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Vocabulary: Learn about the list of Clothes in French – Talk about different types of clothes in French

Learn about the list of Clothes in French – Talk about different types of clothes in French

If you think of Fashion, you think of France. The French dominate the world of fashion, right from the legendary Paris Fashion week, to the famous French magazines and ramp-walks and what not. They defined fashion in the world for the past 100 years and continue to do so to date. So if you are learning French, it is important that you know the list of clothes in French.

Fashion and List of clothes in French
Fashion and List of clothes in French

Whichever country you are from, whatever age you are, no matter the gender or your interests, you will definitely wear to wear clothes (unless you are a nudist of course). And not just one, you must have a list of clothes which you will choose from and how will you do this without knowing the list of clothes in French?

Moreover, you may end up buying at least 10 – 20 clothes every year. How do you go to a shop and ask what you want? You need to know the different types of clothes or a simple common vocabulary list of clothes in French.

To get you ready, here’s a guide for you to learn about some simple common vocabulary list of clothes in French with English translation and example sentences to rely on. In any case, it can at least help you know what kind of clothes to wear based on the weather.


How do you say Clothes in French?

  • The French word for “The clothes” is “les vêtements”
  • The French word for “Fashion” is “la mode” and for “Fashionable” is “à la mode”


What is the most common list of clothes in French with English translation and example sentences?

Now that you know the word for Clothes, let’s get on with the actual master list!!! Below is the most commonly worn list of clothes in French with English translation and example sentences, singular and plural and with articles.

Fashion Week Paris
Fashion Week Paris
EnglishFrenchEnglish SentenceFrench Sentence
Dressla robeHer black dress is very expensive.Sa robe noire est très chère.
Suitun costumeI have a black suit.J’ai un costume noir.
bermudasUn bermudaThe bermudas is dirty.Le bermuda est sale.
BlouseUn chemisierYour blouse is pretty.Votre chemisier est joli.
ChinosUn chinoI want a new chinos.Je veux un nouveau chino.
ShirtUne chemiseThey have 100 shirts.Ils ont 100 chemises.
PantsUn Jean / une pantalonDo you wear pants?Portez-vous un pantalon?
JacketUne vesteIs this a leather jacket?Est-ce une veste en cuir ?
JeansUn JeanHe is wearing jeans.Il porte un jean.
overallsSalopetteCarpenters wear overalls.Les charpentiers portent des salopettes.
leather pantsUn pantalon en cuirFrench people wear leather pants during Octoberfest.Les Français portent des pantalons en cuir pendant l’Octoberfest.
pulloverUn pullI wore my pullover because its cold.J’ai porté mon pull parce qu’il fait froid.
SkirtUne jupeHer skirt is very cute.Sa jupe est très mignonne.
sweaterUn pullI forgot to wear my sweater.J’ai oublié de mettre mon pull.
sweatshirtUn sweat-shirtRonaldo threw his sweatshirt.Ronaldo a jeté son sweat-shirt.
t-shirtUn tee-shirt / un t-shirtHis father’s t-shirt is yellow.Le t-shirt de son père est jaune.
VestUne veste / un giletThe brother wore a vest.Le frère portait un gilet.


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What are the different types of footwear in French?

You’re living in a house. What do you need? You need house shoes of course.. In the winter you need boots. In the summer, you need sandals. The list is endless! Learn about the most common vocabulary for shoes with English translation and with example sentences. This forms an important part of the list of clothes in French.

List of Footwear in French
List of Footwear in French
EnglishFrenchEnglish SentenceFrench Sentence
house shoeschaussures de maisonI have 6 pairs of house shoes.J’ai 6 paires de chaussures de maison.
sandalsandaleLeather sandals are popular in India.Les sandales en cuir sont populaires en Inde.
SlippersChaussonsThe slippers are old.Les chaussons sont vieux.
shoechaussureThe poor man has only one shoe.Le pauvre homme n’a qu’une seule chaussure.
bootbotteThe hiker wears leather bootsLe randonneur porte des bottes en cuir


Vocabulary: French word list for Winter Clothes?

The cold months in most of Europe and pretty much everywhere in the northern hemisphere is winter. So you need to dress appropriately and must wear multiple layers of clothes. You need to own a lot of winter clothes to stay warm during the winter months. So it is best if you know the vocabulary for the list of clothes in French for the winter months.

List of Winter Clothes in French
List of Winter Clothes in French
  • The French word for Winter Clothes is “Vêtements d’hiver”.
EnglishFrenchEnglish SentenceFrench Sentence
anorakUn anorakI sell anoraks and duffle coats.Je vends des anoraks et des duffle-coats.
duffel coatUn duffle-coatDo you want to buy a duffle coat?Vous souhaitez acheter un duffle-coat?
overcoatUn pardessusThis overcoat is new.Ce pardessus est neuf.
rain jacketUne veste de pluieMy rain jacket is wet.Ma veste de pluie est mouillée.
Thermal jacketUne veste thermiqueMy Thermal jacket is very expensive.Ma veste thermique est très chère.
Winter glovesA Gants d’hiverThe Winter gloves are thick.Les gants d’hiver sont épais.
Woollen socksA Chaussettes en laineI am wearing woollen socks.Je porte des chaussettes en laine.
Winter JacketUne veste d’hiverPlease wear a winter jacket.Veuillez porter une veste d’hiver.


