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List of 100+ Animals in French

List of 100+ Animals in French

One of the “most” important topics in French A1 is learning the vocabulary for animals in French. Why? A few examples will cure your doubts as to why you need to understand and learn the names of all animals in French.

  1. Talking about a pet to someone… Do you like dogs?
  2. Ordering food… One chicken sandwich please?
  3. Ordering clothes and accessories… I like leather jackets and leather wallets
  4. Watching cartoons… literally every cartoon has animals or is completely based on animals!

Let us go through the French vocabulary for 200+ animals in French with loads and loads of example sentences in French and with English translation!!! You will find many of these to be quite easy to memorize and retain as they as super similar to English!




  1. Introduction
  2. Animals related terms in French
  3. Pet animals in French
  4. Names of farm animals in French
  5. Mammals in French
  6. Marine Animals in French
  7. Different Fish in French
  8. Names of Reptiles in French
  9. All Amphibians in French


How do you say Animals in French?

  • The plural for “The Animals” in French is “Les animaux”


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Animal related terms in French

You might need to be more generic in some cases when talking about animals. For example “A pet” is not an animal but is related to animals. These are the main words in French which you might use on a day to day basis in one way or another. You can learn the list of animal related terms in French.


FrenchEnglishEnglish SentenceFrench Sentence
L’animalThe animalWe like animals.Nous aimons les animaux.
L’animal de compagnieThe petI have 5 petsj’ai 5 animaux
L’animal sauvageThe wild animalThere are many wild animals in IndiaIl y a beaucoup d’animaux sauvages en Inde
L’animal de la fermeThe farm animalThe cow is a farm animalLa vache est un animal de ferme
Le mammifèreThe mammalWhat is a mammal?Qu’est-ce qu’un mammifère ?
Le mammifère marinThe marine mammalI love marine mammals.J’adore les mammifères marins.
L’oiseauThe birdBirds can fly.Les oiseaux peuvent voler.
L’insecteThe insectI hate insects.Je déteste les insectes.
Le reptileThe reptileThe snake is a reptile.Le serpent est un reptile.
L’amphibienThe amphibianIs the tortoise an amphibian?La tortue est-elle un amphibien ?
Le poissonThe fishThe cat ate the fish.Le chat a mangé le poisson.
HerbivoreHerbivoreThe cow is a herbivore.La vache est un herbivore.
CarnivoreCarnivoreThe lion is a carnivoreLe lion est un carnivore
OmnivoreOmnivoreThe bear is an omnivoreL’ours est un omnivore


Names of Pet animals in French

How do you say House Pets in French? The correct word for “House Pet” in French is “Animal domestique”. The plural for “House Pets” in French is “Animaux domestiques” The correct word for “Pet Animal” in French is “Animal de compagnie”. The plural for “Pet Animals” in French is “Animaux de compagnie”

France (or most of the developed countries in Europe) is a very pet friendly country. People love their pets and small dogs are very much loved and preferred in Paris while larger dogs are preferred in the countryside.

Pets in French
Pets in French

If you go for a walk, summer or winter, hail or storm, ice or heat, you are pretty much guaranteed to see a dozen people walking their pets.

And of course, many people allow you to play with them which means one thing! It’s very important that you know the list of names of all pet animals in French fluently.

These are the main words in French related to house pets which you might use on semi frequent basis in one way or another. You can learn the list of pet related terms in French.

FrenchEnglishEnglish SentenceFrench Sentence
Le chienThe dogMy dog eats biscuits.Mon chien mange des biscuits.
Le chatThe catI have ten cats.J’ai dix chats.
Le matouThe tomcatThe orange tomcat is very large.Le matou orange est très grand.
Le ratThe ratThere are many rat in China.Il y a beaucoup de rat en Chine.
La vacheThe cowCows are very large.Les vaches sont très grandes.
Le chevalThe horseI want to buy a Horse.Je veux acheter un cheval.
Le chatonThe kittenKittens are cute.Les chatons sont mignons.
Le chiotThe puppyI love puppiesJ’adore les chiots
Le lapinThe rabbitI have a white rabbitj’ai un lapin blanc
Le poissonThe fishThe cat eats the Fish.Le chat mange le poisson.
Le hamsterThe hamsterMy son wants a hamster!Mon fils veut un hamster !
Le cochon d’IndeThe guinea pigHer son in law has two guinea pigs.Son gendre a deux cobayes.
Le serpentThe snakeSnakes are dangerous.Les serpents sont dangereux.
L’oiseauThe birdBirds can fly.Les oiseaux peuvent voler.
Le perroquetThe parrotA parrot is green in color.Un perroquet est de couleur verte.
Le lézardThe lizardLizards are not pets!Les lézards ne sont pas des animaux de compagnie !
La sourisThe mouseMickey Mouse is very famous.Mickey Mouse est très célèbre.
Le geckoThe geckoIn Australia, geckos are common.En Australie, les geckos sont communs.
La tortueThe turtleTurtles are slow.Les tortues sont lentes.


