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El Gallo y la Joya

Spanish short stories – Learning Spanish through English

Aesop’s  Fables – El Gallo y la Joya


Once upon a time, there was a chicken living in an old farm. It was happily pecking the ground searching for something to eat.


Érase una vez un Gallo que vivía en una antigua granja. Estaba picoteando alegremente el suelo en busca de algo de comer.





It was something hard and heavy.

The chicken thought, “Oh what is this? I must dig and find out.”





¡¡¡CLUNK!!! ¡¡¡CLUNK!!!

Era algo duro y pesado.

El Gallo pensó: “¿Qué es esto? Debo excavar y averiguarlo.”.


He dug around the item and saw that it was a large necklace made of rubies and gold. It was so beautiful and shiny.


Picoteó alrededor del objeto y descubrió que era un gran collar de rubíes y oro. Era tan hermoso y brillante.


The necklace said, “Today is your lucky day! I am the most beautiful and expensive necklace ever! Nothing is more precious than me.”


La Joya le dijo: “¡Hoy es tu día de suerte! ¡Soy el collar más hermoso y caro de todos los tiempos! Nada es más valioso que yo.”.


The chicken turned away and said, “You may be the most expensive necklace. You may be very costly! You may be the most beautiful. But for me, I would rather choose a single grain of rice!”


El pollo se dio la vuelta y dijo: “Puede que seas el collar más caro. ¡Puede que seas muy costoso! Puede que seas la Joya más bella. ¡Pero yo preferiría elegir un solo grano de arroz!”.


Moral: “What is precious to one might be useless to another”


Moraleja: Lo que es precioso para uno puede ser inútil para otro.


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About: Studying through Dual Language immersion is among the best techniques for learning a new language. The objective of this website is to teach yourself how to read and speak Spanish confidently using English as a base 🙂

These Spanish short stories are super cool to read for beginners and also for entertaining children. Aesop’s Fables are among the best stories that can be studied on a daily basis.

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