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Vocabulary: Learn about the different types of weather in Welsh. What are the names of the different climates in Welsh?

Vocabulary: Learn about the different types of weather in Welsh. What are the names of the different climates in Welsh?

As we all know, when waiting for a train or a bus, or when standing inside an elevator, the most common and safe topic in conversation and small talk is Weather. You need to know the different types of Weather in Welsh so that you can discuss on how bad it is or how fantastic it is.

Learn about the list of types of Weather in Welsh
Learn about the list of types of Weather in Welsh

Wales is pretty much the same when it comes to people talking about the different types of weather. And of course, people from Wales like to talk about the different types of weather in Welsh only.

You need to able to make weather-related observation, ask weather related questions and also be able to understand the answers. It is very important that you understand what to wear in every season and how your outdoor plans in Wales is affected by the weather

To get you ready, here’s a guide for you to learn about some simple Welsh weather vocabulary to rely on as you learn Welsh. In any case, it can at least help you know what kind of weather to expect outside.


How do you say weather in Welsh?

  • The Welsh translation for “The weather” is “Y Tywydd”
  • Welsh word for “The Climate” is “Yr hinsawdd”


What are the different seasons in Welsh?

There are four seasons in Wales and pretty much all over Europe: Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring. However there is also the rainy season and the dry season since people need to dress up according to the correct weather.

Different Seasons in Welsh
Different Seasons in Welsh

For example, during the dry season, you need to wear moisturizer while you need to carry an umbrella during the rainy season. So it becomes very important that you know the Welsh vocabulary for weather related terms

Learn about the vocabulary of all Seasons in Welsh with English translation and with example sentences.

EnglishWelshEnglish SentencesWelsh Sentences
the seasony tymorSummer is the best season.Yr haf yw’r tymor gorau.
the springy GwanwynSchools are closed during the Spring.Mae ysgolion ar gau yn ystod y Gwanwyn.
the summeryr hafIt is very hot during the summer.Mae’n boeth iawn yn ystod yr haf.
the autumnyr hydrefDuring autumn, it becomes very cold in Wales.Yn ystod yr hydref, mae’n dod yn oer iawn yng Nghymru.
the wintery gaeafI like the winter because I like the snow.Dw i’n hoffi’r gaeaf achos dw i’n hoffi’r eira.
the rainy seasony tymor glawogDuring the rainy season, the frogs are very happy.Yn ystod y tymor glawog, mae’r brogaod yn hapus iawn.
the dry seasony tymor sychDuring the dry season, carrots are expensive.Yn ystod y tymor sych, mae moron yn ddrud.


What are the different weather conditions in Welsh?

The seasons are not all that you may talk of. You may have to say that it’s raining or ask if there’s a storm. You may have to deal with hail and mist, fog and frost.

Learn about the most common Weather related vocabulary in Welsh with English translation and with example sentences.

Weather and Climate in Welsh
Weather and Climate in Welsh
EnglishWelshEnglish SentencesWelsh Sentences
hailY cenllysgHail is very dangerous.Mae cenllysg yn beryglus iawn.
skyYr AwyrThe sky is blue and the sun is yellow.Mae’r awyr yn las a’r haul yn felyn.
fogY niwlYou should not drive in the fog.Ni ddylech yrru yn y niwl.
rainY glawWill it rain today? No it will rain tomorrow.A fydd hi’n bwrw glaw heddiw? Na fydd hi’n bwrw glaw yfory.
rainbowYr enfysThe rainbow is very beautifulMae’r enfys yn hardd iawn
snowYr eiraThe snow is white.Mae’r eira yn wyn.
sunYr haulThe sunflower loves the sun.Mae blodyn yr haul yn caru’r haul.
stormY stormDogs do not like storms.Nid yw cŵn yn hoffi stormydd.
dewY gwlithThe baby licked the dew drops.Roedd y babi yn llyfu’r diferion gwlith.
windY gwyntIt is very windy today.Mae’n wyntog iawn heddiw.
cloudY cwmwlThe clouds are grey.Mae’r cymylau’n llwyd.
precipitationY dyodiadThere will be precipitation today.Bydd dyddodiad heddiw.
frostY rhewThe frost is slipperyMae’r rhew yn llithrig
temperatureY tymhereddThe temperature is quite high.Mae’r tymheredd yn eithaf uchel.


What are the different Weather related Adjectives in Welsh with English translation?

Learn about the most common Weather related vocabulary which can be used as adjectives in Welsh with English translation and with example sentences.

EnglishWelshEnglish SentencesWelsh Sentences
lightningmelltLightning flashes across the sky.Mae mellt yn fflachio ar draws yr awyr.
to get darki dywyllu / i tywylluIt wil get darker very soonBydd yn tywyllu yn fuan iawn
to freezei rewiWill the weather freeze the car?A fydd y tywydd yn rhewi’r car?
to raini glawIs it raining in India?Ydy hi’n bwrw glaw yn India?
to snowi eiraWill it snow today?A fydd hi’n bwrw eira heddiw?
to melti doddi / I toddiThe sun will melt the snowBydd yr haul yn toddi’r eira


What are the different Weather related adverbs in Welsh with English translation?

