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Vocabulary List of drinks in French and list of alcohol in French

Vocabulary List of drinks in French and list of alcohol in French

Why is the Vocabulary List of drinks in French so important? Let us run through a few examples, shall we? When you are in a restaurant, you start off your order with a drink. For example, you may order a beer, or maybe an orange juice or even a glass of water. And what happens when you are done with your meal? Well, you might order a tea. You wake up in the morning and have a glass of milk. You drink water throughout the day. See where I’m going with this? All of this requires you to have memorized the vocabulary list of drinks in French.

List of drinks in French
List of drinks in French

In Europe, people usually start off their meal with a beer or a wine. So you need to know the list of alcoholic beverages in French for this. Children love sweet and cold chocolate milk shakes. So you need to know the list of non-alcoholic beverages in French for this.

TAHDAAAAH!!! Thus there are only two categories of beverages. In this blog, you will learn about all the types of

  1. List of Alcoholic Beverages in French
  2. List of Non Alcoholic Beverages in French
  3. Types of Milk in French
  4. Different types of tea in French
  5. Water in French

So let’s get cracking and dive straight into the list of drinks in French.


The SUPER DUPER KEY VOCABUARY among the list of drinks in French

The four most important words in among the list of drinks in French is Coffee, Tea, Milk, Water and Alcohol. Learn how to say these words in French

EnglishFrenchEnglish SentencesFrench Sentences
How to say coffee in French?CaféI drink coffee in the morning.Je bois du café le matin.
How to say tea in French?ThéTea is my favorite drink.Le thé est ma boisson préférée.
How to say milk in French?Du laitMilk is very cheap in Europe.Le lait est très bon marché en Europe.
How to say Alcohol in French?De l’alcoolShe does not drink Alcohol.Elle ne boit pas d’alcool.
How to say Water in French?L’eauI must drink three liters of water.Je dois boire trois litres d’eau.


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Alcoholic Beverages in French – my favourite Alcohol in French

MMMMMMMMMmmmmm… My favourite! Who wouldn’t like to go to a party without being drunk or without a plan of getting drunk? Certainly not me! The most simple and commonly searched vocabulary list is the list of alcohols. Why? It’s fun and also important!

Let us now learn about the list of all alcoholic beverages in French with examples. This will allow you to get a head start into the vocabulary list of drinks in French. You will also benefit from the fact that all articles have been mentioned and there are tons of examples in English and in French.

EnglishFrenchEnglish SentencesFrench Sentences
The AlcoholL’alcoolThe shop does not sell AlcoholLa boutique ne vend pas d’alcool
The Alcoholic beverageLa boisson alcooliséeI do not like alcoholic beverages.Je n’aime pas les boissons alcoolisées.
The AbsintheL’AbsintheAbsinthe is very tasty.L’absinthe est très savoureuse.
The Beer La bièreShe drank three liters of Beer.Elle a bu trois litres de bière.
The BrandyLe cognacOld men like Brandy.Les vieux comme Brandy.
The BoozeL’alcoolThe girl forgot to bring the Booze.La fille a oublié d’apporter l’alcool.
The ChampagneLe champagneFederer opened the Champagne.Federer a ouvert le Champagne.
The Cider Le CidreCider is sour.Le cidre est acide.
The Cocktail le cocktailShe can make tasty Cocktails.Elle peut faire de délicieux cocktails.
The Gin Le GinThe pub is famous for Gin.Le pub est célèbre pour le gin.
The Red wine Le vin rougeRich women drink Red wine..Les femmes riches boivent du vin rouge..
The Rosé wineLe vin roséRosé wine is very expensiveLe vin rosé est très cher
The Rum Le rhumDo you like Rum?Vous aimez le rhum ?
The Shandy Le ShandyChildren should not drink Shandy.Les enfants ne devraient pas boire du Shandy.
The Vodka La VodkaRussian Vodka is cheap.La vodka russe est bon marché.
The Whiskey Le WhiskyMy favorite Whiskey is Ballentines.Mon whisky préféré est Ballentines.
The White wine Le vin blancI like White and hate red wine.J’aime le blanc et je déteste le vin rouge.
The WineLe vinMy wife drank Wine on her birthday.Ma femme a bu du vin le jour de son anniversaire.
The CognacLe CognacThe lawyer drank a Cognac.L’avocat a bu un cognac.
The Sangria La sangriaI can make a Sangria.Je peux faire une sangria.
The Dry sherry Le Xérès secThe Dry sherry is tasty.Le sherry sec est savoureux.
The Liqueur La LiqueurAbsinthe is a Liqueur.L’absinthe est une liqueur.
The Port WineLe Vin de PortoPort wine is cheapLe vin de Porto est bon marché
The Pint La pinteI sold 300 pints of beer.J’ai vendu 300 pintes de bière.
The AleLa bièreAle is very bitter.La bière est très amère.
The mulled wineLe vin chaudOn Christmas, we drink mulled wine.A Noël, on boit du vin chaud.


