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Parts of a plant and Gardening Tools in Spanish

Parts of a plant and Gardening Tools in Spanish

One of the “most” common topics in Spanish A1 is learning the vocabulary necessary to describe your day to day life, to describe what you ate, what you did, what your passions and interests are and what you do. This will involve plants or something related to plants somehow. For this, you need to memorize the list of parts of a plant in Spanish. For a simple example, you would have to say which vegetable you like, buy flowers for a lover, fruits for your child and so on.

List of parts of a plant in Spanish
List of parts of a plant in Spanish

With the example above, you can easily see that parts of a plant are not just root / stem / leaf but the entire list. We have already covered list of fruits, berries and nuts in one post and vegetables in another post. In this post, we will be learning about a comprehensive list of parts of a plant in Spanish with tons and tons of examples

Why is it so important that you need to memorize the List of parts of a plant in Spanish including the Spanish vocabulary for gardening and gardening tools?

A few simple examples for its importance: You’re going to meet your girlfriend and you need to buy “FLOWERS”. That is a part of a plant right there. Where do you find the “FRUITS” and “VEGETABLES” in a supermarket? In the autumn, the “LEAVES” fall down and people like to describe them as beautifully as possible.

You can see that learning this vocabulary words in any language is crucial to a well-rounded vocabulary and is also absolutely fundamental for sentence building. While some basic vocabulary such as leaves and vegetables can be memorized in beginning, specific words are crucial to communicating or diving into discussions. These holes need to be identified and filled during intermediate stages.

Let us go through the list of parts of a plant in Spanish and a few example sentences for the same. But before that let us start with the absolute fundamental… what is the word for Plants in Spanish.



  1. Trees and Plants in Spanish
  2. List of parts of plant in Spanish
  3. Types of plants in Spanish
  4. List of Gardening Tools in Spanish
  5. Gardening Verbs in Spanish
  6. Barbeque in Spanish


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Translation for Trees and plants in Spanish

Trees and Plants in Spanish
Trees and Plants in Spanish

How do you say Trees in Spanish? How do you say Plants in Spanish?

  • SINGULAR: The Spanish translation for “The plant” is “La planta”
    • EXAMPLE: “I like the plant.” à me gusta la planta.
  • PLURAL: The Spanish word for “The Plants” is “Las plantas”
    • EXAMPLE: “The cow ate the plants.” à La vaca se comió las plantas.
  • SINGULAR: The Spanish translation for “The tree” is “El árbol”
    • EXAMPLE: “The tree is huge.” à el arbol es enorme.
  • PLURAL: The Spanish word for “The trees” is “Los árboles”
    • EXAMPLE: “The dinosaur ate the trees.” à El dinosaurio se comió los árboles.


List of parts of a plant in Spanish

Who doesn’t like gardening or just to look at gardens? When we were children, we studied botany and parts of a plant were one of the most fundamental lessons that we learnt as a part of botany. Similarly when we study Spanish, we have to memorize and learn the parts of a plant in your quest to master the Spanish basic vocabulary list.

List of parts of a plant in Spanish
List of parts of a plant in Spanish

One of the “most” important topics in Spanish A1 is learning the vocabulary is parts of a plant in Spanish. A few examples of when you need to understand parts of a plant in Spanish.

  1. In autumn, the leaves will fall.
  2. The tree trunk is useful.
  3. The flowers are beautiful

Let us go through the Spanish vocabulary for the parts of a plant in Spanish with a few example sentences for the same. Remember, the parts of a plant in Spanish is a list you have to memorize for life and would be super critical when you take your A1 test so make sure that you get it 100% done!

ENGLISHSPANISH PLANTEnglish SentenceSpanish Sentence
The branchLa ramaWe need to burn the branches of the tree.Necesitamos quemar las ramas del árbol.
The trunkel tronco del árbolThe carpenter made a table with the tree trunk.El carpintero hizo una mesa con el tronco del árbol.
The leafLa hojaThe tea leaves must be dried.Las hojas de té deben secarse.
The fruitLa frutaFruits are tasty.Las frutas son sabrosas.
The vegetableEl vegetal / verdurasMy dog hates vegetables.Mi perro odia las verduras.
The rootLa raízThe potato is a rootLa patata es una raíz.
the tree barkla corteza del arbolThe cow ate the tree bark.La vaca comió la corteza del árbol.
the seedla semillaThe seeds are small but the tree is large.Las semillas son pequeñas pero el árbol es grande.
the bushel arbustoThere is a small bush near my house.Hay un pequeño arbusto cerca de mi casa.
the thornla espinaCactus have thorns.Los cactus tienen espinas.
the stem of the flowerel tallo de la florThe stem of the flower is very strong.El tallo de la flor es muy fuerte.
the budel capulloThe bud of a rose is red in color.El capullo de una rosa es de color rojo.
the plantla plantaThe plant has 2 leaves and one flower.La planta tiene 2 hojas y una flor.
The seedLa semillaThe farmer purchased some seeds.El agricultor compró algunas semillas.


