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Parts of a plant and Gardening Tools in Welsh

Parts of a plant and Gardening Tools in Welsh

One of the “most” common topics for basic Welsh is learning the vocabulary necessary to describe your day to day life, to describe what you ate, what you did, what your passions and interests are and what you do. This will involve plants or something related to plants somehow. For this, you need to memorize the list of parts of a plant in Welsh and the list of Gardening tools in Welsh. For a simple example, you would have to say which vegetable you like, buy flowers for a lover, fruits for your child and so on.

parts of a plant in Welsh
parts of a plant in Welsh

With the example above, you can easily see that parts of a plant are not just root / stem / leaf but the entire list. We have already covered list of fruits, berries and nuts in one post and vegetables in another post. In this post, we will be learning about a comprehensive list of parts of a plant in Welsh with tons and tons of examples

A few simple examples for its importance: You’re going to meet your girlfriend and you need to buy “FLOWERS”. That is a part of a plant right there. Where do you find the “FRUITS” and “VEGETABLES” in a supermarket? In the autumn, the “LEAVES” fall down and people like to describe them as beautifully as possible.

Importance of Vocabulary List of parts of a plant in Welsh
Importance of Vocabulary List of parts of a plant in Welsh

You can see that learning this vocabulary words in any language is crucial to a well-rounded vocabulary and is also absolutely fundamental for sentence building. While some basic vocabulary such as leaves and vegetables can be memorized in beginning, specific words are crucial to communicating or diving into discussions. These holes need to be identified and filled during intermediate stages.

Let us go through the list of parts of a plant in Welsh and a few example sentences for the same. But before that let us start with the absolute fundamental… what is the word for Plants in Welsh.



  1. Trees and Plants in Welsh
  2. List of parts of plant in Welsh
  3. Types of plants in Welsh
  4. List of Gardening Tools in Welsh
  5. Gardening Verbs in Welsh
  6. Barbeque in Welsh


Trees and Plants in Welsh

Trees and Plants in Welsh
Trees and Plants in Welsh
  • SINGULAR: The Welsh translation for “plant” is “planhigyn”
    • EXAMPLE: “I like the plant.” à Rwy’n hoffi’r planhigyn.
  • PLURAL: The Welsh word for “The Plants” is “planhigion”
    • EXAMPLE: “The cow ate the plants.” à Bwytaodd y fuwch y planhigion.
  • SINGULAR: The Welsh translation for “tree” is “goeden” or “coeden”
    • EXAMPLE: “The tree is huge.” à Mae’r goeden yn enfawr.
  • PLURAL: The Welsh word for “The trees” is “coed” or “goed”
    • EXAMPLE: “The dinosaur ate the trees.” à Bwytaodd y deinosor y coed.


Parts of a plant in Welsh

Who doesn’t like gardening or just to look at gardens? When we were children, we studied botany and parts of a plant were one of the most fundamental lessons that we learnt as a part of botany. Similarly when we study Welsh, we have to memorize and learn the parts of a plant in your quest to master the Welsh basic vocabulary list.

Parts of a plant in Welsh
Parts of a plant in Welsh

One of the “most” important topics for learning basic Welsh vocabulary includes the vocabulary of parts of a plant in Welsh. A few examples of when you need to understand parts of a plant in Welsh.

  1. In autumn, the leaves will fall.
  2. The tree trunk is useful.
  3. The flowers are beautiful

Let us go through the Welsh vocabulary for the parts of a plant in Welsh with a few example sentences for the same. Remember, the parts of a plant in Welsh is a list you have to memorize for life and would be super critical when you take your exams so make sure that you get it 100% done!

ENGLISHWELSH PLANTEnglish SentenceWelsh Sentence
branchcangenWe need to burn the branches of the tree.Mae angen i ni losgi canghennau’r goeden.
tree trunkboncyff goedenThe carpenter made a table with the tree trunk.Gwnaeth y saer fwrdd gyda boncyff y goeden.
leafdeilen / ddeilenThe tea leaf must be dried.Rhaid sychu’r ddeilen de.
fruitffrwythFruits are tasty.Mae ffrwythau’n flasus.
vegetablellysieuynMy dog hates vegetables.Mae fy nghi yn casáu llysiau.
rootGwraidd / wraiddThe potato is a rootMae’r tatws yn wreiddyn
tree barkrhisgl goedThe cow ate the tree bark.Bwytodd y fuwch risgl y goeden.
seedHedyn / hadThe seeds are small but the tree is large.Mae’r hadau yn fach ond mae’r goeden yn fawr.
bushLlwynThere is a small bush near my house.Mae llwyn bach yn ymyl fy nhŷ.
thorndrainCactus have thorns.Mae gan y cactus ddrain.
stem of the flowercoesyn y blodynThe stem of the flower is very strong.Mae coesyn y blodyn yn gryf iawn.
plantplanhigynThe plant has 2 leaves and one flower.Mae gan y planhigyn 2 ddeilen ac un blodyn.


