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Word List of 200+ Animals in Italian with example sentences

Vocabulary: Word List of 200+ Animals in Italian with example sentences

Learn to say the names of different Animals in Italian?

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Animals related terms in Italian
  3. List of all pet animals in Italian
  4. List of all farm animals in Italian
  5. List of all Mammals in Italian
  6. List of all Marine Animals in Italian
  7. List of all Fish in Italian
  8. List of all Reptiles in Italian
  9. List of all Amphibians in Italian
  10. List of all Insects in Italian


Italian Vocabulary: Introduction for Animals in Italian: Why is it important?

One of the “most” important topics in Italian A1 is learning the vocabulary for animals in Italian. Why? A few examples will cure your doubts as to why you need to understand and learn the names of all animals in Italian.

  1. Talking about a pet to someone… Do you like cats or dogs?
  2. Ordering food… One chicken sandwich please?
  3. Ordering clothes and accessories… I like leather jackets and leather wallets (YEAH ITALIAN LEATHER BABY!!!!)
  4. Watching cartoons… literally every cartoon has animals or is completely based on animals!

Let us go through the Italian vocabulary for 200+ animals in Italian with loads and loads of example sentences in Italian and with English translation!!! You will find many of these to be quite easy to memorize and retain as they as super similar to English!

List of Animals in Italian
List of Animals in Italian


How do you say Animals in Italian?

  • The correct word for “The Animal” in Italian is “L’animale”.
  • The plural for “The Animals” in Italian is “Gli animali”


Italian Vocabulary: List of Animals in Italian:  What are the main Animal related terms in Italian?

You might need to be more generic in some cases when talking about animals. For example “Pet Animals” is not an animal but is related to animals. These are the main words in Italian which you might use on a day to day basis in one way or another. You can learn the list of animal related terms in Italian.

ItalianEnglishEnglish SentenceItalian Sentences
L’animaleThe animalWe like animals.Ci piacciono gli animali.
l’animale domesticoThe petI have 5 petsHo 5 animali domestici
L’animale selvaticoThe wild animalThere are many wild animals in IndiaCi sono molti animali selvatici in India
L’animale della fattoriaThe farm animalThe cow is a farm animalLa mucca è un animale da fattoria
Il mammiferoThe mammalWhat is a mammal?Cos’è un mammifero?
Il mammifero marinoThe marine mammalI love marine mammals.Amo i mammiferi marini.
L’uccelloThe birdBirds can fly.Gli uccelli possono volare.
L’insettoThe insectI hate insects.odio gli insetti.
il rettileThe reptileThe snake is a reptile.Il serpente è un rettile.
L’anfibioThe amphibianIs the tortoise an amphibian?La tartaruga è un anfibio?
Il pesceThe fishThe cat ate the fish.Il gatto ha mangiato il pesce.
ErbivoroHerbivoreThe cow is a herbivore.La mucca è un erbivoro.
CarnivoroCarnivoreThe lion is a carnivoreIl leone è un carnivoro
onnivoroOmnivoreThe bear is an omnivoreL’orso è un onnivoro



How do you say House Pets in Italian?

  • The correct word for “Pet” in Italian is “Animale domestico”.
  • The plural for “The Pets” in Italian is “Animali domestici”
House Pets in Italian
House Pets in Italian


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Italian Vocabulary: List of all Pets in Italian:  What are the names of different pet animals in Italian?

Italy (or most of the developed countries in Europe) is a very pet friendly country. If you go for a walk, summer or winter, hail or storm, ice or heat, you are pretty much guaranteed to see a dozen people walking their pets.

And of course, many people allow you to play with them which means it’s very important that you know the list of names of all pet animals in Italian fluently.

These are the main words in Italian related to house pets which you might use on semi frequent basis in one way or another. You can learn the list of pet related terms in Italian in with articles in Singular and in Plural along with the gender of der / die / das.