Different types of Milk in French

This one is important since most people use milk in one way or the other. If you go to a French supermarket, you will find at least 20 – 30 types of milk. There’s 10% fat, 5% fat, 3% fat, no fat, full fat, plant based milk etc… enough to make the head spin. So among the list of drinks in French, you better get acquainted with the list of different types of milk in French.

List of Milk in French
List of Milk in French
Soy milk Lait de soja
Warm milk Lait chaud
Whole milk Lait entier
Pasteurized milk Lait pasteurisé
Skimmed milk Lait écrémé
Condensed milk Lait condensé
Milk Du lait
Low-fat milk Lait faible en gras
rice milkriz au lait
full fat milklait entier


List of all types of teas in French with example sentences

Types of Tea in French
Types of Tea in French

A ton of people swear by tea! I’ve seen many office goers drink a massive half a litre of tea every two hours. You have 100s of varieties of tea, ranging from hot to cold, from fruit based to plain, from herbal to milk based and so on. If you go to any supermarket, you will be inundated by choices of tea. So you absolutely need to memorize the vocabulary list of all tea based beverages in French.

Fruit tea Thé aux fruits
Green tea Thé vert
Herb tea tisane
Hibiscus tea Thé à l’hibiscus
Comomile tea Thé à la comomille
Black tea Thé noir
iced tea thé glacé
Lemon-balm tea Thé à la mélisse
Linden tea thé au tilleul
Mint tea thé à la menthe
Orange-blossom tea Thé à la fleur d’oranger
Vervain tea Thé à la verveine
Tea Thé
Tea with lemon Thé au citron
Tea with milk Thé au lait



List of all non-alcoholic drinks in French with example sentences

The best way to start a morning is with a cup of coffee. And of course a Lemonade would be kickass during a summer day. To keep a child happy, all you need is a nice cold chocolate milkshake. Sounds true right? Anyone living in France needs to complete their list of drinks in French by memorizing the vocabulary list of all non-alcoholic beverages in French. This would help life move smoothly.

List of Drinks in French
List of Drinks in French
Apple distillate Distillat de pomme
Black coffee Café noir
Cappuccino Cappuccino
Chocolate Chocolat
Chocolate milk-shake Milkshake au chocolat
Citron lemonade Limonade au citron
Coffee Café
Coffee with cream Café avec de la crème
Coffee with milk Café au lait
Espresso coffee Café expresso
Fresh banana milk-shake Milk-shake à la banane fraîche
Fruit juice Jus de fruit
Fruit milk-shake Milk-shake aux fruits
Ice La glace
Ice cream milk-shake Milk-shake à la crème glacée
Juice Jus
Lemon juice Jus de citron
Lemonade Limonade
Orange juice du jus d’orange
Soft drinksBoissons non alcoolisées
Thick chocolate Chocolat épais


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