast and ever growing. The List of Occupations and Professions in Italian would not be complete without detailing out this list.

Italian English
Impiegato/a Office worker, clerk
Direttore / direttrice Company director
Centralinista (m/f) Telephone operator, switchboard operator
Segretaria/o Secretary
Ragioniere / ragioniera Accountant
Venditore, commercial Salesperson, sales rep
Agente immobiliare (m/f) Real estate agent
Consulente (m/f) Consultant
Contabile (m/f) Bookkeeper
Commercialista (m/f) Accountant
Notaio (m/f) Notary
Esattore fiscale Tax collector
Geometra (m/f) Surveyor
Ingegnere (m/f) Engineer
Imprenditore / imprenditrice Entrepreneur
Banchiere / banchiera Banker
Intermediario finanziario Stockbroker
Architetto/a Architect
Ricercatore / ricercatrice Researcher
Programmatore / programmatrice Programmer
Promotore / promotrice Promoter


List of Occupations and Professions in Italian related to the Publishing Industry

Behind every book and every newspaper are a few hundred people toiling away to achieve perfection. These are not just editors but writers, translators, illustrators and many more.

 Italian English
Scrittore / scrittrice Writer
Romanziere / romanziera Novelist
Redattore / redattrice Editor
Editore / editrice Publisher
Traduttore / traduttrice Translator
Correttore di bozze / correttrice di bozze Proofreader
Giornalista (m/f) Journalist
Pubblicista (m/f) Contributing editor
Copywriter (m/f) Copywriter
Interprete (m/f) Interpreter
Illustratore / illustratrice Illustrator


List of Occupations and Professions in Italian related to the Entertainment industry

Don’t we all like a nice movie, a song, a play? That’s what Friday nights and weekends are about right? So it would be remiss if we omit this list of people.

Italian English
Cantante (m/f) Singer
Attore / attrice Actor/actress, Thespian, performer
Drammaturgo/a Playwright
Regista (m/f) Filmmaker
Musicista (m/f) Musician, performer
Pianista (m/f) Pianist
Chitarrista (m/f) Guitarist, guitar player
Sassofonista (m/f) Saxophonist
Batterista (m/f) Drummer, percussionist
Bassista (m/f) Bassist, bass player
Compositore / compositrice Composer
Ballerino/a Dancer
Coreografo/a Choreographer
Modello/a Model
Presentatore / presentatrice Television presenter
Cameraman Camera operator, cameraman
Costumista (m/f) Costume designer
Truccatore / truccatrice Makeup artist
Disc jockey, DJ (m/f) Disc jockey


The professions related to the world of art

I’ma be honest with you… my knowledge of the art world is really bad. I would price the Mona list at a few hundred pounds saying she looks sad. Nevertheless, these are the most skilled and creative people in the world. Let us learn the List of Occupations and Professions in Italian related to all artists.

Italian English
Artista (m/f) Artist
Scultore / scultrice Sculptor
Pittore / pittrice Painter
Restauratore / restauratrice Art conservator
Critico/a d’arte Art critic
Fotografo/a Photographer
Designer (m/f) Designer
Fumettista (m/f) Cartoonist
Disegnatore / disegnatrice di cartoni animate Animator


The professions related to the industry of Manual work

They form the bottom of the pyramid, a massive group of people supporting each task to success. They may not be fancy professions but the world would not move an inch without any of them. Let us learn the List of Occupations and Professions in Italian related to all manual laborers.

Italian English
Operaio/a Manual worker, laborer
Operatore edile, muratore construction worker, mason
Artigiano/a Craftsman
Imbianchino/a House painter
Tecnico/a Technician repairman
Meccanico Mechanic
Elettricista Electrician
Idraulico/a Plumber
Falegname Carpenter, woodworker
Calzolaio/a Shoemaker
Giardiniere/a Gardener
Fabbro Blacksmith
Piastrellista Tiler, tile setter
Tappezziere Upholsterer
Marmista Marble worker
Agricoltore, contadino/a Farmer
Pescatore Fisherman
Allevatore / allevatrice Breeder, farmer, cowman
Minatore Miner


The professions related to the Transportation industry

These are the guys who take you everywhere. They are the great ever present and important transportation industry. Let us memorize the List of Occupations and Professions in Italian for all the members of the transportation industry.

Italian English
Conducente di autobus Bus driver
Macchinista Train driver
Camionista, autotrasportatore Truck driver, lorry driver
Taxista, tassista Cabdriver, taxi driver
Pilota Pilot
Corriere Courier
Ferroviere Railway worker


The professions related to the world of Commerce and trade

The world of trade is what made us what we are. Trade connected the world and formed the roots of history. Let us learn the List of Occupations and Professions in Italian related to all tradesmen.

