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Vocabulary List of drinks in Welsh and list of alcohol in Welsh

What is Alcohol in Welsh: Vocabulary List of drinks in Welsh and list of alcohol in Welsh

Starting with the stupidest possible question, “Why is the Vocabulary List of drinks in Welsh so important?”. Seriously, you have to ask?  Its Wales baby! People love to drink!

Let us run through a few examples, shall we? When you are in a restaurant, you obviously will start off your order with a drink. For example, you may order a beer, or maybe an orange juice or even a glass of water. And what happens when you are done with your meal? Well, you might order a tea. You wake up in the morning and have a glass of milk. You drink water throughout the day. See where I’m going with this? All of this requires you to have memorized the vocabulary list of drinks in Welsh.

What is Alcohol in Welsh
What is Alcohol in Welsh

In Europe, people usually start off their meal with a beer or a wine. So you need to know the list of alcoholic beverages in Welsh for this. Children love sweet and cold chocolate milk shakes. So you need to know the list of non-alcoholic beverages in Welsh for this.

TAHDAAAAH!!! Thus there are only two categories of beverages. In this blog, you will learn about all the types of

  1. List of Alcoholic Beverages in Welsh
  2. List of Non Alcoholic Beverages in Welsh
  3. Types of Milk in Welsh
  4. Different types of tea in Welsh
  5. Water in Welsh

So let’s get cracking and dive straight into the list of drinks in Welsh.


The SUPER DUPER KEY VOCABUARY for ordering Drinks

The four most important words in among the list of drinks in Welsh is Coffee, Tea, Milk, Water and Alcohol. Learn how to say these words in Welsh

English Welsh English Sentences Welsh  Sentences
How to say coffee in Welsh ? Y coffi I drink coffee in the morning. Rwy’n yfed coffi yn y bore.
How to say tea in Welsh ? Y Te Tea is my favorite drink. Te yw fy hoff ddiod.
How to say milk in Welsh ? Y Llaeth Milk is very cheap in Europe. Mae llaeth yn rhad iawn yn Ewrop.
How to say Alcohol in Welsh ? Yr Alcohol She does not drink Alcohol. Nid yw’n yfed Alcohol.
How to say Water in Welsh ? Y dŵr I must drink three liters of water. Rhaid i mi yfed tri litr o ddŵr.


Alcoholic Beverages in Welsh

MMMMMMMMMmmmmm… My favorite! Who wouldn’t like to go to a party without being drunk or without a plan of getting drunk? Certainly not me! The most simple and commonly searched vocabulary list is the list of alcohols. Why? It’s fun and also important!

List of Alcohol in Welsh
List of Alcohol in Welsh

Wales is known as a party heaven with parties taking place throughout the year (since the weather is fantastic year round). And of course alcohol flows freely in these parties!

Let us now learn about the list of all alcoholic beverages in Welsh with examples. This will allow you to get a head start into the vocabulary list of drinks in Welsh. You will also benefit from the fact that all articles have been mentioned and there are tons of examples in English and in Welsh.


English Welsh English Sentences Welsh Sentences
The Alcohol Yr Alcohol The shop does not sell Alcohol Nid yw’r siop yn gwerthu Alcohol
The Alcoholic beverage Y diod Alcoholig I do not like alcoholic beverages. Nid wyf yn hoffi diodydd alcoholig.
The Absinthe Yr Absinthe Absinthe is very tasty. Mae Absinthe yn flasus iawn.
The Beer Y Cwrw She drank three liters of Beer. Fe wnaeth hi yfed tri litr o Gwrw.
The Brandy Y Brandi Old men like Brandy. Hen ddynion fel Brandy.
The Champagne Y Champagne Federer opened the Champagne. Agorodd Federer y Champagne.
The Cider Y Seidr Cider is sour. Mae seidr yn sur.
The Cocktail Y Coctel She can make tasty Cocktails. Mae hi’n gallu gwneud Coctels blasus.
The Gin Y Gin The pub is famous for Gin. Mae’r dafarn yn enwog am Gin.
The Red wine Y gwin Coch Rich women drink Red wine.. Merched cyfoethog yn yfed gwin coch ..
The Rosé wine Gwin Rosé Rosé wine is very expensive Mae gwin Rosé yn ddrud iawn
The Rum Y Rum Do you like Rum? Ydych chi’n hoffi Rum?
The Vodka Y Fodca Russian Vodka is cheap. Mae Fodca Rwsiaidd yn rhad.
The Whiskey Y Wisgi My favorite Whiskey is Ballentines. Fy hoff Wisgi yw Ballentines.
The White wine Y gwin Gwyn I like White and hate red wine. Rwy’n hoffi Gwyn ac yn casáu gwin coch.
The Wine Y Gwin My wife drank Wine on her birthday. Fe wnaeth fy ngwraig yfed Gwin ar ei phen-blwydd.
The Cognac Y Cognac The lawyer drank a Cognac. Fe wnaeth y cyfreithiwr yfed Cognac.
The Sangria Y Sangria I can make a Sangria. Gallaf wneud Sangria.
The Dry sherry Y sieri Sych The Dry sherry is tasty. Mae’r sieri sych yn flasus.
The Liqueur Y Gwirod Absinthe is a Liqueur. Mae Absinthe yn Liqueur.
The Port Wine Gwin y Port Port wine is cheap Mae gwin porthladd yn rhad
The Pint Y Peint I sold 300 pints of beer. Gwerthais 300 peint o gwrw.
The Ale Yr Ale Ale is very bitter. Mae Ale yn chwerw iawn.
The mulled wine Y gwin cynnes On Christmas, we drink mulled wine. Ar y Nadolig, rydyn ni’n yfed gwin cynnes.
The mulled wine Y gwin cynnes On Christmas, we drink mulled wine. Ar y Nadolig, rydyn ni’n yfed gwin cynnes.


