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Vocabulary List of drinks in Spanish and list of alcohol in Spanish

Vocabulary List of drinks in Spanish and list of alcohol in Spanish

Why is the Vocabulary List of drinks in Spanish so important? Let us run through a few examples, shall we? When you are in a restaurant, you start off your order with a drink. For example, you may order a beer, or maybe an orange juice or even a glass of water. And what happens when you are done with your meal? Well, you might order a tea. You wake up in the morning and have a glass of milk. You drink water throughout the day. See where I’m going with this? All of this requires you to have memorized the vocabulary list of drinks in Spanish.

List of drinks in Spanish
List of drinks in Spanish

In Europe, people usually start off their meal with a beer or a wine. So you need to know the list of alcoholic beverages in Spanish for this. Children love sweet and cold chocolate milk shakes. So you need to know the list of non-alcoholic beverages in Spanish for this.

TAHDAAAAH!!! Thus there are only two categories of beverages. In this blog, you will learn about all the types of

  1. List of Alcoholic Beverages in Spanish
  2. List of Non Alcoholic Beverages in Spanish
  3. Types of Milk in Spanish
  4. Different types of tea in Spanish
  5. Water in Spanish

So let’s get cracking and dive straight into the list of drinks in Spanish.


The SUPER DUPER KEY VOCABUARY among the list of drinks in Spanish

The four most important words in among the list of drinks in Spanish is Coffee, Tea, Milk, Water and Alcohol. Learn how to say these words in Spanish

EnglishSpanishEnglish SentencesSpanish Sentences
How to say coffee in Spanish?Der KaffeeI drink coffee in the morning.Morgens trinke ich Kaffee.
How to say tea in Spanish?Der TeeTea is my favorite drink.Tee ist mein Lieblingsgetränk.
How to say milk in Spanish?Die MilchMilk is very cheap in Europe.Milch ist in Europa sehr günstig.
How to say Alcohol in Spanish?Der AlkoholShe does not drink Alcohol.Sie trinkt keinen Alkohol.
How to say Water in Spanish?Das WasserI must drink three liters of water.Ich muss drei Liter Wasser trinken.


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Alcoholic Beverages in Spanish

MMMMMMMMMmmmmm… My favourite! Who wouldn’t like to go to a party without being drunk or without a plan of getting drunk? Certainly not me! The most simple and commonly searched vocabulary list is the list of alcohols. Why? It’s fun and also important!

Alcoholic Beverages in Spanish
Alcoholic Beverages in Spanish

Let us now learn about the list of all alcoholic beverages in Spanish with examples. This will allow you to get a head start into the vocabulary list of drinks in Spanish. You will also benefit from the fact that all articles have been mentioned and there are tons of examples in English and in Spanish.

EnglishSpanishEnglish SentencesSpanish Sentences
The AlcoholEl alcoholThe shop does not sell AlcoholLa tienda no vende alcohol.
The Alcoholic beverageLa bebida alcohólicaI do not like alcoholic beverages.No me gustan las bebidas alcohólicas.
The AbsintheLa absentaAbsinthe is very tasty.La absenta es muy sabrosa.
The Beer La cervezaShe drank three liters of Beer.Bebió tres litros de cerveza.
The BrandyEl brandyOld men like Brandy.A los viejos les gusta Brandy.
The Boozela bebida alcohólicaThe girl forgot to bring the Booze.La chica se olvidó de traer la bebida.
The ChampagneEl champagneFederer opened the Champagne.Federer abrió el Champagne.
The Cider La sidraCider is sour.La sidra es agria.
The Cocktail El coctelShe can make tasty Cocktails.Puede preparar deliciosos cócteles.
The Gin La ginebraThe pub is famous for Gin.El pub es famoso por la ginebra.
The Red wine El vino tintoRich women drink Red wine..Las mujeres ricas beben vino tinto.
The Rosé wineEl vino RosadoRosé wine is very expensiveEl vino rosado es muy caro
The Rum El ronDo you like Rum?¿Te gusta el ron?
The Shandy El ShandyChildren should not drink Shandy.Los niños no deben beber Shandy.
The Vodka El vodkaRussian Vodka is cheap.El vodka ruso es barato.
The Whiskey El whiskyMy favorite Whiskey is Ballentines.Mi whisky favorito es Ballentines.
The White wine El vino blancoI like White and hate red wine.Me gusta el blanco y odio el vino tinto.
The WineEl vinoMy wife drank Wine on her birthday.Mi esposa bebió vino en su cumpleaños.
The CognacEl coñacThe lawyer drank a Cognac.El abogado bebió un coñac.
The Sangria La sangríaI can make a Sangria.Puedo hacer una sangría.
The Dry sherry El jerez secoThe Dry sherry is tasty.El jerez seco es sabroso.
The Liqueur El licorAbsinthe is a Liqueur.La absenta es un licor.
The Port WineEl vino de OportoPort wine is cheapEl vino de Oporto es barato
The Pint La pintaI sold 300 pints of beer.Vendí 300 pintas de cerveza.
The AleLa AleAle is very bitter.Ale es muy amarga.
The mulled wineEl vino calienteOn Christmas, we drink mulled wine.En Navidad, bebemos vino caliente.


