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Vocabulary: Learn about the different types of weather in Dutch. What are the names of the different climates in Dutch?

Vocabulary: Learn about the different types of weather in Dutch. What are the names of the different climates in Dutch?

As we all know, when waiting for a train or a bus, or when standing inside an elevator, the most common and safe topic in conversation and small talk is Weather. You need to know the different types of Weather in Dutch so that you can discuss on how bad it is or how fantastic it is.

types of Weather in Dutch
types of Weather in Dutch

Netherlands is pretty much the same when it comes to people talking about the different types of weather. And of course, people from Netherlands like to talk about the different types of weather in Dutch only.

You need to able to make weather-related observation, ask weather related questions and also be able to understand the answers. It is very important that you understand what to wear in every season and how your outdoor plans in Netherlands is affected by the weather

To get you ready, here’s a guide for you to learn about some simple Dutch weather vocabulary to rely on as you learn Dutch. In any case, it can at least help you know what kind of weather to expect outside.


How do you say weather in Dutch?

Before you learn the types of Weather in Dutch, you need to know the terms for Weather and Climate in Dutch!!!

  • The Dutch translation for “The weather” is “Het weer”
  • Dutch word for “The Climate” is “Het klimaat”


What are the different seasons in Dutch?

There are four seasons in Netherlands and pretty much all over Europe: Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring. However there is also the rainy season and the dry season since people need to dress up according to the correct weather.

types of Weather in Dutch
types of Weather in Dutch

For example, during the dry season, you need to wear moisturizer while you need to carry an umbrella during the rainy season. So it becomes very important that you know the Dutch vocabulary for weather related terms

Learn about the vocabulary of all Seasons in Dutch with English translation and with example sentences.

EnglishDutchEnglish SentencesDutch Sentences
the seasonhet seizoenThere are four seasons.Er zijn vier seizoenen.
spring  seasonhet voorjaarSchools are closed during the Spring season.Tijdens het voorjaar zijn de scholen gesloten.
the summerde zomerIt is very hot during the summer.In de zomer is het erg warm.
the autumnde herfstDuring autumn, it becomes very cold in Netherlands.In de herfst wordt het erg koud in Nederland.
the winterde winterI like the winter because I like the snow.Ik hou van de winter omdat ik van de sneeuw hou.
the rainy seasonhet regenseizoenDuring the rainy season, the frogs are very happy.Tijdens het regenseizoen zijn de kikkers erg blij.
the dry seasonhet droge seizoenDuring the dry season, carrots are expensive.Tijdens het droge seizoen zijn wortelen duur.


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What are the different weather conditions in Dutch?

The seasons are not all that you may talk of. You may have to say that it’s raining or ask if there’s a storm. You may have to deal with hail and mist, fog and frost.

Learn about the most common Weather related vocabulary in Dutch with English translation and with example sentences.

Different weather conditions in Dutch
Different weather conditions in Dutch
EnglishDutchEnglish SentencesDutch Sentences
hailde hagelHail is very dangerous.Hagel is erg gevaarlijk.
skyDe luchtThe sky is blue and the sun is yellow.De lucht is blauw en de zon is geel.
fogDe mistYou should not drive in the fog.Je mag niet in de mist rijden.
rainDe regenWill it rain today? No it will rain tomorrow.Gaat het vandaag regenen? Nee, morgen gaat het regenen.
rainbowDe RegenboogThe rainbow is very beautifulDe regenboog is erg mooi
snowDe sneeuwThe snow is white.De sneeuw is wit.
sunDe zonThe sunflower loves the sun.De zonnebloem houdt van de zon.
stormDe stormDogs do not like storms.Honden houden niet van stormen.
dewde dauwThe baby licked the dew drops.De baby likte de dauwdruppels.
windDe windIt is very windy today.Het is erg winderig vandaag.
cloudDe wolkThe clouds are grey.De wolken zijn grijs.
frostDe vorstThe frost is slipperyDe vorst is glad
freezing pointHet vriespuntWhat is the freezing point of water?Wat is het vriespunt van water?
temperatureDe temperatuurThe temperature is quite high.De temperatuur is vrij hoog.


What are the different Weather related Adjectives in Dutch with English translation?

Learn about the most common Weather related vocabulary which can be used as adjectives in Dutch with English translation and with example sentences.

Different weather related Adjectives in Dutch
Different weather related Adjectives in Dutch
EnglishDutchEnglish SentencesDutch Sentences
to flash (lightning)bliksemLightning flashes across the sky.Bliksem flitst door de lucht.
to freezebevriezenWill the weather freeze the car?Zal het weer de auto bevriezen?
to hailhagelenIt is hailing and raining outside.Buiten hagelt en regent het.
to drizzlemiezerenIs it drizzling? Do I need an umbrella?Is het aan het miezeren? Heb ik een paraplu nodig?
to rainregenenIs it raining in India?Regent het in India?
to snowsneeuwenWhy is it snowing today? Its October!Waarom sneeuwt het vandaag? Het is oktober!
to meltsmeltenThe sun will melt the snowDe zon zal de sneeuw doen smelten


What are the different Weather related adverbs in Dutch with English translation?

