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Le comte des bracelets

French short stories – Learning French through English

Akbar and Birbal Stories –Le comte des bracelets


Once upon a time, King Akbar and Birbal were talking about love. Akbar said that if a man truly loves his wife, he would know everything about her.


Il était une fois le roi Akbar et Birbal parlaient d’amour. Akbar a dit que si un homme aime vraiment sa femme, il saurait tout sur elle.


King Akbar asked Birbal, “What is the colour of the bangles that your wife wears?”

Birbal said, “My King, it is gold encrusted with tiny rubies”


Le roi Akbar a demandé à Birbal: «Quelle est la couleur des bracelets que porte votre femme?»

Birbal a dit: “Mon roi, c’est de l’or incrusté de minuscules rubis”


King Akbar said, “But can you tell me how many bangles she wears?”

Birbal thought for a moment and said, “My King. I do not know how many bangles she wears. I have not noticed it.”


Le roi Akbar a dit: «Mais pouvez-vous me dire combien de bracelets elle porte?»

Birbal réfléchit un instant et dit: «Mon roi. Je ne sais pas combien de bracelets elle porte. Je ne l’ai pas remarqué.»


King Akbar was amused and said, “If you truly loved your wife, you would know this.”

Birbal said, “My King, I do know what are all the important things about her life. The trivial ones miss my eye. But I still love her.”


Le roi Akbar s’est amusé et a dit: «Si vous aimiez vraiment votre femme, vous le sauriez.»

Birbal a déclaré: «Mon roi, je sais quelles sont toutes les choses importantes dans sa vie. Les plus triviaux manquent mon œil. Mais je l’aime toujours.»


King Akbar said, “She serves you food everyday with her lands. Yet you cannot tell me how many bangles she wears. Birbal, I expected better from you. When I am married as long as you are, I would know everything there is about my wife.”


Le roi Akbar a dit: «Elle vous sert de la nourriture tous les jours avec ses terres. Pourtant, vous ne pouvez pas me dire combien de bracelets elle porte. Birbal, j’attendais mieux de vous. Quand je serai marié aussi longtemps que vous le seriez, je saurais tout ce qu’il y a sur ma femme.»


Afterwards, King Akbar wanted to take a walk. He went with Birbal down the grand stairs to reach the garden. As soon as they reached the bottom of the stairs, Birbal had a big smile on his face.


Ensuite, le roi Akbar a voulu se promener. Il descendit avec Birbal le grand escalier pour atteindre le jardin. Dès qu’ils atteignirent le bas des escaliers, Birbal eut un grand sourire sur son visage.


Birbal said, “My dear King, when did you move into this palace?”

Akbar said, “I was born and raised here. Why are you asking me this?”


Birbal a dit: «Mon cher roi, quand as-tu emménagé dans ce palais?»

Akbar a déclaré: «Je suis né et j’ai grandi ici. Pourquoi me demandez vous ça?»


Birbal said, “My dear King, you must have gone down the stairs every day since when you were a child. Can you tell me how many stairs are there?”


Birbal a dit: «Mon cher roi, tu dois descendre les escaliers tous les jours depuis que vous étiez enfant. Pouvez-vous me dire combien il y a d’escaliers? »


King Akbar understood why Birbal was asking this question and became red faced with embarrassment.


Le roi Akbar comprit pourquoi Birbal posait cette question et devint rouge face à l’embarras.


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These French short stories are super cool to read for beginners and also for entertaining children. Aesop’s Fables are among the best stories that can be studied on a daily basis.


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