ItalianEnglishEnglish SentenceItalian Sentences
Il caneThe dogMy dog eats biscuits.Il mio cane mangia i biscotti.
Il gattoThe catI have ten cats.Ho dieci gatti.
il gattoThe tomcatThe orange tomcat is very large.Il gatto arancione è molto grande.
Il rattoThe ratThere are many rat in China.Ci sono molti ratti in Cina.
La muccaThe cowCows are very large.Le mucche sono molto grandi.
Il cavalloThe horseI want to buy a Horse.Voglio comprare un cavallo.
Il gattinoThe kittenKittens are cute.I gattini sono carini.
Il cuccioloThe puppyI love puppiesAmo i cuccioli
Il coniglioThe rabbitI have a white rabbitHo un coniglio bianco
Il pesceThe fishThe cat eats the Fish.Il gatto mangia il pesce.
il cricetoThe hamsterMy son wants a hamster!Mio figlio vuole un criceto!
Il porcellino d’IndiaThe guinea pigHer son in law has two guinea pigs.Suo genero ha due cavie.
Il serpenteThe snakeSnakes are dangerous.I serpenti sono pericolosi.
L’uccelloThe birdBirds can fly.Gli uccelli possono volare.
Il pappagalloThe parrotA parrot is green in color.Un pappagallo è di colore verde.
La lucertolaThe lizardLizards are not pets!Le lucertole non sono animali domestici!
Il topoThe mouseMickey Mouse is very famous.Topolino è molto famoso.
il gecoThe geckoIn Australia, geckos are common.In Australia, i gechi sono comuni.
La tartarugaThe turtleTurtles are slow.Le tartarughe sono lente.



How do you say Farm Animals in Italian?

  • The correct word for “Farm Animal” in Italian is “Animale da fattoria”.
  • It is of Neutral Gender
  • The plural for “Farm Animals” in Italian is “Animale da fattoria”
List of Farm Animals in Italian
List of Farm Animals in Italian


Italian Vocabulary: List of all Farm Animals in Italian:  What are the names of different Farm Animals in Italian?

Italy (again most of Europe) is a very diary heavy and meat eating country. This of course means that there are a lot of farms in Italy. And with farms come the farm animals! And of course you would have heard of the legendary Italian leather.

The farm animals are something even children read about in poems and rhymes and it’s something that you absolutely need to learn and know!

These are the main list of farm animals which you call upon to use. You can learn the list of farm animal related terms with tons of examples.

ItalianEnglishEnglish SentenceItalian Sentences
La vacaThe cowThis is a cow.Questa è una mucca.
El toroThe bullThe bull is a very large animal.Il toro è un animale molto grande.
El caballoThe horseA Horse is quite tall.Un cavallo è piuttosto alto.
Ellos sonThe mareWhere is the mare?Dov’è la cavalla?
El burroThe donkeyHe works like a donkey.Lavora come un asino.
El cerdoThe pigThe pig is very dirty.Il maiale è molto sporco.
La ovejaThe sheepThe sheep is fluffy.La pecora è soffice.
La cabraThe goatI have two hundred goats.Ho duecento capre.
El galloThe roosterThe rooster has colorful feathers.Il gallo ha piume colorate.
El patoThe duckThere are ducks and swans in the lake.Ci sono anatre e cigni nel lago.
El gansoThe gooseThe goose is silly.L’oca è stupida.



How do you say Mammals in Italian?

  • The correct word for “The Mammal” in Italian is “Il Mammifero”.
  • The plural for “The Mammals” in Italian is “I Mammiferi”


Italian Vocabulary: What are the names of different Mamma

List of Mammals in Italian
List of Mammals in Italian

s in Italian?

Who wouldn’t want to start off their Italian knowledge without the study of all mammals? You can learn the list of all mammals in Italian with English translation and with tons and tons of examples.