Italian English
Negoziante (m/f) Shopkeeper
Commerciante (m/f) Retailer, shopkeeper
Commesso/a Sales assistant, shop assistant
Cassiere/a Cashier
Pasticciere / pasticciera Pastry chef, confectioner
Fornaio/a, panettiere/a Baker
Salumiere/a Grocer
Fruttivendolo/a Greengrocer
Macellaio/a Butcher
Pescivendolo/a Fish seller
Fioraio/a Florist
Giornalaio/a, edicolante Newsstand, newsagent
Gioielliere/a Jeweler
Orefice Jewelry maker
Ottico/a Optician
Orologiaio/a Watchmaker
Antiquario/a Antique dealer
Parrucchiere/a Hairdresser
Barbiere Barber
Lattaio/a Milkman, milkwoman
Libraio/a Bookseller
Estetista Beautician, esthetician
Lavandaio / lavandaia Laundryman / laundress


The professions related to the Tourism industry

We save money to travel the world. Little does one know that there is a whole industry behind the world of tourism.

Italian English
Agente di viaggi (m/f) Travel agent
Guida turistica (m/f) Travel guide
Accompagnatore turistico / accompagnatrice turistica Tour guide
Guida alpina (m/f) Mountain guide
Assistente di volo, Flight attendant
Programmatore turistico Travel organizer
Responsabile del booking Booking manager
Animatore / animatrice Holiday resort entertainer
Bagnino/a, guardaspiaggia Lifeguard
Affittacamere Landlord, landlady


Sportsmen and Sportswomen

The sportsmen and sportswomen are people whom we adore and worship. Italy is the country where sports is valued above one’s life and you better not screw up any vocabulary related to that

Italian English
Atleta (m/f) Athlete
Allenatore / allenatrice Coach
Calciatore / calciatrice Footballer
Cestista Basketball player
Pallavolista Volleyball player
Tennista Tennis player
Sciatore Skier
Pugile / pugilessa Boxer
Pattinatore / pattinatrice Skater
Pilota motociclistico Motorcycle racer
Pilota automobilistico Racing driver
Arbitro Referee, umpire


The master list of the vast variety of other jobs

Not all jobs can be fit into the above categories. Some of them are unique since they are tradesmen, housewife or just unique in nature. Nevertheless, these people form the vast majority of jobs and hence needs to be memorized.

Italian English
Educatore cinofilo / educatrice cinofila Dog trainer
Astronauta Astronaut
Astronomo Astronomer
Sarto/a Tailor
Postino/a, portalettere Postman/postwoman, mail carrier
Blogger Blogger
YouTuber YouTuber
Bibliotecario/a Librarian
Parroco, prete Priest
Carceriere, secondino Jailer
Maggiordomo Butler
Cartomante Fortune-teller, card reader
Usciere Doorman, usher
Addetto/a alle pulizie Cleaner
Operatore ecologico, netturbino Street cleaner
Marinaio Sailor
Politico/a Politician
Senatore / senatrice Senator
Tesoriere Treasurer
Economista Economist
Geologo/a Geologist
Tuttofare Handyman
Domestica, donna di servizio Maid
Impresario funebre, becchino (informal) Undertaker
Parcheggiatore Valet, car-parking attendant
Badante Caregiver
Pensionato/a Pensioner, retiree
Studente / studentessa Student
Casalinga Housewife
Disoccupato/a Unemployed


More work-related terms in Italian

When someone is talking to you about their job, they are not going to repeat their profession name 15 times. Of course not…. They will talk about their boss, their payroll, their colleagues and what not. This ancillary list of words is as important as the master list itself.

Italian English
Socio/a Partner, associate
Capo (m/f) Boss
Cliente (m/f) Client
Collega (m/f) Colleague
Concorrente, competitor Competitor
Partita IVA VAT number
Ritenuta d’acconto Withholding tax
Aumento di stipendio Pay raise
Busta paga Payroll
Giorno libero, giorno di riposo Day off from work
Maternità, permesso di maternità Maternity leave (time off work for a new mom)
Aspettativa Leave, leave of absence
Contratto Contract
Esperienza lavorativa Work experience
Abilità Skills
Assunzione Hiring
Riunione Meeting
Incarico Task
Viaggio di lavoro Business trip
Fare gli straordinari To work overtime
Assumere To hire
Dimettersi, rassegnare le dimissioni To quit, to resign
Licenziare To fire, to lay off
Andare in pensione To retire
Sciopero Strike
Sindacato Trade-union
Agenzia delle Entrate Italian Revenue Agency
INPS (Istituto Nazionale della Previdenza Sociale) Social security service
Disoccupazione Unemployment


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