Names and types of plants in Spanish

You need to be more generic in cases when talking to acquaintances. However there comes a time when you need to be very specific when talking to friends and you have to deep dive into many a topic. You can’t say ROSE TREE and COCONUT PLANT. The rose is a bush while a small plant is a sapling. You can learn the complete vocabulary list of types of plants in Spanish. This will prove as an important addition to you vocabulary list of plants in Spanish.

Names and types of plants in Spanish
Names and types of plants in Spanish
ENGLISHSPANISH PLANTSEnglish SentenceSpanish Sentence
the seedla semillaThe seeds are small but the tree is large.Las semillas son pequeñas pero el árbol es grande.
GerminateGerminarThe seeds germinated.Las semillas germinaron.
ShrubArbustoThe hedgehog lives in the shrubs.El erizo vive en los arbustos.
BushArbustoThe man hid in the bushEl hombre se escondió en el arbusto.
PlantPlantaThe plant is green.La planta es verde.
TreeÁrbolWoodpeckers and owls live in trees.Los pájaros carpinteros y los búhos viven en los árboles.
SproutBroteMy seeds have sprouted and there are many sprouts.Mis semillas han brotado y hay muchos brotes.
Sapling / SeedlingsPlántulasA musician sings to the seedlings.Un músico canta a las plántulas.
The creeper plantla planta trepadoraPumpkin is a creeper plant.La calabaza es una planta trepadora.
The climber plantLa planta trepadoraBeans are climber plants.Los frijoles son plantas trepadoras.
The Shrubel arbustoThe palace gardens has many shrubs.Los jardines del palacio tienen muchos arbustos.
The Herbla hierbaThe herb is a type of plant.La hierba es un tipo de planta.
Aquatic plantsPlantas acuáticasYou must buy Aquatic plants for your aquarium.Debes comprar plantas acuáticas para tu acuario.
Floating Plantsplantas flotantesLilies and Lotuses are floating plantsLos lirios y los lotos son plantas flotantes.


Gardening related terms in Spanish

Spaniards love gardening. Many Spaniards spend hours on end tending to their gardens. Balconies in houses are usually filled with lots of potted plants. It is very common to find pots inside one’s home filled with beautiful plants. Suffice to say, you can find loads of gardening tools in every house.

What are the different Gardening related Verbs in Spanish?
What are the different Gardening related Verbs in Spanish?

In this section, we will be learning about the list of all gardening tools in Spanish with a couple of examples thrown in.

ENGLISHSPANISH GARDENEnglish SentenceSpanish Sentence
vegetable plotdas Gemüsebeet / Der GemüsegartenThe vegetable plot is in Hamburg.Der Gemüsegarten ist in Hamburg.
rock gardender SteingartenThere is a rock garden in Singapore.In Singapur gibt es einen Steingarten.
botanical gardender Botanische GartenThe botanical garden has more than ten thousand flowers.Der botanische Garten hat mehr als zehntausend Blumen.
flower gardender BlumengartenThe flower garden is gorgeous.Der Blumengarten ist wunderschön.
garden centredas GärtnereicenterWe do not have a garden centre nearby.Wir haben kein Gartencenter in der Nähe.
market gardendie GärtnereiThe market garden is pretty.Die Gärtnerei ist hübsch.
ornamental gardender ZiergartenThe Chinese ornamental garden has many buildings.Der chinesische Ziergarten hat viele Gebäude.
roof gardender DachgartenThe roof garden is above a bar.Der Dachgarten liegt über einer Bar.
lawn turfder RasenThe cow ate the lawn turf.Die Kuh hat den Rasen gefressen.
artificial turfder KunstrasenThe football ground has an artificial turf.Der Fußballplatz hat einen Kunstrasen.
lawnder RasenThe Lawnmower is near the lawn.Der Rasenmäher steht in der Nähe des Rasens.
flower beddas BlumenbeetThe flower bed has many worms.Das Blumenbeet hat viele Würmer.
earthdie ErdeEarth is so beautiful.Die Erde ist so schön.
flowerdie BlumeShe searches for flowers and rainbows.Sie sucht nach Blumen und Regenbögen.
shrubder StrauchI have a few shrubs in my garden.Ich habe ein paar Sträucher in meinem Garten.


Gardening Verbs in Spanish

Now that we have established that Spaniards love gardening, do you know that gardening does not simply mean throwing seeds into the soil? There are many activities around the act of gardening which is why I said early on that Spaniards love (and also need) to spend hours tending to their gardens.

In this section, we will be learning about the list of all Gardening verbs in Spanish with a lot of examples thrown in.