Learn about the most common Weather related vocabulary which can be used as adverbs in Dutch with English translation and with example sentences. Memorize the below types of Weather in Dutch.

EnglishDutchEnglish SentencesDutch Sentences
cloudybewolktIt is so cloudy today.Het is zo bewolkt vandaag.
foggymistigIt is foggy outside and I do not want to drive.Het is mistig buiten en ik heb geen zin om te rijden.
rainyregenachtigThe is a rainy day.Het is een regenachtige dag.
sunnyzonnigIt is so sunny and hot.Het is zo zonnig en warm.
windywinderigIt is windy in the Sahara desert.Het is winderig in de Saharawoestijn.


Other very common terms are:

EnglishDutchEnglish SentencesDutch Sentences
coldkoudeIt is a cold day.Het is een koude dag.
warmwarmI like warm weather.Ik hou van warm weer.
hotheetIndia is hot.Indië is heet.


What are the most common weather related sentences?

You will have to respond in about the weather in Dutch. You may speak to hundreds of people and every time the weather becomes a topic of off-hand conversation.  Learn about the most common Weather related sentences in Dutch with English translation.

English SentencesDutch Sentences
I’m coldIk heb het koud
I’m hotik ben heet
It’s a bit cloudy todayHet is een beetje bewolkt vandaag
The sun is shining todayDe zon schijnt vandaag
How’s the weather today?Hoe is het weer vandaag?
 Is it warm? Is het warm?
 Is it cold? Is het koud?
 Is it good? Is het goed?
 Is it bad? Is het erg?
 What is the weather forecast for tomorrow? Wat is de weersvoorspelling voor morgen?
How many degrees is it?Hoeveel graden is het?
 How warm is it? Hoe warm is het?
 It is nice weather. Het is mooi weer.
 It is bad weather. Het is slecht weer.
 The sun is shining. De zon schijnt.
 It’s windy. Het is winderig.
 It’s snowing. Het sneeuwt.
 Are you too cold? Heb je het te koud?
 It’s so humid ! Het is zo vochtig!
 I’m sweating. Ik ben aan het zweten.
 It is beautiful weather. Het is prachtig weer.
 It is terrible weather. Het is verschrikkelijk weer.
 Such lousy weather! Wat een rotweer!
 It looks like a thunderstorm. Het lijkt op onweer.
 It’s great swimming weather! Het is heerlijk zwemweer!


In the Netherlands the weather is important, and people tend to talk about it, and particularly to complain about it a lot. So you better memorize the types of Weather in Dutch

Het weerThe weather
Het weerberichtThe weather forecast
De weersverwachtingThe weather forecast
Het is zonnigIt is sunny
De zon schijntThe sun is shining
Het is warmIt is warm
Het is heetIt is hot
Het is snikheetIt is stifling hot / sweltering (“It is snob hot”)
Het is bloedheetIt is boiling hot / sweltering (“It is blood hot”)
HittegolfHeat wave
De mussen vallen van het dakThe sparrows fall from the roof = It’s very hot
Rokjesdag“Skirt day” is the very first warm day in spring when women start to wear a skirt
Het is lekker weerIt is a comfortable temperature
Het is koelIt is cool
Het is frisIt is chilly
Het is koudIt is cold
Het vriestIt is freezing
Het is ijzig koudit is freezing cold
De weersomslagA change in the weather – usually from good to bad weather
De neerslagPrecipitation
Het regentIt is raining
Het miezertIt is drizzling
Een bui / een regenbuiA shower / a rain shower
Een hondenweerDog weather – weather you would only go out in to walk your dog
Het onweertIt is thundering
Donder en bliksemThunder and lightning
Er hangt onweer in de luchtThere is a storm brewing
De mistThe fog
Het is mistigIt is foggy
De nevelThe mist
Het is neveligIt is misty
Het hageltIt is hailing
Het sneeuwtIt is snowing
Natte sneeuwWet snow
SneeuwstormA blizzard
IjzelGlazed frost
IjzelenIt is icing up
De windThe wind
De stormThe storm
De windkrachtThe wind force
De wervelwind / de windhoosThe whirlwind
Een briesjeA breeze
Een zuchtje windA breath of wind
Een windvlaagA gust of wind
WaaienTo blow
Het waaitIt is windy
De wind waaitThe wind is blowing
UitwaaienGet a breath of fresh air
Ik heb weer tegenwindI have headwind again
Ik heb de wind meeI have the wind behind me
Ijzige windIcy wind
Snijdende windCutting or piercing wind
De wolkThe cloud
Het is bewolktIt is cloudy
SchapenwolkjesSheep clouds
Geen wolkje aan de luchtNo cloud in the sky

Expressions for heavy rain

Een stortbui / een hoosbuiA downpour
Een wolkbreukA cloudburst
Het regent pijpenstelenIt’s raining pipe stems = It’s raining heavily
Het komt met bakken uit de luchtIt’s raining heavily

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