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Vocabulary: Learn about the list of Clothes in Italian – Talk about different types of clothes in Italian

Learn about the list of Clothes in Italian – Talk about different types of clothes in Italian

If you think of the finest leather bags and jackets, you think of Italy. Italian leather is considered as the pinnacle of craftsmanship and fashion. They redefined leather based fashion in the world since forever and continue to do so. So if you are learning Italian, it is important that you know the list of clothes in Italian.

Mafia - Them clothes be awesome!
Mafia – Them clothes be awesome!

What are the different clothing brands in Italy? You’d be surprised to know that many legendary clothing brands which you probably even wear on a daily basis are Italian… Wanna know which ones? How about Gucci, Valentino, Versace, Prada, Armani and Dolce & Gabbana? Heads of those ones I’m sure unless you’re living under a bush!!! Marni, Iceberg, Missoni, Trussardi, Moschino, Dirk Bikkembergs, Etro, and Zegna are other famous brands.

Whichever country you are from, whatever age you are, no matter the gender or your interests, you will definitely wear to wear these brands of clothes (unless you are a nudist of course). And not just one, you must have a list of clothes which you will choose from and how will you do this without knowing the list of clothes in Italian?

Moreover, you may end up buying at least 10 – 20 clothes every year. How do you go to a shop and ask what you want? You need to know the different types of clothes or a simple common vocabulary list of clothes in Italian.

To get you ready, here’s a guide for you to learn about some simple common vocabulary list of clothes in Italian with English translation and example sentences to rely on. In any case, it can at least help you know what kind of clothes to wear based on the weather.


How do you say Clothes in Italian?

  • The Italian word for “clothes” is “Capo / Vestito / Indumento”
  • “clothing” is “Abbigliamento”
  • and for “Fashion” is “la moda”
  • “Fashionable” is “alla moda”


What is the most common list of clothes in Italian with English translation and example sentences?

Now that you know the word for Clothe, let’s get on with the actual master list!!! Below is the most commonly worn list of clothes in Italian with English translation and example sentences, singular and plural and with articles.

Fashion and the list of clothes in Italian
Fashion and the list of clothes in Italian
English Italian English Sentence Italian Sentence
Dress Vestire Her black dress is very expensive. Il suo vestito nero è molto costoso.
Suit Abito I have a black suit. Ho un abito nero.
bermudas bermuda The bermudas is dirty. I bermuda sono sporchi.
Blouse Camicetta Your blouse is pretty. La tua camicetta è carina.
Chinos Chino I want a new chinos. Voglio un paio di pantaloni chino nuovi.
Shirt Camicia I have many formal shirts. Ho molte camicie formali.
Pants Pantaloni Do you wear pants? Indossi i pantaloni?
Jacket Giacca Is this a leather jacket? Questa è una giacca di pelle?
Jeans Jeans you wear jeans tu indossi i jeans.
overalls tuta da lavoro Carpenters wear overalls. I falegnami indossano tute.
leather pants pantaloni di pelle Italian men wear leather pants. Gli uomini italiani indossano pantaloni di pelle.
pullover Maglione I wore my pullover because its cold. Ho indossato il mio maglione perché fa freddo.
Skirt Gonna Her skirt is very cute. La sua gonna è molto carina.
sweater maglione I forgot to wear my sweater. Ho dimenticato di indossare il mio maglione.
sweatshirt felpa Ronaldo threw his sweatshirt. Ronaldo ha lanciato la sua felpa.
t-shirt maglietta His father’s t-shirt is yellow. La maglietta di suo padre è gialla.
Waistcoat il panciotto The brother wore a vest. Il fratello indossava un panciotto.


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What are the different types of footwear in Italian?

You’re living in a house. What do you need? You need house shoes of course.. In the winter you need boots. In the summer, you need sandals. For office, you need leather shoes. The list is endless! Learn about the most common vocabulary for shoes with English translation and with example sentences. This forms an important part of the list of clothes in Italian.

List of Footwear in Italian
List of Footwear in Italian
English Italian English Sentence Italian Sentence
house shoes scarpe da casa I have 6 pairs of house shoes. Ho 6 paia di scarpe da casa.
sandal sandalo Leather sandals are popular in India. I sandali in pelle sono popolari in India.
Slippers Pantofole The slippers are old. Le pantofole sono vecchie.
shoe scarpa The poor man has only one shoe. Il pover’uomo ha una sola scarpa.
boot stivale The hiker wears leather boots L’escursionista indossa stivali di pelle


Vocabulary: Italian word list for Winter Clothes?

Italy might have great warm and balmy months and probably the best places in Europe for sun bathing. Nevertheless, the cold months in Italy is same as that for most of Europe and pretty much everywhere in the northern hemisphere: Winter. You need to dress appropriately and must wear multiple layers of clothes. You need to own a lot of winter clothes to stay warm during the winter months. So it is best if you know the vocabulary for the list of clothes in Italian for the winter months.