ENGLISHSPANISH GARDENEnglish SentenceSpanish Sentence
to grow, cultivatecrecer, cultivarThe gardener cultivated the garden.El jardinero cultivó el jardín.
to prunepodarPrune the bushes and I will give you three dollars.Pode los arbustos y le daré tres dólares.
to mowcortarThe young boy mowed the lawn.El joven cortó el césped.
to digcavarThe man dug a small grave for his dog.El hombre cavó una pequeña tumba para su perro.
to weeddesherbarCan you weed the lawn today?¿Puedes desherbar el césped hoy?
to water the plantsregar las plantasPlease water the plants once a week.Por favor, riega las plantas una vez a la semana.
to sunbathetomar el solThe rich woman sunbathes in Spain every year.La mujer rica toma el sol en España todos los años.
to gossipChismear / cotillearMy wife loves to gossip.A mi esposa le encanta cotillear.


List of Gardening tools in Spanish

We have now learnt about the different types of gardens and the gardening verbs in Spanish. So you know what garden you want and what you need to do. The next point is what do you need to do it. There are many gardening tools which you need to do gardening. Simply put, you cannot use a rake to trim a bush.

In this section, we will be learning about the list of all Gardening Tools in Spanish with a lot of examples thrown in.

ENGLISHSPANISH GARDENEnglish SentenceSpanish Sentence
The garden toolslas herramientas de jardineriaThese garden tools are expensive.Estas herramientas de jardín son caras.
The lawn mowerEl cortacespedThe Lawn mower is red in color.El cortacésped es de color rojo.
The Hedge cutterEl cortador de setosThe hedge cutter broke yesterday.El cortasetos se rompió ayer.
The grass shearslas tijeras de podarWhere are the grass shears?¿Dónde están las tijeras de podar?
The pruning shearslas tijeras de podarThe gardener purchased pruning shears.El jardinero compró unas tijeras de podar.
The hoeLa azadaThe cow pulled the hoe.La vaca tiró de la azada.
The rakeEl rastrilloI gave the rake to my daughter.Le di el rastrillo a mi hija.
The spadela palaThe gardener says that the spade is the most important tool.El jardinero dice que la pala es la herramienta más importante.
The garden forkel tenedor de jardínWhat is the use of a garden fork?¿Cuál es el uso de un tenedor de jardín?
The trowella paletaCan we push the trowel?¿Podemos empujar la paleta?
The compostel abono / el compostThere is compost in the compost bin.Hay compost en el contenedor de compost.
The compost binel cubo de la composta / cesto de basura / La compostera The compost bin has fifty kilos of compost. La compostera tiene cincuenta kilos de compost.
The wheelbarrowla carretillaThere wheelbarrow is not clean.Allí la carretilla no está limpia.
The Lawn sprinklerEl rociador de céspedThe lawn sprinkler is broken.El rociador de césped está roto.
The watering canla regaderaThe watering can is quite large.La regadera es bastante grande.
The HoseLa mangueraThe fireman and the gardener use hoses every day.El bombero y el jardinero usan mangueras todos los días.


Barbeque in Spanish

Another thing you need to know about Spaniards is that they love to go out in fine weather. And by going out, it does not mean going out hiking or scuba diving or mountaineering. Sure those can be done once a week or a few times a month. But what about on those pesky weekdays when you have to work or what about on the second day of weekend after you’ve done a massive hike.

vocabulary for Barbeque in Spanish?
vocabulary for Barbeque in Spanish?

Spaniards loooooove a good barbeque. You would be hard pressed to find a Spanish household without a barbeque in their house. Firing a Barbeque is so common on a sunny day across Spain. In this section, we will be learning about the list of a few Barbeque terms in Spanish with some examples.

ENGLISHSPANISH GARDENEnglish SentenceSpanish Sentence
barbecueLa barbacoaI invited my girlfriend to my house because I purchased a new barbecue.Invité a mi novia a mi casa porque compré una barbacoa nueva.
charcoalel carbónCharcoal is black.El carbón es negro.
briquetteslas briquetasThe shopkeeper asked me to buy briquettes.El tendero me pidió que comprara briquetas.
skewerel pincho / la brochetaThe fisherman threw the skewer into the river.El pescador tiró la brocheta al río.


Vocabulary list for Gardening in Spanish

All good things must come to an end 🙂

ENGLISHSPANISH GARDENEnglish SentenceSpanish Sentence
The shedEl cobertizoMy gardener lives in the shed.Mi jardinero vive en el cobertizo.
The garden furniturelos muebles de jardinShe loved the garden furniture more than the garden.Le encantaban los muebles de jardín más que el jardín.
The garden chairla silla de jardinThe garden chair is rusted.La silla de jardín está oxidada.
The folding chairla silla plegableDo you have a few folding chairs?¿Tienes algunas sillas plegables?
The summer housela casa de veranoThe rich man has two summer houses in Italy.El rico tiene dos casas de veraneo en Italia.
The fish pondel estanque de pecesOur fish pond has aquatic plants.Nuestro estanque de peces tiene plantas acuáticas.


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