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Vocabulary: Learn about the list of family members in Dutch. What are the names of the family members in Dutch?

Welsh Vocabulary: List of Family Members in Dutch with example sentences. What are the names of Family Members in Dutch?

As a child, what’s the first word that you speak? Mom and dad of course. Then you learn to call your brothers and sisters, then your grandparents. These are words which you will absorb much before you become 1 year old. As a child or an adult, we spend most of our life talking to family members. It becomes thus very important that you are well versed with the vocabulary list of Family Members in Dutch just as you are well versed in English. This way you can explain to anyone about your Family Members in Dutch which is an essential vocabulary test..

Vocabulary list of family members in Dutch
Vocabulary list of family members in Dutch

The question (focused on vocabulary) would be something along the lines of

  1. Tell me about your Family Members in Dutch.
  2. Do you have any siblings?
  3. Are you married and how many children do you have?

You can use the right Dutch vocabulary and explain about your Father, Mother, Brother, Sister and even your pet dog as they are your family.

The vocabulary list of Family Members in Dutch is one of the most basic and important vocabulary lists that you would need to know as a novice to the Dutch language.

You might have say something as simple as “I love you, Dad” or “Good Morning, Mom” or something more complex and interesting such as proposing to your girlfriend. Thus the vocabulary list of Family Members in Dutch is part of the basic A1 vocabulary list.


Family in Dutch:

  1. Core Family Members in Dutch
  2. Grandparents in Dutch
  3. Cousins in Dutch
  4. In Laws and relations
  5. Marital status
  6. Step family in Dutch
  7. Other Dutch family related terms


Vocabulary List: Family Members in Dutch: Core Family

These are the most fundamental list of family members in Dutch as they form a core part of your family. This forms the basic Dutch A1 vocabulary list.

DutchEnglishEnglish SentenceDutch Sentence
ParentsDe oudersMy parents live in Austria.Mijn ouders wonen in Oostenrijk.
Motherde moederYour mother was born in 1958.Uw moeder is geboren in 1958.
FatherDe vaderMy Father is a carpenter.Mijn vader is timmerman.
SonDe zoonOur son is 2 years old.Onze zoon is 2 jaar.
DaughterDe dochterYour daughter is very pretty.Je dochter is erg mooi.
BrotherDe broerMark has a brother.Marc heeft een broer.
SisterDe zusDo you have a sister?Heb je een zus?


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Vocabulary List: Family Members in Dutch: Relations to Grandparents

Grandparents are a cherished part of your childhood and even your adulthood. You would talk about your grandparents ever so often. This is the also a part of your A1 Dutch vocabulary list.

Relations to Grandparents in Dutch
Relations to Grandparents in Dutch
DutchEnglishEnglish SentenceDutch Sentence
GrandparentsDe grootoudersDid your grandparents eat dinner?Hebben je grootouders gegeten?
GrandfatherDe opa / De grootvaderMy Grandfather smokes every day.Mijn opa rookt elke dag.
GrandmotherDe grootmoeder / de omaOur Grandmother bakes a cake.Onze oma bakt een taart.
Grandchildrende kleinkinderenThe grandchildren like to play football.De kleinkinderen voetballen graag.
Grandsonde kleinzoonMy grandson likes cakes.Mijn kleinzoon houdt van taarten.
Granddaughter  de kleindochterThey have a granddaughter and she is 5 years old.Ze hebben een kleindochter en zij is 5 jaar oud.


Vocabulary List: Family Members in Dutch: Relations to cousins in Dutch

As a child, in every family occasion you would meet your dear cousins, nieces and nephews. Like grandparents, they form a part of your childhood. This is the also a part of your A1 Dutch vocabulary list.

Relations to cousins in Dutch
Relations to cousins in Dutch
DutchEnglishEnglish SentenceDutch Sentence
NieceDe nicht / nichtjesMy Niece is called Alice.Mijn nichtje heet Alice.
NephewDe neef/nevenYour Nephew is a Pilot.Je neef is een piloot.
Cousin De neef / nevenHer cousin is a girl.Haar neef is een meisje.
UncleDe oom / oomsMy Uncle has a big farm.Mijn oom heeft een grote boerderij.
AuntDe tante / tantesMy Aunt is a nurse and she is very happy.Mijn tante is verpleegster en ze is heel gelukkig.
SiblingsDe broer/zus/zusSiblings are your best friends.Broers en zussen zijn je beste vrienden.
BabyDe baby / baby’sYour Baby is so cute.Je baby is zo schattig.
GodfatherDe peetvader / peetvadersKevin is my Godfather.Kevin is mijn peetvader.
GodmotherDe peettanteMy Godmother is very famous.Mijn peettante is erg beroemd.