List of Farm Animals in French

How do you say Farm Animals in French? The correct word for “The Farm Animals” in French is “Les animaux de la ferme”.

France (again most of Europe) is a very diary heavy and meat eating country. Of course you know this as France is most famous for its legendary cheeses and diary products. This of course means that there are a lot of farms in France. And with farms come the farm animals!

Farm Animals in French
Farm Animals in French

The farm animals are something even children read about in poems and rhymes and it’s something that you absolutely need to learn and know!

These are the main list of farm animals which you call upon to use. You can learn the list of farm animal related terms in French.

FrenchEnglishEnglish SentenceFrench Sentence
La vacheThe cowThis is a cow.C’est une vache.
Le taureauThe bullThe bull is a very large animal.Le taureau est un très gros animal.
Le chevalThe horseA Horse is quite tall.Un cheval est assez grand.
la jumentThe mareWhere is the mare?Où est la jument ?
L’âneThe donkeyHe works like a donkey.Il travaille comme un âne.
Le cochonThe pigThe pig is very dirty.Le cochon est très sale.
Le moutonThe sheepThe sheep is fluffy.Le mouton est duveteux.
La chèvreThe goatI have two hundred goats.J’ai deux cents chèvres.
Le coqThe roosterThe rooster has colorful feathers.Le coq a des plumes colorées.
Le canardThe duckThere are ducks and swans in the lake.Il y a des canards et des cygnes dans le lac.
L’oieThe gooseThe goose is silly.L’oie est stupide.


Names of Mammals in French

How do you say Mammals in French? The correct word for “mammals” in French is “mammifères”.

Who wouldn’t want to start off their French knowledge without the study of all mammals? You can learn the list of all mammals in French with English translation.