Names and types of plants in Welsh

You need to be more generic in cases when talking to acquaintances. However there comes a time when you need to be very specific when talking to friends and you have to deep dive into many a topic. You can’t say ROSE TREE and COCONUT PLANT. The rose is a bush while a small plant is a sapling. You can learn the complete vocabulary list of types of plants in Welsh. This will prove as an important addition to you vocabulary list of plants in Welsh.

Names and types of plants in Welsh
Names and types of plants in Welsh
ENGLISHWELSH PLANTSEnglish SentenceWelsh Sentence
the seedHedynThe seeds are small but the tree is large.Mae’r hadau yn fach ond mae’r goeden yn fawr.
Germinate EginoThe seeds germinated.Eginodd yr hadau.
ShrubLlwynThe hedgehog lives in the shrubs.Mae’r draenog yn byw yn y llwyni.
PlantPlanhigynThe plant is green.Mae’r planhigyn yn wyrdd.
TreeCoedenWoodpeckers and owls live in trees.Mae cnocell y coed a thylluanod yn byw mewn coed.
SproutEginMy seeds have sprouted and there are many sprouts.Mae fy hadau wedi egino ac mae llawer o ysgewyll.
SeedlingsEginblanhigionA musician sings to the seedlings.Mae cerddor yn canu i’r eginblanhigion.
ShrubLlwynThe palace gardens has many shrubs.Mae gan erddi’r palas lawer o lwyni.
Aquatic plantsPlanhigion dyfrolYou must buy Aquatic plants for your aquarium.Rhaid i chi brynu planhigion dyfrol ar gyfer eich acwariwm.
Floating PlantsPlanhigion arnofiolLilies and Lotuses are floating plantsPlanhigion arnofiol yw Lilïau a Lotuses


Gardening in Welsh

Welsh people love gardening. Many Welsh people spend hours on end tending to their gardens. Balconies in houses are usually filled with lots of potted plants. It is very common to find pots inside one’s home filled with beautiful plants. Suffice to say, you can find loads of gardening tools in every house.

In this section, we will be learning about the list of all gardening tools in Welsh with a couple of examples thrown in.

ENGLISHWELSH GARDENEnglish SentenceWelsh Sentence
vegetable plotllain llysiauThe vegetable plot is in Paris.Mae’r plot llysiau ym Mharis.
rock gardengardd rocThere is a rock garden in Singapore.Mae gardd roc yn Singapôr.
botanical gardengardd fotanegThe botanical garden has more than ten thousand flowers.Mae gan yr ardd fotaneg fwy na deng mil o flodau.
flower gardengardd flodauThe flower garden is gorgeous.Mae’r ardd flodau yn hyfryd.
roof gardengardd toThe roof garden is above a bar.Mae’r ardd to uwchben bar.
lawnlawntThe Lawnmower is near the lawn.Mae’r peiriant torri gwair ger y lawnt.
flower bedsgwelyau blodauThe flower bed has many worms.Mae gan y gwely blodau lawer o fwydod.
earthddaearEarth is so beautiful.Mae’r ddaear mor brydferth.
flowerblodeuyn /flodynShe searches for flowers and rainbows.Mae hi’n chwilio am flodau ac enfys.
shrubllwynI have a few shrubs in my garden.Mae gen i ychydig o lwyni yn fy ngardd.


Gardening Verbs in Welsh

Now that we have established that Welsh people love gardening, do you know that gardening does not simply mean throwing seeds into the soil? There are many activities around the act of gardening which is why I said early on that Welsh people love (and also need) to spend hours tending to their gardens.

Gardening in Welsh
Gardening in Welsh

In this section, we will be learning about the list of all Gardening verbs in Welsh with a lot of examples thrown in.

