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The Peacock and the Crane – クジャクとツル

The Peacock and the Crane – クジャクとツル


Once upon a time, there was a peacock who was very vain. He used to show off to everyone. One day he met a crane.

The peacock thought, “Look at this ugly crane. Let me show him how beautiful I am.”


昔々、とてもうぬぼれもののクジャクがいました。彼はいつも自慢をしていました。 ある日、彼はツルに会いました。

クジャクは思いました「このみにくいツルを見てみよ。 私がどれほど美しいか彼に見せつけてあげよう。」


The peacock spread its gorgeous tail fully in the sun.

The peacock said to the crane, “Look how beautiful my tail is. You are grey in color while I am so colorful. I am the most beautiful bird in the world with all my colors. You must feel so bad next to me.”




The crane said, “You may be colorful, and I may be grey. But can you do this?”

The crane spread its wings and flew up towards the skies. The peacock could only sadly watch. The peacock was just like another farm bird; stuck to the ground.





Moral: “The useful is of much more importance and value, than the ornamental.”




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