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List of 100+ Vegetables in Welsh

List of 100+ Vegetables in Welsh

Let us start off in the absolute beginning. Close your eyes… You are a baby…. What are the first few words that you speak? You start saying words you like which are basically all the food pieces that you eat. And babies are fed all the vegetables. This is true for a Welsh speaking child as well. For the Welsh child, it formulates nothing but the absolute basics of List of Vegetables in Welsh including the list of legumes / beans in Welsh.

A gorgeous Welsh vegetable basketNow let us skip ahead and go to school… I’m sure in school, we would have learnt about the vocabulary list of Vegetables. Now what about a child studying in Welsh? Would it not be the case that they learn about the list of Vegetables in Welsh and the list of beans in Welsh?

One of the “most” common topics in basic Welsh is learning the vocabulary for how to describe what one ate and this always involves fruits and vegetables. We have already covered list of fruits, berries and nuts in another post. In this post, we will be learning about a comprehensive list of vegetables in Welsh with tons and tons of examples


Topics to be covered:

  1. How to say Vegetables in Welsh?
  2. Complete List of Vegetables in Welsh?
  3. Common supermarket vegetables in Welsh
  4. Beans and lentils in Welsh?
  5. Leafy vegetables in Welsh?
  6. Parts of a plant in Welsh?


How do you say “Vegetable” in Welsh?

  • SINGULAR: The Welsh translation for “Vegetable” is “Llysieuyn” or “lysieuyn”
    • EXAMPLE: “Potato is a vegetable.” à Llysieuyn yw tatws.
  • PLURAL: The Welsh word for “Vegetables” is “llysiau” or “lysiau”
    • EXAMPLE: “I like vegetables.” à Rwy’n hoffi llysiau.


Root Vegetables in Welsh with examples

Who doesn’t like a nice potato or an onion based dish. If you ask me (a true potato lover that I am) it’s nigh impossible for me to cook without either of the two. Literally speaking, potatoes are like a lifeline to me. Similarly we have a ton of root based vegetables which needs to be memorized in your quest to master the list of Welsh Vegetables.

These are the common root based Vegetables that are found in any Welsh supermarket and thus form an important part of the list of Welsh vegetables. You can now learn the Welsh vocabulary for the list of root based vegetables in Welsh.

Root Vegetables in Welsh
Root Vegetables in Welsh
English Welsh Vegetables English Sentence Welsh Sentences
Potato Taten / tatws Welsh people love potatoes Mae Cymry wrth eu bodd â thatws
Carrot Foronen / moron Carrots are very cheap Mae moron yn rhad iawn
Sweet Potato Tatws Melys Sweet potatoes are very heavy. Mae tatws melys yn drwm iawn.
Onion Nionyn / winwns Do you like onions? Ydych chi’n hoffi winwns?
Leek Genhinen / cennin / cenhinen Where do I buy a leek? Ble ydw i’n prynu cenhinen?
Garlic Garlleg Garlic has a strong flavour. Mae gan garlleg flas cryf.
Turnip erfin / maip Turnip is my favourite vegetable. Maip yw fy hoff lysieuyn.
Radish Rhuddygl / ruddygl Red Radishes are quite tasty Mae Radis Coch yn eithaf blasus
Ginger Sinsir There is a bottle of Ginger paste in the fridge. Mae potel o bast Sinsir yn yr oergell.
Beetroot betys Can you peel the beetroot? Allwch chi blicio’r betys?
Celeriac Seleriac Celeriac is not tasty. Nid yw seleriac yn flasus.


Common supermarket vegetables in Welsh

Ok, let’s do a bit of role play…. You are in Wales…. You’re in a supermarket trying to pick up some local variety of vegetables to cook and eat.  How do you know which ones you need and which ones you don’t? You need to know the List of Vegetables in Welsh and the list of lentils and beans in Welsh.

Now that you have memorized the long list of Welsh root vegetables, let’s dive into the most common Welsh vegetables that you can see in Welsh supermarkets and consumed by most Welsh households.