List of Mammal in French
List of Mammal in French
FrenchEnglishEnglish SentenceFrench Sentence
L’oryctéropeThe aardvarkAardvarks eat ants.Les oryctéropes mangent des fourmis.
L’antilopeThe antelopeThe antelope is very fast.L’antilope est très rapide.
Le babouinThe baboonThe king of the baboons carried the lamp.Le roi des babouins portait la lampe.
La chauve-sourisThe batThe bat caught the butterfly.La chauve-souris a attrapé le papillon.
L’oursThe bearThe grizzly bear is hibernating.Le grizzli est en hibernation.
Le sanglierThe boarA boar is very strong.Un sanglier est très fort.
Le chameauThe camelA camel does not drink water.Un chameau ne boit pas d’eau.
le guépardThe cheetahThe cheetah is the fastest animal in the world.Le guépard est l’animal le plus rapide du monde.
le coyoteThe coyoteThe coyote caught the bird.Le coyote a attrapé l’oiseau.
Le cerfThe deerMy Dogs play with the deerMes chiens jouent avec le cerf
le cerfThe StagThe stag has antlers.Le cerf a des bois.
Le loirThe dormouseThe dormouse sleeps a lot.Le loir dort beaucoup.
L’éléphantThe elephantShe went on an elephant ride in Thailand.Elle a fait une balade à dos d’éléphant en Thaïlande.
Le furetThe ferretFerrets are not good pets.Les furets ne sont pas de bons animaux de compagnie.
Le renardThe foxThe fox is sly.Le renard est rusé.
La girafeThe giraffeThe giraffe is the tallest animal in the world.La girafe est l’animal le plus grand du monde.
Le gorilleThe gorillaThe gorilla is an endangered animalLe gorille est un animal en voie de disparition
Le lièvreThe HareRabbits do not like Hares.Les lapins n’aiment pas les lièvres.
Le hérissonThe hedgehogI saw a Hedgehog in Germany.J’ai vu un hérisson en Allemagne.
L’hippopotameThe hippopotamusThe hippopotamus is the most dangerous animal in the world.L’hippopotame est l’animal le plus dangereux au monde.
Le léopardThe leopardI saw the Leopard and ran away.J’ai vu le Léopard et je me suis enfui.
Le lionThe lionThe lion is the king of the jungle.Le lion est le roi de la jungle.
Le lynxThe lynxHave you seen the lynx?Avez-vous vu le lynx ?
Le suricateThe meerkatMeerkats are timid.Les suricates sont timides.
la mangousteThe mongooseThe mongoose caught the snakeLa mangouste a attrapé le serpent
Le singeThe monkeyI like monkeys but I don’t like gorillas.J’aime les singes mais je n’aime pas les gorilles.
L’élanThe mooseI saw a moose in Canada.J’ai vu un orignal au Canada.
La sourisThe mouseThe rat is bigger than the mouseLe rat est plus gros que la souris
la loutreThe otterThe zoo does not have ottersLe zoo n’a pas de loutres
la panthèreThe pantherThere is a panther in the zoo.Il y a une panthère dans le zoo.
la panthèreThe pantherThe panther lives in south America.La panthère vit en Amérique du Sud.
L’ornithorynqueThe platypusThe platypus is poisonous.L’ornithorynque est venimeux.
Le lapinThe rabbitWho ate the rabbit?Qui a mangé le lapin ?
Le raton laveurThe raccoonWe have many raccoons in our garden.Nous avons beaucoup de ratons laveurs dans notre jardin.
Le renneThe reindeerSanta has many reindeer.Le Père Noël a beaucoup de rennes.
Le rhinocérosThe rhinocerosThe Rhinoceros weighs over two thousand kilograms.Le rhinocéros pèse plus de deux mille kilogrammes.
la musaraigneThe shrewThe shrew is blind.La musaraigne est aveugle.
L’écureuilThe squirrelI gave a cashew nut to the squirrel.J’ai donné une noix de cajou à l’écureuil.
Le tigreThe TigerThe Tiger is ferocious.Le Tigre est féroce.
Le phacochèreThe warthogWarthog are quick.Les phacochères sont rapides.
la beletteThe weaselThe weasel is faster than the mouse.La belette est plus rapide que la souris.
Le loupThe wolfIs the wolf larger than a dog?Le loup est-il plus gros qu’un chien ?
Le zèbreThe zebraA zebra has black stripes.Un zèbre a des rayures noires.


Names of Sea creatures or marine animals in French

How do you say Marine Animal or Mammals of the sea in French? The correct word for “Marine Animals” in French or “Sea Animals” in French is “Animaux marins”.

From dolphin to whales, Sharks to stingrays, the animals in the ocean or the marine animals have always held our fascination. You can learn the list of all Sea creatures of marine animals in French with English example sentences.

List of Sea Animals in French
List of Sea Animals in French
FrenchEnglishEnglish SentenceFrench Sentence
Le crabeThe crabCrabs are tasty.Les crabes sont savoureux.
Le dauphinThe dolphinThe dolphin is friendly.Le dauphin est sympathique.
La tortue verteThe green sea turtleYou can see green sea turtles in MaldivesVous pouvez voir des tortues de mer vertes aux Maldives
L’épaulardThe killer whaleA killer whaleis massive.Un épaulard est énorme.
Le homardThe lobsterThe lobster is expensive.Le homard est cher.
La pieuvreThe octopusAn octopus has 8 tentacles.Une pieuvre a 8 tentacules.
L’huîtreThe oysterThe otter broke the oyster.La loutre a cassé l’huître.
Le lion de merThe sea lionThe sea lion likes fruits.Le lion de mer aime les fruits.
L’oursinThe sea urchinDid you see a sea urchin?Avez-vous vu un oursin?
Le phoqueThe sealThere are 5 seals in the lake.Il y a 5 phoques dans le lac.
Le coquillageThe seashellHe sells seashellsIl vend des coquillages
Le requinThe sharkThe shark is deadly.Le requin est mortel.
La crevetteThe shrimpThe shrimps are dead.Les crevettes sont mortes.
Le signalThe signalDid you see the signal?Avez-vous vu le signal?
Le cachalotThe sperm whaleMoby Dick is a Sperm WhaleMoby Dick est un cachalot
Le calamarThe squidJapanese people eat SquidsLes japonais mangent des calmars
L’étoile de merThe starfishA starfish is colorful.Une étoile de mer est colorée.
La raieThe stingrayThe stingray is dangerous.La raie est dangereuse.
le morseThe walrusThe walrus eats fish.Le morse mange du poisson.
La baleineThe whaleThe whale is massive.La baleine est massive.
La palourdeThe clamThe clam is grey in color.La palourde est de couleur grise.


