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Vocabulary: Learn about the list of Clothes in Dutch – Talk about different types of clothes in Dutch

Learn about the list of Clothes in Dutch – Talk about different types of clothes in Dutch

Netherlands is cold and windy in the winter, warm and balmy in the summer, rainy throughout the year. Days can be super long in summer and super short in winter. One dress DEFINTELY does not suit all days.. Heck it does not suit even one day… You must have a list of clothes which you will choose from and how will you do this without knowing the list of clothes in Dutch?

Fashion and List of clothes in Dutch
Fashion and List of clothes in Dutch

Moreover, you may end up buying at least 10 – 20 clothes every year. How do you go to a shop and ask what you want? You need to know the different types of clothes or a simple common vocabulary list of clothes in Dutch.

To get you ready, here’s a guide for you to learn about some simple common vocabulary list of clothes in Dutch with English translation and example sentences to rely on. In any case, it can at least help you know what kind of clothes to wear based on the weather.


How do you say Clothes in Dutch?

  • The Dutch word for “clothes” is “de kleren” or “de kleding”
  • The Dutch word for “Fashion” is “de mode” and for “Fashionable” is “modieus”


What is the most common list of clothes in Dutch with English translation and example sentences?

Now that you know the word for Clothes, let’s get on with the actual master list!!! Below is the most commonly worn list of clothes in Dutch with English translation and example sentences, singular and plural and with articles.

Fashion and List of clothes in Dutch
Fashion and List of clothes in Dutch
EnglishDutchEnglish SentenceDutch Sentence
DressDe jurkHer black dress is very expensive.Haar zwarte jurk is erg duur.
SuitHet pakI have a black suit.Ik heb een zwart pak.
bermudasde bermuda’sThe bermudas is dirty.De bermuda’s zijn vies.
BlouseDe blouseYour blouse is pretty.Je blouse is mooi.
Chinosde chino’sI want a new chinos.Ik wil een nieuwe chino.
Formal ShirtHet formele overhemdI have many formal shirts.Ik heb veel formele overhemden.
PantsDe broekDo you wear pants?Draag je een broek?
JacketDe jasIs this a leather jacket?Is dit een leren jas?
JeansDe spijkerbroekyou wear jeansjij draagt ​​spijkerbroeken
overallsde overallCarpenters wear overalls.Timmerlieden dragen overalls.
leather pantsDe leren broekDutch men wear leather pants.Nederlandse mannen dragen een leren broek.
SkirtDe rokHer skirt is very cute.Haar rokje is heel schattig.
sweaterDe truiI forgot to wear my sweater.Ik vergat mijn trui aan te doen.
sweatshirthet sweatshirtRonaldo threw his sweatshirt.Ronaldo gooide zijn sweatshirt weg.
t-shirtHet T-shirtHis father’s t-shirt is yellow.Het t-shirt van zijn vader is geel.
WaistcoatHet giletThe black Waistcoat is expensive.Het zwarte gilet is duur.


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What are the different types of footwear in Dutch?

You’re living in a house. What do you need? You need house shoes of course.. In the winter you need boots. In the summer, you need sandals. For office, you need leather shoes. The list is endless! Learn about the most common vocabulary for shoes with English translation and with example sentences. This forms an important part of the list of clothes in Dutch.

List of Footwear in Dutch
List of Footwear in Dutch
EnglishDutchEnglish SentenceDutch Sentence
house shoesDe huisschoenenI have 6 pairs of house shoes.Ik heb 6 paar huisschoenen.
sandalde sandaalLeather sandals are popular in India.Leren sandalen zijn populair in India.
Slippersde pantoffelsThe slippers are old.De pantoffels zijn oud.
shoeDe schoenThe poor man has only one shoe.De arme man heeft maar één schoen.
bootDe laarsThe hiker wears leather bootsDe wandelaar draagt ​​leren laarzen


Vocabulary: Dutch word list for Winter Clothes?

Netherlands might have great warm and balmy summer months. Nevertheless, the cold months in Netherlands is same as that for most of Europe and pretty much everywhere in the northern hemisphere: Winter. You need to dress appropriately and must wear multiple layers of clothes. You need to own a lot of winter clothes to stay warm during the winter months. So it is best if you know the vocabulary for the list of clothes in Dutch for the winter months.

Winter and Dutch
Winter and Dutch
EnglishDutchEnglish SentenceDutch Sentence
anorakde anorakI sell anoraks and duffle coats.Ik verkoop anoraks en duffelcoats.
duffel coatDe duffelcoatDo you want to buy a duffle coat?Wil je een duffelcoat kopen?
overcoatde overjasThis overcoat is new.Deze overjas is nieuw.
rain jacketHet regenjackMy rain jacket is wet.Mijn regenjas is nat.
Thermal jacketDe thermische jasMy Thermal jacket is very expensive.Mijn thermische jas is erg duur.
Winter glovesDe winterhandschoenenThe Winter gloves are thick.De winterhandschoenen zijn dik.
Woollen socksDe wollen sokkenI am wearing woollen socks.Ik draag wollen sokken.
Winter JacketDe winterjasPlease wear a winter jacket.Trek een winterjas aan.


