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El Perro y la cena de su amo

Spanish short stories – Learning Spanish through English

Aesop’s  Fables – El Perro y la cena de su amo


Once upon a time, there was a dog who lived with his master. The dog was very faithful and loving to his master.


Érase una vez un Perro que vivía con su amo. El Perro era muy fiel y cariñoso con su amo.


His master taught him to carry a small pouch of money to the Bakery. The baker would then take the pouch of money. The Baker would give the dog a basket filled with meat and bread. The dog would carry the food back to his master. As a reward, the master would feed some meat and bread to the dog. The dog could smell the tasty food but he was very loyal and never stopped to eat it.


Su amo le había enseñado a llevar un pequeño paquete de dinero a la panadería. El panadero luego tomaba el dinero. El panadero le daba al Perro una canasta llena de carne y pan. El Perro llevaba la comida a su amo. Como recompensa, el amo le daba un poco de carne y pan al Perro. El Perro podía oler la comida sabrosa, pero como era muy leal, nunca se detenía a comérsela.


The other dogs in the neighbourhood always saw the dog carrying a basket of food. They made many attempts to steal the basket but he was a strong and big dog. Nobody could stop him from his duty. So the other dogs decided to convince him to join them.


Los otros perros del vecindario siempre veían al perro cargando una canasta con comida. Hicieron muchos intentos de robarle la canasta, pero él era un Perro fuerte y grande. Nadie podía impedirle cumplir con su deber. Entonces los otros Perros decidieron convencerlo de que se uniera a ellos.


They told him that he could eat the entire basket instead of just scraps. The dog tried to run away but they surrounded him and spoke to him saying that he was a fool.


Le dijeron que podía comerse toda la canasta en lugar de solo las sobras. El Perro trató de huir, pero lo rodearon y le hablaron, diciéndole que era un tonto.


The dog stopped to argue and soon he began to think that he was a fool. He dropped the basket and grabbed the biggest piece of meat.

He said, “You can divide the rest.”


El perro se detuvo para discutir, pero pronto comenzó a pensar que era un tonto. Dejó caer la canasta y agarró el trozo de carne más grande.

Dijo: “Pueden dividir el resto.”.


Moral: “Do not get tempted to break the rules.”


Moraleja: No intentes romper las reglas.


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These Spanish short stories are super cool to read for beginners and also for entertaining children. Aesop’s Fables are among the best stories that can be studied on a daily basis.

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