Different types of Milk in Welsh

This one is important since most people use milk in one way or the other. If you go to a supermarket in Wales or Brazil, you will find at least 20 – 30 types of milk. There’s 10% fat, 5% fat, 3% fat, no fat, full fat, plant based milk etc… enough to make the head spin. So among the list of drinks in Welsh, you better get acquainted with the list of different types of milk in Welsh.

English Welsh
Soy milk Llaeth soi
Warm milk Llaeth cynnes
Whole milk Llaeth cyfan
Pasteurized milk Llaeth wedi’i basteureiddio
Skimmed milk Llaeth sgim
Condensed milk Llaeth tew
Milk Llaeth
Milk-shake Ysgwyd llaeth
Low-fat milk Llaeth braster isel
rice milk llaeth reis
full fat milk llaeth braster llawn


List of all types of teas in Welsh with example sentences

Similar to mainland UK, people in Wales love to drink Tea. On a hot day, on a cold day , on a rainy day or on any day. A ton of people swear by tea! I’ve seen many office colleagues drink a massive half a litre mug of tea every two hours. You have 100s of varieties of tea, ranging from hot to cold, from fruit based to plain, from herbal to milk based and so on. If you go to any supermarket, you will be inundated by choices of tea. So you absolutely need to memorize the vocabulary list of all tea based beverages in Welsh.

What is tea in Welsh
What is tea in Welsh
English Welsh
Fruit tea Tè alla frutta
Green tea Tè verde
Herb tea tisana
Hibiscus tea Tè all’ibisco
Comomile tea Tè comomile
Black tea Tè nero
iced tea tè freddo
Lemon-balm tea Tè alla melissa
Linden tea Tè al tiglio
Mint tea tè alla menta
Orange-blossom tea Tè ai fiori d’arancio
Vervain tea Tè alla verbena
Tea with lemon Tè al limone
Tea with milk Thé con latte


List of all non-alcoholic drinks in Welsh with example sentences

The best way to start a morning is with a cup of coffee. And of course, icy cold sweet Lemonade would be kickass during a summer day. To keep a child happy, all you need is a nice cold chocolate milkshake. Sounds true right? Anyone living in Wales needs to complete their list of drinks in Welsh by memorizing the vocabulary list of all non-alcoholic beverages in Welsh. This would help life move smoothly.

list of non alcoholic drinks in Welsh
list of non alcoholic drinks in Welsh
English Welsh
Apple distillate distillato di mele
Black coffee Caffè nero
Cappuccino Cappuccino
Chocolate Cioccolato
Chocolate milk-shake Frappè al cioccolato
Citron lemonade Limonata al cedro
Coffee Caffè
Coffee with cream Caffè con panna
Coffee with milk Caffèlatte
Espresso coffee Caffè espresso
Fresh banana milk-shake Frappè alla banana fresca
Fruit juice Succo di frutta
Fruit milk-shake Frappè alla frutta
Ice Ghiaccio
Ice cream milk-shake Frappè gelato
Juice Succo
Lemon juice Succo di limone
Lemonade Limonata
Orange juice succo d’arancia
Soft drinks Bevande analcoliche
Thick chocolate Cioccolato denso


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