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El Jardinero

Spanish short stories – Learning Spanish through English Akbar and Birbal – El Jardinero   Once upon a time, King Akbar was taking a walk in his garden with his wife and his guests. He tripped on a rock which was sticking out of the soil in the garden. King Akbar felt very embarrassed. How can a king stumble before his guests? He grew very angry. Translate

Érase una vez el rey Akbar, quien daba un paseo por su jardín con su esposa y sus invitados. Tropezó con una roca que sobresalía del suelo del jardín. El rey Akbar se sintió muy avergonzado. ¿Cómo podía un Rey tropezar frente a sus invitados? Se enojó mucho.
  He ordered his guards, “The gardener is a very foolish man and needs to be punished. If he had removed this rock, then I would not have tripped. Throw him in jail. He shall be hanged tomorrow.” Translate
Ordenó a sus guardias: “El jardinero es un hombre muy tonto y necesita ser castigado. Si hubiera quitado esa piedra, entonces no me habría tropezado. Métanlo a la cárcel. Será colgado mañana.”.
  The guards took away the poor gardener to Jail. Birbal came to know about the incident in the evening and he went to visit the Gardener. He whispered something into the Gardener’s ear and went back to his room. Translate
Los guardias se llevaron al pobre jardinero a la cárcel. Birbal se enteró del incidente por la noche y fue a visitar al jardinero. Susurró algo al oído del jardinero y regresó a su habitación.
  The next day the Gardener was asked, “Do you have any last wishes?” The Gardener said, “I wish to see King Akbar one last time before I die. He is my King and I love him very much.” Translate
Al día siguiente le preguntó al jardinero: “¿Tiene algún último deseo?”. El jardinero dijo: “Deseo ver al rey Akbar por última vez, antes de morir. Él es mi Rey y lo amo mucho.”.
  The guards informed the King about the request and the King agreed. The Gardner was brought before King Akbar. Translate
Los guardias informaron al Rey sobre la solicitud, el Rey estuvo de acuerdo. El jardinero fue llevado ante el rey Akbar.
  King Akbar asked, “I have granted your last wish. You wanted to see me. Do you have any last words?” Translate
El rey Akbar preguntó: “He concedido tu último deseo. Querías verme. ¿Tienes algunas últimas palabras?”.
  The gardener did not speak any word but spat at the feet of Akbar. King Akbar became extremely angry. Translate
El jardinero no pronunció palabra alguna; sin embargo, escupió a los pies de Akbar. El rey Akbar se enojó mucho.
  Akbar screamed at the Gardener, “How dare you spit at the King! What is the meaning of this?” The Gardener turned white and began to cry loudly. He fell at his feet. Translate
Akbar le gritó al Jardinero: “¡Cómo te atreves a escupirle al Rey! ¿Qué significa esto?”. El jardinero se puso pálido y empezó a llorar con fuerza. Cayó a sus pies.
  Birbal said, “My King, the gardener is a very loyal man and worships you. He was feeling very sad that his great king did not have a good enough reason to hang him.. He felt that your decision will be criticized by the people. Therefore, he decided to give you a grave reason to hang him. Now you can hang him and the people will be happy” Translate
Birbal dijo: “Mi Rey, el jardinero es un hombre muy leal que lo admira. Se sentía muy triste de que su gran Rey no tuviera una razón suficiente para colgarlo. Creyó que su decisión sería criticada por la gente. Por lo tanto, decidió darle una verdadera razón para ser colgado. Ahora puede colgarlo y la gente estará satisfecha.”.
  Akbar understood what Birbal meant and pardoned the gardener. He also gave 10 gold coins to the Gardener as a reward. Translate
Akbar entendió lo que Birbal quería decir y perdonó al jardinero. También le dio 10 monedas de oro al jardinero como recompensa.


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About: Studying through Dual Language immersion is among the best techniques for learning a new language. The objective of this website is to teach yourself how to read and speak Spanish confidently using English as a base 🙂 These Spanish short stories are super cool to read for beginners and also for entertaining children. Akbar and Birbal are among the most famous Indian stories for children that can be studied on a daily basis.

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