ENGLISHWELSH GARDENEnglish SentenceWelsh Sentence
to trimTrimio / TorrwchTrim the bushes and I will give you three dollars.Torrwch y llwyni a rhoddaf dair doler ichi.
to mowtorri gwairThe young boy mowed the lawn.Torrodd y bachgen ifanc y lawnt.
to digcloddioThe man digs a small hole.Mae’r dyn yn cloddio twll bach.
to weedchwynCan you weed the lawn today?Allwch chi chwynnu’r lawnt heddiw?
water the plantsdyfrio’r planhigionwater the plants everyday.dyfrio’r planhigion bob dydd.
sunbathetorheuloThe rich woman sunbathes in Wales every year.Mae’r fenyw gyfoethog yn torheulo yng Nghymru bob blwyddyn.
to gossipclecsMy wife loves to gossip.Mae fy ngwraig wrth ei bodd yn hel clecs.


Gardening tools in Welsh

We have now learnt about the different types of gardens and the gardening verbs in Welsh. So you know what garden you want and what you need to do. The next point is what do you need to do it. There are many gardening tools which you need to do gardening. Simply put, you cannot use a rake to trim a bush.

In this section, we will be learning about the list of all Gardening Tools in Welsh with a lot of examples thrown in.

ENGLISHWELSH GARDENEnglish SentenceWelsh Sentence
garden toolsoffer garddioThese garden tools are expensive.Mae’r offer garddio hyn yn ddrud.
lawnmowerpeiriant torri gwairThe Lawnmower is red in color.Mae’r peiriant torri gwair yn goch ei liw.
rakerhacaI gave the rake to my daughter.Rhoddais y rhaca i fy merch.
spaderhawThe gardener says that the spade is the most important tool.Mae’r garddwr yn dweud mai’r rhaw yw’r offeryn pwysicaf.
troweltrywelCan we push the trowel?Allwn ni wthio’r trywel?
compostcompostThere is compost in the garden.Mae compost yn yr ardd.
compost binbin compost The compost bin has fifty kilos of compost. Mae gan y bin compost hanner can kilo o gompost.
wheelbarrowberfaThere wheelbarrow is not clean.Nid yw berfa yn lân.
sprinklertaenellwrThe sprinkler is broken.Mae’r chwistrellwr wedi torri.
watering cancan dyfrioThe watering can is quite large.Mae’r can dyfrio yn eithaf mawr.
Hose pipePibell pibellThe fireman and the gardener use a hose pipe.Mae’r dyn tân a’r garddwr yn defnyddio pibell ddŵr.


Barbeque in Welsh

Another thing you need to know about Welsh people is that they love to go out in fine weather. And by going out, it does not mean going out hiking or scuba diving or mountaineering. Sure those can be done once a week or a few times a month. But what about on those pesky weekdays when you have to work or what about on the second day of weekend after you’ve done a massive hike.

Barbeque in Welsh
Barbeque in Welsh

Welsh people loooooove a good barbeque. You would be hard pressed to find a Welsh household without a barbeque in their house. Firing a Barbeque is so common on a sunny day across Wales. In this section, we will be learning about the list of a few Barbeque terms in Welsh with some examples.

ENGLISHWELSH GARDENEnglish SentenceWelsh Sentence
barbecuebarbeciw / farbeciwI purchased a new barbecue for a hundred euros.Prynais i farbeciw newydd am gant ewro.
charcoalsiarcolCharcoal is black.Mae siarcol yn ddu.
briquettesfrics glo / brics gloThe shopkeeper asked me to buy briquettes.Gofynnodd y siopwr i mi brynu brics glo.
skewersgiwerThe fisherman threw the skewer into the river.Taflodd y pysgotwr y sgiwer i’r afon.


Vocabulary list for Gardening in Welsh

All good things must come to an end 🙂

ENGLISHWELSH GARDENEnglish SentenceWelsh Sentence
The shedsiedMy gardener lives in the shed.Mae fy arddwr yn byw yn y sied.
The garden furnituredodrefn garddShe loved the garden furniture more than the garden.Roedd hi’n caru dodrefn yr ardd yn fwy na’r ardd.
The garden chaircadair arddThe garden chair is rusted.Mae cadair yr ardd wedi rhydu.
The folding chaircadair blyguDo you have a few folding chairs?Oes gennych chi ychydig o gadeiriau plygu?
The summer housety hafThe rich man has two summer houses in Wales.Mae gan y dyn cyfoethog ddau dŷ haf yng Nghymru.
The pondpwllThere are aquatic plants in the pond.Mae planhigion dyfrol yn y pwll.


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