Common vegetables in Welsh
Common vegetables in Welsh
English Welsh Vegetables English Sentence Welsh Sentences
Bell Peppers / Capsicum pupur cloch Bell peppers stuffed with potatoes are delicious. Mae pupurau cloch wedi’u stwffio â thatws yn flasus iawn.
Zucchini Zucchini My baby likes to play with the Zucchini. Mae fy mabi yn hoffi chwarae gyda’r Zucchini.
Tomato Tomato / Thomato / domato Tomatoes are red. Mae tomatos yn goch.
Cauliflower Blodfresych That is a very large Cauliflower. Blodfresych mawr iawn yw hwnnw.
Peas Pys You can buy frozen peas in any supermarket. Gallwch brynu pys wedi’u rhewi mewn unrhyw archfarchnad.
Welsh Beans ffa Ffrengig The Welsh beans are rotten. Mae’r ffa Ffrengig wedi pydru.
Chilli Peppers pupurau tsili Please do not add chilli peppers to the burgers. Peidiwch ag ychwanegu pupur chili at y byrgyrs.
Cucumber Ciwcymbr Buy two bottles of Pickled Cucumbers. Prynwch ddwy botel o Ciwcymbrau wedi’u Piclo.
Corn ŷd / corn Crows love corn. Mae brain yn caru ŷd.
Avocado afocado Avocadoes are quite healthy. Mae afocados yn eithaf iach.
Mushroom Madarch You can find over 10 varieties of Mushroom in Wales. Gallwch ddod o hyd i dros 10 math o fadarch yng Nghymru.
Olive olewydd / holif / holifau Welsh Olives are the best olives in the world. Olewydd Cymreig yw’r olewydd gorau yn y byd.
Pumpkin pwmpen / bwmpen The largest Pumpkin weighs over 500 kg. Mae’r pwmpen mwyaf yn pwyso dros 500 kg.
Lemon Lemwn Can I have some lemon juice? A allaf gael rhywfaint o sudd lemwn?
Brussels Sprouts Ysgewyll Brwsel Please don’t buy Brussels Sprouts for Christmas. Peidiwch â phrynu Sprouts Brwsel ar gyfer y Nadolig.


Beans and lentils in Welsh

WHOOOHOOO!! You have now memorized the long list of root vegetables in Welsh and the even longer list of common Welsh vegetables. Step 2 of memorizing the list of Vegetables in Welsh is now complete….

Step three will be to memorize the most common list of beans and lentils in Welsh. I understand that lentils and beans strictly don’t fall into the category of list of vegetables in Welsh, buy hey, can you live without them? A ton of Welsh dishes incorporate beans and lentils and you really cannot avoid them. They are common in Indian cuisine, African cuisine, and Chinese cuisine and also in South Asian cuisine.

Thus, lentils and beans are quite common in European cuisine and in fact all over the world. So let’s get digging into the list of beans and lentils in Welsh, a sub part of the list of Vegetables in Welsh and the list of beans in Welsh!!

list of beans and lentils in Welsh
list of beans and lentils in Welsh
English Welsh Vegetables English Sentence Welsh Sentences
Soya Beans Ffa Soya You can make tasty burger with Soya Beans Gallwch chi wneud byrgyr blasus gyda Ffa Soya
Lentils Corbys Did you know that Lentils are rich in protein? Oeddech chi’n gwybod bod ffacbys yn gyfoethog mewn protein?
Lima beans ffa Lima Lima beans are quite expensive. Mae ffa Lima yn eithaf drud.
Mung beans ffa Mung The Indian man likes mung beans. Mae’r dyn Indiaidd yn hoffi ffa mung.
Kidney beans ffa arennau The Mexican man likes kidney beans in his taco. Mae’r dyn o Fecsico yn hoffi ffa Ffrengig yn ei taco.
Black beans ffa Du The black beans are tastier than kidney beans. Mae’r ffa du yn fwy blasus na ffa Ffrengig.
Legumes codlysiau Legumes are healthy. Mae codlysiau yn iach.
Sprouts Ysgewyll / sbrowts If you need to lose weight, eat sprouts every day. Os oes angen i chi golli pwysau, bwyta sbrowts bob dydd.
Chickpeas gwygbys We have a farm and we grow Chickpeas. Mae gennym fferm ac rydym yn tyfu gwygbys.
Black-eyed peas Pys Llygaid Du Can you buy one kilo of Black-eyed peas? Allwch chi brynu un kilo o bys Llygaid Du?
Peanut Pysgnau I like Peanuts Rwy’n hoffi Pysgnau