ItalianEnglishEnglish SentenceItalian Sentences
L’oritteropoThe aardvarkAardvarks eat ants.Gli oritteropi mangiano le formiche.
L’antilopeThe antelopeThe antelope is very fast.L’antilope è molto veloce.
il babbuinoThe baboonThe king of the baboons carried the lamp.Il re dei babbuini portava la lampada.
Il pipistrelloThe batThe bat caught the butterfly.Il pipistrello ha catturato la farfalla.
L’orsoThe bearThe grizzly bear is hibernating.L’orso grizzly è in letargo.
il cinghialeThe boarA boar is very strong.Un cinghiale è molto forte.
Il cammelloThe camelA camel does not drink water.Un cammello non beve acqua.
il ghepardoThe cheetahThe cheetah is the fastest animal in the world.Il ghepardo è l’animale più veloce del mondo.
il coyoteThe coyoteThe coyote caught the bird.Il coyote ha catturato l’uccello.
Il cervoThe deerMy Dogs play with the deerI miei cani giocano con i cervi
il cervoThe StagThe stag has antlers.Il cervo ha le corna.
il ghiroThe dormouseThe dormouse sleeps a lot.Il ghiro dorme molto.
L’elefanteThe elephantShe went on an elephant ride in Thailand.È andata a fare un giro su un elefante in Thailandia.
il furettoThe ferretFerrets are not good pets.I furetti non sono buoni animali domestici.
La volpeThe foxThe fox is sly.La volpe è furba.
La giraffaThe giraffeThe giraffe is the tallest animal in the world.La giraffa è l’animale più alto del mondo.
Il gorillaThe gorillaThe gorilla is an endangered animalIl gorilla è un animale in via di estinzione
La lepreThe HareRabbits do not like Hares.Ai conigli non piacciono le lepri.
Il riccioThe hedgehogI saw a Hedgehog in Germany.Ho visto un riccio in Germania.
L’ippopotamoThe hippopotamusThe hippopotamus is the most dangerous animal in the world.L’ippopotamo è l’animale più pericoloso del mondo.
il leopardoThe leopardI saw the Leopard and ran away.Ho visto il Leopardo e sono scappato.
Il LeoneThe lionThe lion is the king of the jungle.Il leone è il re della giungla.
la linceThe lynxHave you seen the lynx?Hai visto la lince?
il suricatoThe meerkatMeerkats are timid.I suricati sono timidi.
la mangustaThe mongooseThe mongoose caught the snakeLa mangusta ha catturato il serpente
La scimmiaThe monkeyI like monkeys but I don’t like gorillas.Mi piacciono le scimmie ma non mi piacciono i gorilla.
l’alceThe mooseI saw a moose in Canada.Ho visto un alce in Canada.
Il topoThe mouseThe rat is bigger than the mouseIl topo è più grande del topo
la lontraThe otterThe zoo does not have ottersLo zoo non ha lontre
la panteraThe pantherThere is a panther in the zoo.C’è una pantera nello zoo.
la panteraThe pantherThe panther lives in south America.La pantera vive in Sud America.
L’ornitorincoThe platypusThe platypus is poisonous.L’ornitorinco è velenoso.
Il coniglioThe rabbitWho ate the rabbit?Chi ha mangiato il coniglio?
il procioneThe raccoonWe have many raccoons in our garden.Abbiamo molti procioni nel nostro giardino.
la rennaThe reindeerSanta has many reindeer.Babbo Natale ha molte renne.
Il rinoceronteThe rhinocerosThe Rhinoceros weighs over two thousand kilograms.Il rinoceronte pesa oltre duemila chilogrammi.
il toporagnoThe shrewThe shrew is blind.Il toporagno è cieco.
Lo scoiattoloThe squirrelI gave a cashew nut to the squirrel.Ho dato un anacardi allo scoiattolo.
La tigreThe TigerThe Tiger is ferocious.La Tigre è feroce.
il facoceroThe warthogWarthog are quick.I facoceri sono veloci.
la donnolaThe weaselThe weasel is faster than the mouse.La donnola è più veloce del topo.
Il lupoThe wolfIs the wolf larger than a dog?Il lupo è più grande di un cane?
La zebraThe zebraA zebra has black stripes.Una zebra ha strisce nere.



How do you say Marine Animal or Mammals of the sea in Italian?

  • The correct word for “Marine Mammal” in Italian is “Il mammifero marino”.
  • The plural for “Marine Mammals” in Italian is “I mammiferi marini”
List of Marine Animals in Italian
List of Marine Animals in Italian


Italian Vocabulary: What are the names of different Sea creatures or marine animals in Italian?

From dolphin to whales, Sharks to stingrays, the animals in the ocean or the marine animals have always held our fascination. You can learn the list of all Sea creatures of marine animals in Italian with English example sentences.

ItalianEnglishEnglish SentenceItalian Sentences
Il granchioThe crabCrabs are tasty.I granchi sono gustosi.
Il delfinoThe dolphinThe dolphin is friendly.Il delfino è amichevole.
La tartaruga verdeThe green sea turtleYou can see green sea turtles in MaldivesPuoi vedere le tartarughe marine verdi alle Maldive
La balena assassinaThe killer whaleA killer whaleis massive.Un’orca assassina è enorme.
L’aragostaThe lobsterThe lobster is expensive.L’aragosta è costoso.
Il polpoThe octopusAn octopus has 8 tentacles.Un polpo ha 8 tentacoli.
l’ostricaThe oysterThe otter broke the oyster.La lontra ha rotto l’ostrica.
Il leone marinoThe sea lionThe sea lion likes fruits.Al leone marino piace la frutta.
Il riccio di mareThe sea urchinDid you see a sea urchin?Hai visto un riccio di mare?
Il sigilloThe sealThere are 5 seals in the lake.Ci sono 5 foche nel lago.
La conchigliaThe seashellHe sells seashellsVende conchiglie
Lo squaloThe sharkThe shark is deadly.Lo squalo è mortale.
Il gamberettoThe shrimpThe shrimps are dead.I gamberi sono morti.
Il segnaleThe signalDid you see the signal?Hai visto il segnale?
Il capodoglioThe sperm whaleMoby Dick is a Sperm WhaleMoby Dick è un capodoglio
il calamaroThe squidJapanese people eat SquidsI giapponesi mangiano i calamari
La stella marinaThe starfishA starfish is colorful.Una stella marina è colorata.
la pastinacaThe stingrayThe stingray is dangerous.La pastinaca è pericolosa.
il trichecoThe walrusThe walrus eats fish.Il tricheco mangia il pesce.
La balenaThe whaleThe whale is massive.La balena è enorme.
la vongolaThe clamThe clam is grey in color.La vongola è di colore grigio.


