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Vocabulary: Learn about the list of family members in Spanish. What are the names of the family members in Spanish?

Spanish Vocabulary: List of Family Members in Spanish with example sentences . What are the names of Family Members in Spanish?

As a child, what’s the first word that you speak? Mom and dad of course. Then you learn to call your brothers and sisters, then your grandparents. These are words which you will absorb much before you become 1 year old. As a child or an adult, we spend most of our life talking to family members. It becomes thus very important that you are well versed with the vocabulary list of Family Members in Spanish just as you are well versed in English. This way you can explain to anyone about your Family Members in Spanish which is an essential vocabulary test in A1 and also in A2.

list of family members in Spanish
list of family members in Spanish

The question (focused on vocabulary) would be something along the lines of:

  1. Tell me about your Family Members in Spanish.
  2. Do you have any siblings?
  3. Are you married and how many children do you have?

You can use the right Spanish vocabulary and explain about your Father, Mother, Brother, Sister and even your pet dog as they are your family.

The vocabulary list of Family Members in Spanish is one of the most basic and important vocabulary lists that you would need to know as a novice to the Spanish language.

You might have say something as simple as “I love you, Dad” or “Good Morning, Mom” or something more complex and interesting such as proposing to your girlfriend. Thus the vocabulary list of Family Members in Spanish is part of the basic A1 vocabulary list.


Family in Spanish:

  1. Core Family Members in Spanish
  2. Grandparents in Spanish
  3. Cousins in Spanish
  4. In Laws and relations
  5. Marital status
  6. Step family in Spanish
  7. Other Spanish family related terms


Vocabulary List: Family Members in Spanish: Core Family

These are the most fundamental list of family members in Spanish as they form a core part of your family. This forms the basic Spanish A1 vocabulary list.

SpanishEnglishEnglish SentenceSpanish Sentence
ParentsLos padresMy parents live in Austria.Mis padres viven en Austria.
MotherLa madreYour mother was born in 1958.Tu madre nació en 1958.
FatherEl padreMy Father is a carpenter.Mi padre es carpintero.
SonEl hijoOur son is 2 years old.Nuestro hijo tiene 2 años.
DaughterLa hijaYour daughter is very pretty.Tu hija es muy bonita.
BrotherEl hermanoMark has a brother.Marcos tiene un hermano.
SisterLa hermanaDo you have a sister?¿Tiene una hermana?


Vocabulary List: Family Members in Spanish: Relations to Grandparents

Grandparents are a cherished part of your childhood and even your adulthood. You would talk about your grandparents ever so often. This is the also a part of your A1 Spanish vocabulary list.

Grand parents in Spanish
Grand parents in Spanish
SpanishEnglishEnglish SentenceSpanish Sentence
GrandparentsLos abuelosDid your grandparents eat dinner?¿Tus abuelos cenaron?
GrandfatherEl abueloMy Grandfather smokes every day.Mi abuelo fuma todos los días.
GrandmotherLa abuelaOur Grandmother bakes a cake.Nuestra abuela hace un pastel.
Grandchildrenlos nietosThe grandchildren like to play football.A los nietos les gusta jugar al fútbol.
GrandsonEl nietoMy grandson likes cakes.A mi nieto le gustan los pasteles.
Granddaughter  La nietaThey have a granddaughter and she is 5 years old.Tienen una nieta y ella tiene 5 años.


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Vocabulary List: Family Members in Spanish: Relations to cousins in Spanish

As a child, in every family occasion you would meet your dear cousins, nieces and nephews. Like grandparents, they form a part of your childhood. This is the also a part of your A1 Spanish vocabulary list.


Cousins in Spanish
Cousins in Spanish
SpanishEnglishEnglish SentenceSpanish Sentence
NieceLa sobrina / sobrinasMy Niece is called Alice.Mi sobrina se llama Alicia.
NephewEl sobrino/los sobrinosYour Nephew is a Pilot.Tu sobrino es piloto.
Cousin la prima /los primasMy cousin is a boy.Su prima es una niña.
Uncleel tio/los tiosMy Uncle has a big farm.Mi tío tiene una granja grande.
AuntLa tía/tíasMy Aunt is a nurse and she is very happy.Mi tía es enfermera y está muy contenta.
SiblingsEl hermano / hermanosSiblings are your best friends.Los hermanos son tus mejores amigos.
Babyel bebe/los bebesYour Baby is so cute.Tu bebe es tan lindo.
GodfatherEl padrino / padrinosKevin is my Godfather.Kevin es mi padrino.
GodmotherLa madrina / madrinasMy Godmother is very famous.Mi madrina es muy famosa.