Learn about the most common Weather related vocabulary which can be used as adverbs in Welsh with English translation and with example sentences.

EnglishWelshEnglish SentencesWelsh Sentences
cloudygymylogIt is so cloudy today.Mae hi mor gymylog heddiw.
foggyniwlogIt is foggy outside and I do not want to drive.Mae’n niwlog y tu allan a dydw i ddim eisiau gyrru.
rainyglawogThe is a rainy day.Mae’n ddiwrnod glawog.
sunnyHeulogIt is so sunny and hot.Mae hi mor heulog a phoeth.
windygwyntogIt is windy in the Sahara desert.Mae’n wyntog yn anialwch y Sahara.


Other very common terms are:

EnglishWelshEnglish SentencesWelsh Sentences
coldoerfelIt is a cold day.Mae’n ddiwrnod oer.
warmcynnesI like warm weather.Dw i’n hoffi tywydd cynnes.
hotboethIndia is hot.India yn boeth.


What are the most common weather related sentences?

You might be walking outside and someone might ask “Sut mae’r tywydd heddiw?” or “What is the weather today?” in Welsh. You will have to respond in about the weather in Welsh.

You may speak to hundreds of people and every time the weather becomes a topic of off-hand conversation.  Learn about the most common Weather related sentences in Welsh with English translation.


English SentencesWelsh Sentences
I’m coldRydw i’n oer
I’m hotRwy’n boeth
It’s a bit cloudy todayMae hi braidd yn gymylog heddiw
The sun is shining todayMae’r haul yn gwenu heddiw
How’s the weather today?Sut mae’r tywydd heddiw?
 Is it warm? Ydy hi’n gynnes?
 Is it cold? Ydy hi’n oer?
 Is it good? Ydy e’n dda?
 Is it bad? Ydy e’n ddrwg?
 What is the weather forecast for tomorrow? Beth yw rhagolygon y tywydd ar gyfer yfory?
How many degrees is it?Sawl gradd yw e?
 How warm is it? Pa mor gynnes yw hi?
 It is nice weather. Mae’n dywydd braf.
 It is bad weather. Mae’n dywydd garw.
 The sun is shining. Mae’r haul yn gwenu.
 It’s windy. Mae’n wyntog.
 It’s snowing. Mae’n bwrw eira.
 Are you too cold? Ydych chi’n rhy oer?
 It’s so humid ! Mae mor llaith!
 I’m sweating. Rwy’n chwysu.
 It is beautiful weather. Mae’n dywydd hyfryd.
 It is terrible weather. Mae’n dywydd ofnadwy.
 Such lousy weather! Tywydd mor ddrwg!
 It looks like a thunderstorm. Mae’n edrych fel storm fellt a tharanau.
 It’s great swimming weather! Mae’n dywydd nofio gwych!


Types of rain and other forms of precipitation

Rain in Welsh
Rain in Welsh
glaw mân; gwlithlaw; glaw smwcdrizzle, light rain
glaw trwmheavy rain
glaw gyrrudriving rain
glaw rhewllydfreezing rain
glaw iâfrozen rain
glaw taranau / tyrfauthundery rain
glaw gochelheavy downpour
glaw ‘StiniogFfestiniog rain
glaw tinwyn Abertaweheavy cold rain from a south-easterly direction persisting all day long, ‘the wettest rain out’
glaw mynydddrizzle falling on high ground when it is dry in the lowlands (“mountain rain”)
glaw golaurain when the sky is bright towards the east
glaw tyfu / tyfiantlight April rain conducive to growth (“growing rain”)
glaw (mis) Maifirst May rain (reputed to be good for weak eyes and also for killing lice in cattle)
cawodito shower down
dafnu; pigoto drip, drop
brasfrwrwbig spaced drops
sgrympianshort sharp shower
yn ei dymchwelpouring down
brylymupouring very quickly
hegar lawfierce rain
lluwchlawsheets of rain
chwipio bwrwwhiplash rain
pistylliofountain rain
pisopissing down
curlawbeating rain
tywalltabsolutely bucketing
stidothrashing down
tresiomaximum intensity
eira mânfine or driven snow
eira lluchiodrifting snow or driven snow
eira difrisgtrackless or untrodden snow

Idioms for heavy rain

Mae hi’n bwrw hen wragedd a ffynIt’s raining old women and sticks
Mae hi’n bwrw cyllyll a ffyrcIt’s raining knives and forks
Mae hi’n bwrw fel o grwcIt’s raining like from a bucket


Other weather-related expressions and sayings

Mae golwg glaw arni, Mae hi’n cau am law, Mae hi’n hel am law, Mae hi am law, Mae glaw ynddiIt looks like rain
(Myned) haul dan ei gaerausunset (“The sun going under its ramparts”).
O haul i haulFrom day to day (“From sun to sun”)
(Daw) haul ar fryn (eto)Better days will come (“The sun will return to the hill”).

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