How do you say Reptiles in Italian?

  • The correct word for “The Reptile” in Italian is “il rettile”.
  • The plural for “The Reptiles” in Italian is “I rettili”
List of Reptiles in Italian
List of Reptiles in Italian

List of all Reptiles in Italian

What can be more memorable than the creepy crawly snakes and crocodiles? They are scary and hence always a nice discussion point and hence you might as well do it in Italian.

il camaleontethe chameleon
l’alligatorethe alligator
il gecothe gecko
l’iguanathe iguana
la salamandrathe salamander
la lucertola monitorthe monitor lizard
la lucertola cornutathe horned lizard
il serpente velenosothe poisonous snake
il serpente a sonaglithe rattlesnake
il cobrathe cobra
la tartaruga marinathe sea turtle
la bisciathe grass snake
la lucertolathe lizard
la tartarugathe turtle
il serpentethe snake


How do you say Birds in Italian?

  • The correct word for “The Bird” in Italian is “L’uccello”.
  • The plural for “The Birds” in Italian is “Gli uccelli”
List of Birds in Italian
List of Birds in Italian

List of all Birds in Italian with English translation and example sentences

Now that you’ve learnt the list of animals in Italian, why not step into birds? Here you will learn about the names used for different birds in Italian language with English translation and with a large number of example sentences.


ItalianEnglishEnglish SentenceItalian Sentences
Il merloThe blackbirdThe blackbird ate the wormIl merlo ha mangiato il verme
il pappagallinoThe budgieShe has three budgiesHa tre pappagallini
La gruThe craneThe crane is tall.La gru è alta.
Il corvoThe crowThe crow drinks water.Il corvo beve acqua.
La colombaThe doveThe dove flew away.La colomba volò via.
L’AquilaThe eagleThe eagle flies above the cloudsL’aquila vola sopra le nuvole
Il falcoThe falconThe falcon has brown feathers.Il falco ha piume marroni.
L’ocaThe gooseThe goose laid a golden egg.L’oca ha fatto un uovo d’oro.
l’albanellaThe harrierThe harrier is smaller than the hawk.L’albanella è più piccola del falco.
l’aironeThe heronThe heron has a long neck.L’airone ha un collo lungo.
la gazzaThe magpieWhere did the magpie go?Dov’è finita la gazza?
lo struzzoThe ostrichThe ostrich is the largest bird.Lo struzzo è l’uccello più grande.
Il gufoThe owlThe owl sat on the bull.Il gufo si sedette sul toro.
La perniceThe partridgeThe partridge sat on the pear treeLa pernice si è seduta sul pero
il pavoneThe peacockThe peacock has colorful feathers.Il pavone ha piume colorate.
Il pinguinoThe penguinPenguin live in Antarctica.I pinguini vivono in Antartide.
Il falco pellegrinoThe Peregrine hawkThe peregrine hawk has sharp claws.Il falco pellegrino ha artigli affilati.
il piccioneThe pigeonShe likes to feed the Pigeon.Le piace dare da mangiare al piccione.
la quagliaThe quailQuail soup is very tasty.La zuppa di quaglie è molto gustosa.
il gabbianoThe seagullThere are many seagulls near California.Ci sono molti gabbiani vicino alla California.
il passeroThe sparrowSparrows are very cute.I passeri sono molto carini.
la rondineThe swallowThe swallow attacked the sparrow.La rondine ha attaccato il passero.
Il CignoThe swanThe swan is graceful.Il cigno è grazioso.
Il tacchinoThe turkeyCan you buy a turkey?Puoi comprare un tacchino?
l’avvoltoioThe vultureHave you seen vultures?Hai visto gli avvoltoi?
Il picchioThe woodpeckerThere are many woodpeckers in the forest.Ci sono molti picchi nella foresta.



List of all Amphibians in Italian with English translation and example sentences

List of Amphibian in Italian
List of Amphibian in Italian

Done with the list of animals in Italian and the list of birds in Italian? Excellent!!! Now let us go for the list of amphibians in Italian.

La ranaThe frog
La salamandraThe salamander
il rospoThe toad
Il rospo comuneThe common toad
La raganellaThe tree frog
La salamandraThe salamander
il tritoneThe the newt


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