Vocabulary List: Family Members in Dutch: In Laws in Dutch

Getting married? You are sure to become an in law of getting in laws into your family J Better know how to call your in laws in Dutch

DutchEnglishEnglish SentenceDutch Sentence
Father-in-lawDe schoonvaderTheir Father-in-law is a carpenter.Hun schoonvader is timmerman.
Mother-in-lawDe schoonmoederHis Mother-in-law likes football and basketball.Zijn schoonmoeder houdt van voetbal en basketbal.
Brother-in-lawDe zwagerDoes your Brother-in-law owns three cars?Heeft uw zwager drie auto’s?
Sister-in-lawDe schoonzusYes, my Sister-in-law is a Russian.Ja, mijn schoonzus is een Russische.
RelativeFamilielidI do not like my relativesIk hou niet van mijn familieleden


Vocabulary List: How to call your mom and dad in Dutch in a fond and cute way?

Did you ever call your father as “FATHER”! I’m pretty sure you just said ”DADDY” or “MOMMY”!! How do you say that in Dutch? Read below

DutchEnglishEnglish SentenceDutch Sentence
Grandpa (Cute)de opaGrandpa likes to hike.Opa houdt van wandelen.
Grandma (Cute)de omaGrandma is very old.Oma is heel oud.
Dad (Cute)de papaI like my daddy.Ik hou van mijn papa.
Mom (Cute)de mummie / mamaI like my mommy.Ik hou van mijn mama.


Marital Status in Dutch

One of the most common questions when going through the Dutch A1 exam is “Tell me about your family in Dutch.”. You need to obviously mention about your wife and children and if you’re married or living with your partner.

Marriage related terms in Dutch
Marriage related terms in Dutch
DutchEnglishEnglish SentenceDutch Sentence
Friend / FriendsDe vriend / vriendenFriends are importantVrienden zijn belangrijk
Partner / partnersDe partner / partnersWhere is your partner?Waar is je partner?
Marital StatusBurgerlijke staatWhat is your Marital Status?Wat is uw burgerlijke staat?
SinglevrijgezelAre you single? Can you give me your phone number?Ben je vrijgezel? Kun je me je telefoonnummer geven?
MarriedgetrouwdI am married.Ik ben getrouwd.
DivorcedgescheidenMy brother is divorced.Mijn broer is gescheiden.
HusbandDe manMy husband reads the newspaperMijn man leest de krant
WifeDe vrouwMy wife likes to cook.Mijn vrouw houdt van koken.


Step family in Dutch

Hey now.. here are many who have a step brother or a step sister. You might have a step father or a step mother and they may be from Spain. You can try to impress them by calling out to them affectionately in Dutch. Better get cracking on with the list of family members in Dutch.

DutchEnglishEnglish SentenceDutch Sentence
Step-FatherDe stiefvaderMy Step-Father is very KindMijn stiefvader is erg aardig
Step-MotherDe StiefmoederMy Stepmother is cruel.Mijn stiefmoeder is wreed.
Step-Botherde stiefbroerYour Step-Brother is tall.Je stiefbroer is lang.
Step-Sisterde stiefzusterYour Step-Sister is short.Je stiefzus is kort.


Are there any other important words for Dutch family members?

Other than the master lists mentioned above, there are a few other family related terms that will serve you well. Go through the list below to learn more.

DutchEnglishEnglish SentenceDutch Sentence
ChildHet kindThe Child sings daily.Het Kind zingt dagelijks.
Toddlerde peuterThe Toddler likes to walk.De Peuter houdt van lopen.
Teenagerde tienerShe is a teenagerZe is een tiener
Adultde volwasseneYou are an adult!Je bent volwassen!
TwinDe tweelingMy twin sister is angry.Mijn tweelingzus is boos.
Boyde jongenThe Boy sells ice cream.De jongen verkoopt ijs.
Girlhet meisjeTh girl buys a chocolate.Het meisje koopt een chocolaatje.
ManDe manThe man is lucky.De man heeft geluk.
Woman De vrouwThe woman earns a lot.De vrouw verdient veel.



These are the most fundamental A1 vocabulary list of family members in Dutch that you would use at definitely in your daily life. This is something that you need to know since every conversation will steer towards this at least once and hence you need to know this list well.

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