Vocabulary: French word list for clothing Accessories?

On a sunny day, you need to wear a hat. For a formal occasion, one must wear a bowtie or a tie. You need scarves and gloves for winter, a belt for holding up your pants, the list is endless. All of these are what one calls as accessories. You need to know the vocabulary list of accessories in French. Moreover these are items which you end up replacing a lot on a regular basis.

List of Accessories in French
List of Accessories in French
EnglishFrenchEnglish SentenceFrench Sentence
bow tieUn noeud papillonI purchased a expensive bow tie.J’ai acheté un nœud papillon cher.
beltUne ceintureLeather belts are popular in the USA.Les ceintures en cuir sont populaires aux États-Unis.
glovesUn gantIts winter and I am wearing gloves.C’est l’hiver et je porte des gants.
hatun chapeauYou must wear a hat during the summer.Vous devez porter un chapeau pendant l’été.
tieUne cravateI forgot to wear a tie.J’ai oublié de porter une cravate.
turbanUn turbanThe Indian man wore a turban.L’Indien portait un turban.
capUn bouchon / un casquetteMy Cap is old.Ma casquette est vieille.
scarfune écharpe / un foulardI lost my silk scarf.J’ai perdu mon foulard en soie.


Vocabulary: French word list for Underwear?

No explanations needed.. Of course you need to know all the French vocabulary list of underwear type of clothing.

Underwear in French
Underwear in French
  • The French word for Underwear is “la lingerie” or “le sous-vêtements”.
EnglishFrenchEnglish SentenceFrench Sentence
boxersUn caleçonHe wears boxershorts.Il porte un caleçon.
braUn soutien-gorgeI need to purchase a bra.Je dois acheter un soutien-gorge.
pantiesUne culotteDo you sell panties?Vendez-vous des culottes?
socksUne chaussetteMy father does not wear socks.Mon père ne porte pas de chaussettes.
stockingsUn basDo you need stockings?Avez-vous besoin de bas?
tightsUn collantThe woman wears tights.La femme porte des collants.
stockingsUn basWhere are your stockings?Où sont tes bas?
underpantsUn slipYou should wash your underpants every day.Vous devez laver votre slip tous les jours.


Vocabulary: French word list for Bathing suits?

EnglishFrenchEnglish SentenceFrench Sentence
bathing suitmaillot de bainYour bathing suit is expensive.Votre maillot de bain coûte cher.
swimsuitmaillot de bainHer swimsuit is beautiful.Son maillot de bain est magnifique.
bikinibikiniMy bikini is very sexy.Mon bikini est très sexy.


Vocabulary: French word list for materials used to make clothes?

Clothes aren’t just made of cotton or wool. You have so many varieties ranging from leather to silk. You might want to wear silk to an Indian wedding, leather for a bike journey, cotton for summer and wool for winter. If you go to a clothes shop and ask for a shirt, you need to specify the material. For that you need to know the list of materials in French.

Bikini in French
Bikini in French
EnglishFrenchEnglish SentenceFrench Sentence
cottonUn cotonI like cotton shirts.J’aime les chemises en coton.
chemical fiberUne fibre chimiqueThis is made of chemical fiber.Ceci est fait de fibres chimiques.
corduroyUn velours côteléThe old man wear a corduroy suit.Le vieil homme porte un costume en velours côtelé.
patent leatherUn cuir verniThe olympian wore a patent leather jacket.L’olympien portait une veste en cuir verni.
silkUne soieMy mother likes silk blouses.Ma mère aime les chemisiers en soie.
suedeUn daimThe artist wore a suede sweater.L’artiste portait un pull en daim.
woolUne laineWoolen gloves are very warm.Les gants en laine sont très chauds.


What is the French word or translation for “Parts of clothing”?

EnglishFrenchEnglish SentenceFrench Sentence
liningUne doublureThe lining of the shirt is grey.La doublure de la chemise est grise.
bibbavoir / dossardsAll the bibs are dirty.Tous les dossards sont sales.
cuffUne manchetteThe cuff is torn.La manchette est déchirée.
button holeUne boutonnièreI need one more buttonhole.J’ai besoin d’une boutonnière de plus.
pocketUne pocheThe shirt has 8 pockets.La chemise a 8 poches.
hemUn ourletThe hem of the shirt is made of leather.L’ourlet de la chemise est en cuir.
V-neckUne encolure en VThe t shirt has a V-neckline.Le t-shirt a une encolure en V.



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