Vocabulary List: Family Members in Spanish: In Laws in Spanish

Getting married? You are sure to become an in law of getting in laws into your family J Better know how to call your in laws in Spanish

In laws in Spanish
In laws in Spanish
SpanishEnglishEnglish SentenceSpanish Sentence
Father-in-lawel suegroTheir Father-in-law is a carpenter.Su suegro es carpintero.
Mother-in-lawla suegraHis Mother-in-law likes football and basketball.A su suegra le gusta el fútbol y el baloncesto.
Brother-in-lawEl cuñadoDoes your Brother-in-law owns three cars?¿Tu cuñado tiene tres autos?
Sister-in-lawla cuñadaYes, my Sister-in-law is a Russian.Sí, mi cuñada es rusa.


Vocabulary List: How to call your mom and dad in Spanish in a fond and cute way?

Did you ever call your father as “FATHER”! I’m pretty sure you just said ”DADDY” or “MOMMY”!! How do you say that in Spanish? Read below

SpanishEnglishEnglish SentenceSpanish Sentence
Grandpa (Cute)el abueloGrandpa likes to hike.Al abuelo le gusta caminar.
Grandma (Cute)la abuelaGrandma is very old.La abuela es muy vieja.
Dad (Cute)el papiI like my daddy.Me gusta mi papi.
Mom (Cute)La mamiI like my mommy.Me gusta mi mami.


Marital Status in Spanish

One of the most common questions when going through the Spanish A1 exam is “Tell me about your family in Spanish.”. You need to obviously mention about your wife and children and if you’re married or living with your partner.

Marriage related terms in Spanish
Marriage related terms in Spanish
SpanishEnglishEnglish SentenceSpanish Sentence
Friend / FriendsEl amigo/amigosFriends are importantLos amigos son importantes
Partner / partnersEl parejaWhere is your partner?¿Dónde está tu pareja?
Marital StatusEstado civilWhat is your Marital Status?¿Cuál es tu estado civil?
SinglesolteroAre you single? Can you give me your phone number?¿Eres soltero? ¿Me puede dar su número de teléfono?
MarriedCasadoI am married.Estoy casado.
DivorcedDivorciadoMy brother is divorced.Mi hermano está divorciado.
HusbandEl esposoMy husband reads the newspapermi esposo lee el periodico
WifeLa esposaMy wife likes to cook.A mi esposa le gusta cocinar.

Step family in Spanish

Hey now.. here are many who have a step brother or a step sister. You might have a step father or a step mother and they may be from Spain. You can try to impress them by calling out to them affectionately in Spanish. Better get cracking on with the list of family members in Spanish.

SpanishEnglishEnglish SentenceSpanish Sentence
Step-FatherEl padrastroMy Step-Father is very Kindmi padrastro es muy amable
Step-MotherLa MadrastraMy Stepmother is cruel.Mi madrastra es cruel.
Step-Botherel hermanastroYour Step-Brother is tall.Tu hermanastro es alto.
Step-Sisterla hermanastraYour Step-Sister is short.Tu hermanastra es bajita.


Are there any other important words for Spanish family members?

Other than the master lists mentioned above, there are a few other family related terms that will serve you well. Go through the list below to learn more.

SpanishEnglishEnglish SentenceSpanish Sentence
ChildEl niñoThe Child sings daily.El Niño canta a diario.
Toddlerel niñoThe toddler likes to walk.Al niño le gusta caminar.
TeenagerEl adolescenteShe is a teenagerella es una adolescente
Adultel adultoYou are an adult!¡Eres un adulto!
TwinLos gemelosMy twin sister is angry.Mi hermana gemela está enojada.
BoyEl niñoThe boy sells ice cream.El niño vende helado.
GirlLa chicaTh girl buys a chocolate.La chica compra un chocolate.
ManEl hombreThe man is lucky.El hombre tiene suerte.
WomanLa mujerThe woman earns a lot.La mujer gana mucho.



These are the most fundamental A1 vocabulary list of family members in Spanish that you would use at definitely in your daily life. This is something that you need to know since every conversation will steer towards this at least once and hence you need to know this list well.


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