Different types of Milk in Spanish

This one is important since most people use milk in one way or the other. If you go to a Spanish supermarket, you will find at least 20 – 30 types of milk. There’s 10% fat, 5% fat, 3% fat, no fat, full fat, plant based milk etc… enough to make the head spin. So among the list of drinks in Spanish, you better get acquainted with the list of different types of milk in Spanish.

Milk in Spanish
Milk in Spanish
Soy milk Leche de soja
Warm milk Leche caliente
Whole milk Leche entera
Pasteurized milk Leche pasteurizada
Skimmed milk Leche desnatada
Condensed milk Leche condensada
Milk Leche
Low-fat milk Leche baja en grasa
rice milkleche de arroz
full fat milkleche entera


List of all types of teas in Spanish with example sentences

A ton of people swear by tea! I’ve seen many office goers drink a massive half a litre of tea every two hours. You have 100s of varieties of tea, ranging from hot to cold, from fruit based to plain, from herbal to milk based and so on. If you go to any supermarket, you will be inundated by choices of tea. So you absolutely need to memorize the vocabulary list of all tea based beverages in Spanish.

Tea in Spanish
Tea in Spanish
Fruit tea Té de frutas
Green tea Té verde
Herb tea té de hierbas
Hibiscus tea Té de hibisco
Comomile tea Té de manzanilla
Black tea Té negro
iced tea te helado
Lemon-balm tea Té de bálsamo de limón
Linden tea Té de tila
Mint tea té de menta
Orange-blossom tea Té de azahar
Vervain tea Té de verbena
Tea with lemon Té con limón
Tea with milk Té con leche


List of all non-alcoholic drinks in Spanish with example sentences

The best way to start a morning is with a cup of coffee. A lemonade would be kickass during a summer day. To keep a child happy, all you need is a nice cold chocolate milkshake. Sounds true right? Anyone living in Spain needs to complete their list of drinks in Spanish by memorizing the vocabulary list of all non-alcoholic beverages in Spanish. This would help life move smoothly.

List of all non-alcoholic drinks in Spanish
List of all non-alcoholic drinks in Spanish
Apple distillate Destilado de manzana
Black coffee Café negro
Cappuccino Capuchino
Chocolate Chocolate
Chocolate milk-shake Malteada de chocolate
Citron lemonade Limonada de cidra
Coffee Café
Coffee with cream Cafe con crema
Coffee with milk Café con leche
Espresso coffee Cafe expreso
Fresh banana milk-shake Batido de plátano fresco
Fruit juice Zumo de frutas
Fruit milk-shake Batido de frutas
Ice Hielo
Ice cream milk-shake Batido de leche helado
Juice Jugo
Lemon juice Jugo de limon
Lemonade Limonada
Orange juice zumo de naranja
Soft drinksBebidas sin alcohol
Thick chocolate Chocolate espeso


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