List of all Reptiles in French

How do you say Reptiles in French? The correct word for “The Reptile” in French is “Le Reptile”.

What can be more memorable than the creepy crawly snakes and crocodiles? They are scary and hence always a nice discussion point and hence you might as well do it in French. And once upon a time, France was very famous for crocodile skin bags and snake skin belts and bags.

List of Reptiles in French
List of Reptiles in French
le caméléonthe chameleon
l’alligatorthe alligator
le geckothe gecko
l’iguanethe iguana
la salamandrethe salamander
le varanthe monitor lizard
le lézard cornuthe horned lizard
le serpent venimeuxthe poisonous snake
le serpent à sonnettethe rattlesnake
le cobrathe cobra
la tortue de merthe sea turtle
la couleuvrethe grass snake
le lézardthe lizard
la tortuethe turtle
le serpentthe snake


List of all Birds in French with English translation and example sentences

List of Birds in French
List of Birds in French

How do you say Birds in French? The correct word for “The Bird” in French is “L’oiseau”. The plural for “The Birds” in French is “Les oiseaux”

Now that you’ve learnt the list of animals in French, why not step into birds? Here you will learn about the names used for different birds in French language with English translation and with a large number of example sentences.

FrenchEnglishEnglish SentenceFrench Sentence
Le merleThe blackbirdThe blackbird ate the wormLe merle a mangé le ver
La perrucheThe budgieShe has three budgiesElle a trois perruches
La grueThe craneThe crane is tall.La grue est haute.
Le corbeauThe crowThe crow drinks water.Le corbeau boit de l’eau.
La colombeThe doveThe dove flew away.La colombe s’est envolée.
L’aigleThe eagleThe eagle flies above the cloudsL’aigle vole au dessus des nuages
Le fauconThe falconThe falcon has brown feathers.Le faucon a des plumes brunes.
L’oieThe gooseThe goose laid a golden egg.L’oie a pondu un œuf d’or.
Le busardThe harrierThe harrier is smaller than the hawk.Le busard est plus petit que le faucon.
Le héronThe heronThe heron has a long neck.Le héron a un long cou.
la pieThe magpieWhere did the magpie go?Où est passée la pie ?
L’autrucheThe ostrichThe ostrich is the largest bird.L’autruche est le plus gros oiseau.
Le hibouThe owlThe owl sat on the bull.La chouette était assise sur le taureau.
La perdrixThe partridgeThe partridge sat on the pear treeLa perdrix était assise sur le poirier
Le paonThe peacockThe peacock has colorful feathers.Le paon a des plumes colorées.
Le pingouinThe penguinPenguin live in Antarctica.Le pingouin vit en Antarctique.
Le faucon pèlerinThe Peregrine hawkThe peregrine hawk has sharp claws.Le faucon pèlerin a des griffes acérées.
le pigeonThe pigeonShe likes to feed the Pigeon.Elle aime nourrir le Pigeon.
la cailleThe quailQuail soup is very tasty.La soupe de caille est très savoureuse.
La MouetteThe seagullThere are many seagulls near California.Il y a beaucoup de mouettes près de la Californie.
Le moineauThe sparrowSparrows are very cute.Les moineaux sont très mignons.
L’hirondelleThe swallowThe swallow attacked the sparrow.L’hirondelle a attaqué le moineau.
Le cygneThe swanThe swan is graceful.Le cygne est gracieux.
La dindeThe turkeyCan you buy a turkey?Pouvez-vous acheter une dinde?
Le vautourThe vultureHave you seen vultures?Avez-vous vu des vautours ?
Le picThe woodpeckerThere are many woodpeckers in the forest.Il y a beaucoup de pics dans la forêt.


Amphibians in French

Done with the list of animals in French and the list of birds in French? Excellent!!! Now let us go for the list of amphibians in French.

List of Fish in French
List of Fish in French
L’anguilleThe eel
L’anchoisThe anchovy
Le poisson-chatThe catfish
La truiteThe trout
Le requinThe shark
Le mérouThe grouper
Le harengThe herring
la morueThe cod
Le saumonThe Salmon
La brèmeThe bream
le rayonThe ray
Le poisson épéeThe sword fish
Le pêcheur à la ligneThe anglerfish
L’esturgeonThe sturgeon
Le merlanThe whiting
Le poisson-chatThe catfish
La basseThe bass
Le mérouThe grouper




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