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El Buey y el Mosquito

Spanish short stories – Learning Spanish through English

Aesop’s  Fables – El Buey y el Mosquito


Once upon a time, there was a large Ox who was eating grass in the meadow. He was silent and happy. He was eating slowly. He did not bother any other animal or insect.


Érase una vez, un gran Buey que estaba comiendo hierba en el prado. Estaba calmado y contento. Estaba comiendo despacio. No molestaba a ningún otro animal o insecto.


A small gnat was buzzing nearby and was feeling very tired. It saw the huge bull and flew and rested on top of the horns of the bull.

The gnat rested for some time and soon felt refreshed. He flew in front of the bull and thanked the bull.


Un pequeño Mosquito zumbaba cerca y se sentía muy cansado. Vio al enorme Buey, voló y se posó sobre sus cuernos.

El Mosquito descansó un rato y pronto se sintió renovado. Voló frente al Buey y le dio las gracias.


 “Sir Bull. I am very sorry. I have been of so much inconvenience to you.”

The bull did not look up and continued to eat.

“You must be so glad that I am leaving now. I shall no long bother you” said the gnat to the bull.

The bull paused to eat and stared up at the gnat.


“Señor Buey. Lo siento mucho. He sido un gran inconveniente para usted.”

El Buey no alzó la mirada y siguió comiendo.

“Debe estar muy contento de que me vaya ahora. No le molestaré más.”, dijo el Mosquito al Buey.

El Buey dejó de comer y miró fijamente al Mosquito.


 “You think too highly of yourself. I was not bothered by you in any way. I did not even know that you were there. I won’t notice when you are gone too.”

Saying so, the bull looked down and continued to eat the grass.


 “Piensa demasiado de sí mismo. No me molestó de ninguna manera. Ni siquiera sabía que estaba allí. Tampoco me daré cuenta cuando se haya ido.”

Dicho esto, el Buey bajó la mirada y continuó comiendo la hierba.


Moral: The smaller the mind, the greater the conceit.


Moraleja: Cuanto más pequeña es la mente, mayor es la vanidad.


Hope you had fun learning the Spanish language through short stories 🙂 If so leave a comment!!!

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About: Studying through Dual Language immersion is among the best techniques for learning a new language. The objective of this website is to teach yourself how to read and speak Spanish confidently using English as a base 🙂

These Spanish short stories are super cool to read for beginners and also for entertaining children. Aesop’s Fables are among the best stories that can be studied on a daily basis.

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