  • The Italian word for Winter Clothes is “abiti invernali”.
English Italian English Sentence Italian Sentence
anorak giacca a vento I sell anoraks and duffle coats. Vendo giacche a vento e montgomery.
duffel coat montgomery Do you want to buy a duffle coat? Vuoi acquistare un montgomery?
overcoat Cappotto / soprabito This overcoat is new. Questo soprabito è nuovo.
rain jacket giacca da pioggia My rain jacket is wet. La mia giacca antipioggia è bagnata.
Thermal jacket Giacca termica My Thermal jacket is very expensive. La mia giacca termica è molto costosa.
Winter gloves Guanti invernali The Winter gloves are thick. I guanti invernali sono spessi.
Woollen socks Calze di lana I am wearing woollen socks. Indosso calzini di lana.
Winter Jacket Giacca invernale Please wear a winter jacket. Si prega di indossare una giacca invernale.


Vocabulary: Italian word list for clothing Accessories?

When you think Italy, you think of Italian wallets, leather jackets and mafia wearing hats. That being said, let’s make it more generic. On a sunny day, you need to wear a hat. For a formal occasion, one must wear a bowtie or a tie. You need scarves and gloves for winter, a belt for holding up your pants, the list is endless. All of these are what one calls as accessories. You need to know the vocabulary list of accessories in Italian. Moreover these are items which you end up replacing a lot on a regular basis.

List of Accessories in Italian
List of Accessories in Italian
English Italian English Sentence Italian Sentence
bow tie Papillon I purchased a expensive bow tie. Ho acquistato un costoso papillon.
belt cintura Leather belts are popular in the USA. Le cinture in pelle sono popolari negli Stati Uniti.
gloves guanti Its winter and I am wearing gloves. È inverno e indosso i guanti.
hat cappello You must wear a hat during the summer. Devi indossare un cappello durante l’estate.
tie cravatta I forgot to wear a tie. Ho dimenticato di indossare una cravatta.
turban turbante The Indian man wore a turban. L’uomo indiano indossava un turbante.
cap Berretto My Cap is old. Il mio berretto è vecchio.
scarf Sciarpa I lost my silk scarf. Ho perso la mia sciarpa di seta.


Vocabulary: Italian word list for Underwear?

No explanations needed.. Of course you need to know all the Italian vocabulary list of underwear type of clothing.

  • The Italian word for Underwear is “la biancheria intima” or “le sottovesti”.
Underwear in Italian
Underwear in Italian
English Italian English Sentence Italian Sentence
Boxer shorts Boxer Boxershorts are colorful. I boxer sono colorati.
bra reggiseno I need to purchase a bra. Devo acquistare un reggiseno.
panties mutandine Do you sell panties? Vendi mutandine?
socks calzini My father does not wear socks. Mio padre non indossa i calzini.
stockings calze autoreggenti Do you need stockings? Hai bisogno di calze?
tights collant The woman wears tights. La donna indossa i collant.
underpants mutande You should wash your underpants every day. Dovresti lavare le mutande ogni giorno.


Vocabulary: Italian word list for Bathing suits?

Bikini in Italian
Bikini in Italian
English Italian English Sentence Italian Sentence
bathing suit costume da bagno Your bathing suit is expensive. Il tuo costume da bagno è costoso.
swimsuit costume da bagno Her swimsuit is beautiful. Il suo costume da bagno è bellissimo.
bikini bikini My bikini is very sexy. Il mio bikini è molto sexy.


Vocabulary: Italian word list for materials used to make clothes?

Clothes aren’t just made of cotton or wool. You have so many varieties ranging from leather to silk. You might want to wear silk to an Indian wedding, leather for a bike journey, cotton for summer and wool for winter. If you go to a clothes shop and ask for a shirt, you need to specify the material. For that you need to know the list of materials in Italian.

Materials used to make Clothing in Italian
Materials used to make Clothing in Italian
English Italian English Sentence Italian Sentence
cotton cotone I like cotton shirts. Mi piacciono le camicie di cotone.
chemical fiber fibra chimica This is made of chemical fiber. Questo è fatto di fibra chimica.
corduroy velluto a coste The old man wear a corduroy suit. Il vecchio indossa un abito di velluto a coste.
patent leather pelle verniciata The olympian wore a patent leather jacket. L’olimpionico indossava una giacca di pelle verniciata.
silk seta My mother likes silk blouses. A mia madre piacciono le camicette di seta.
suede pelle scamosciata The artist wore a suede sweater. L’artista indossava un maglione scamosciato.
wool lana Woolen gloves are very warm. I guanti di lana sono molto caldi.


What is the Italian word or translation for “Parts of clothing”?

English Italian English Sentence Italian Sentence
lining Fodera The lining of the shirt is grey. La fodera della maglia è grigia.
bib pettorina All the bibs are dirty. Tutti i pettorali sono sporchi.
cuff Polsino The cuff is torn. Il polsino è strappato.
button hole Asola I need one more buttonhole. Ho bisogno di un’altra asola.
pocket tasca The shirt has 8 pockets. La maglia ha 8 tasche.
hem orlare The hem of the shirt is made of leather. L’orlo della maglia è in pelle.
V-neck Scollo a V The t shirt has a V-neckline. La maglietta ha uno scollo a V.


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