Leafy vegetables in Welsh

Any dish that you order in Wales will offer you a side of salad. Even a burger will have a leaf of lettuce. You can find hundreds of types of salads across the world. The interesting thing about salad is that you may like one salad leaf and hate another? How do you know which one to ask and which one to not add?

You have to memorize, along with the list of vegetables in Welsh, the Welsh vocabulary list for the different types of Welsh vegetables which can be used for salads.

different types of leafy vegetables in Welsh
different types of leafy vegetables in Welsh
English Welsh Vegetables English Sentence Welsh Sentences
Asparagus asbaragws / merllys I like soup made from asparagus. Rwy’n hoffi cawl wedi’i wneud o asbaragws.
Cabbage Bresych / fresych Rabbits love cabbage leaves. Mae cwningod yn caru dail bresych.
Iceberg Lettuce Letys y Mynydd Iâ An iceberg lettuce can weigh over a kilo. Gall letys mynydd iâ bwyso dros kilo.
Spinach Sbigoglys Can you add some spinach in the salad? Allwch chi ychwanegu ychydig o sbigoglys yn y salad?
Celery Seleri Celery is the most important ingredient in a salad. Seleri yw’r cynhwysyn pwysicaf mewn salad.
Broccoli Brocoli Broccoli needs to be boiled. Mae angen berwi brocoli.
Salad leaves Mae’r Salad yn gadael I usually throw away the salad leaves. Fel arfer byddaf yn taflu’r dail salad i ffwrdd.
Butterhead Lettuce Letys Pen Menyn The Butterhead Lettuce is the most common type of lettuce in Europe. Y Letys Pen Menyn yw’r math mwyaf cyffredin o letys yn Ewrop.


Parts of a plant in Welsh

I know that this topic is not included into the list of Vegetables in Welsh. Also this is a topic which we have covered as a part of another blog (in the list of fruits in Welsh). However I could not resist including this topic once again since this is one which is super important and highly ignored!!

Do learn and memorize the Welsh vocabulary master word list for the different parts of a plant in Welsh along with your List of Vegetables in Welsh and the list of beans in Welsh.

English Welsh Vegetables English Sentence Welsh Sentences
Leaf Ddeilen The leaf is very big and red. Mae’r ddeilen yn fawr iawn ac yn goch.
Leaves Dail The yellow Leaf and the green Leaves Y Ddeilen felen a’r Dail gwyrdd
Branch Gangen The dog likes the big branch. Mae’r ci yn hoffi’r gangen fawr.
Branches ganghennau There are many branches and leaves Mae yna lawer o ganghennau a dail
Tree Goeden The tree is huge Mae’r goeden yn enfawr
Trees Coed The mango trees in India are large. Mae’r coed mango yn India yn fawr.
Root Gwreiddyn The root is deep and powerful. Mae’r gwreiddyn yn ddwfn ac yn bwerus.
Roots Gwreiddiau / wreiddiau The coconut tree has pink roots. Mae gan y goeden cnau coco wreiddiau pinc.
Flower Blodeuyn The flower is poisonous. Mae’r blodyn yn wenwynig.
Flowers blodau The flowers are pretty Mae’r blodau’n bert
Tree Bark rhisgl y goeden The tree bark is tasty. Mae rhisgl y goeden yn flasus.
fruit ffrwyth We should have fruit juice with breakfast Dylem gael sudd ffrwythau gyda brecwast
Vegetable Llysieuyn All animals like to eat vegetables. Mae pob anifail yn hoffi bwyta llysiau.



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