Vocabulary: Dutch word list for clothing Accessories?

On a sunny day, you need to wear a hat. For a formal occasion, one must wear a bowtie or a tie. You need scarves and gloves for winter, a belt for holding up your pants, the list is endless. All of these are what one calls as accessories. You need to know the vocabulary list of accessories in Dutch. Moreover these are items which you end up replacing a lot on a regular basis.

List of Accessories in Dutch
List of Accessories in Dutch
EnglishDutchEnglish SentenceDutch Sentence
bow tieDe vlinderdasI purchased a expensive bow tie.Ik heb een dure vlinderdas gekocht.
beltDe riemLeather belts are popular in the USA.Leren riemen zijn populair in de VS.
glovesDe handschoenenIts winter and I am wearing gloves.Het is winter en ik draag handschoenen.
hatDe hoedYou must wear a hat during the summer.In de zomer moet je een hoed dragen.
tieDe stropdasI forgot to wear a tie.Ik ben vergeten een stropdas te dragen.
turbande tulbandThe Indian man wore a turban.De Indiase man droeg een tulband.
capDe petMy Cap is old.Mijn pet is oud.
scarfDe sjaalI lost my silk scarf.Ik ben mijn zijden sjaal kwijt.


Vocabulary: Dutch word list for Underwear?

No explanations needed.. Of course you need to know all the Dutch vocabulary list of underwear type of clothing.

  • The Dutch word for Underwear is “Het ondergoed
Underwear in Dutch
Underwear in Dutch
EnglishDutchEnglish SentenceDutch Sentence
Boxer shortsDe BoxershortsBoxershorts are colorful.Boxershorts zijn kleurrijk.
braDe beha / bustehouder / bhI need to purchase a bra.Ik moet een bustehouder kopen.
pantieshet slipjeDo you sell panties?Verkoop je slipjes?
socksDe sokkenMy father does not wear socks.Mijn vader draagt ​​geen sokken.
stockingsde kousenDo you need stockings?Kousen nodig?
tightsde pantyThe woman wears tights.De vrouw draagt ​​panty’s.
underpantsde onderbroekYou should wash your underpants every day.Je moet je onderbroek elke dag wassen.


Vocabulary: Dutch word list for Bathing suits?

Bikini and Bathing suits
Bikini and Bathing suits
EnglishDutchEnglish SentenceDutch Sentence
bathing suitHet badpakYour bathing suit is expensive.Je badpak is duur.
swimsuitHet zwempakHer swimsuit is beautiful.Haar zwembroek is prachtig.
bikiniDe bikiniMy bikini is very sexy.Mijn bikini is erg sexy.


Vocabulary: Dutch word list for materials used to make clothes?

Clothes aren’t just made of cotton or wool. You have so many varieties ranging from leather to silk. You might want to wear silk to an Indian wedding, leather for a bike journey, cotton for summer and wool for winter. If you go to a clothes shop and ask for a shirt, you need to specify the material. For that you need to know the list of materials in Dutch.

Materials used to make Clothing in Dutch
Materials used to make Clothing in Dutch
EnglishDutchEnglish SentenceDutch Sentence
cottonhet katoenI like cotton shirts.Ik hou van katoenen overhemden.
chemical fiberDe chemische vezelThis is made of chemical fiber.Deze is gemaakt van chemische vezels.
corduroyde corduroyThe old man wear a corduroy suit.De oude man draagt ​​een corduroy pak.
patent leatherHet lakleerThe olympian wore a patent leather jacket.De olympiër droeg een lakleren jas.
silkde zijdeMy mother likes silk blouses.Mijn moeder houdt van zijden blouses.
suedehet suèdeThe artist wore a suede sweater.De kunstenaar droeg een suède trui.
woolde wolWool gloves are very warm.Wollen handschoenen zijn erg warm.


What is the Dutch word or translation for “Parts of clothing”?

EnglishDutchEnglish SentenceDutch Sentence
liningde voeringThe lining of the shirt is grey.De voering van het shirt is grijs.
bibhet slabbetjeAll the bibs are dirty.Alle slabbetjes zijn vies.
cuffde manchetThe cuff is torn.De manchet is gescheurd.
button holeHet knoopsgatI need one more buttonhole.Ik heb nog een knoopsgat nodig.
pocketDe zakThe shirt has 8 pockets.Het overhemd heeft 8 zakken.
hemde zoomThe hem of the shirt is made of leather.De zoom van het shirt is gemaakt van leer.
V-neckDe V-halsThe t shirt has a V-neckline.Het t-shirt heeft een V-hals.


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