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50+ Birds in Sanskrit and English

List of 50+ Birds in Sanskrit and English

As a newbie, after memorizing the list of Animals names in Sanskrit, obviously the next list that comes to mind is the list of birds in Sanskrit. It is not one of the legendary important topics like animals but it is quite important since India has thousands of different kinds of gorgeous birds.

Names of birds in Sanskrit
Names of birds in Sanskrit

Sanskrit texts of ancient origin talk about priests as well as kings and rich merchants having birds in their homes. Sages and village folk used to feed birds, hunting birds was also considered common.

Let us now go through the vocabulary for 50+ birds in Sanskrit. Hopefully you will find them to be easy.


How do you say Birds in Sanskrit?

Since 90% of India was covered in forests, Birds were everywhere. So you will find many words in Sanskrit for this. There are eight most common words for birds.

Translation for Bird in Sanskrit
Translation for Bird in Sanskrit
Sanskrit Transliteration
पक्षिणी pakSiNI
पक्षिण pakSiNa
विहग vihaga
पक्षि pakSi



  1. Pet birds in the ancient world
  2. Eagles and other predatory birds in Sanskrit
  3. Water birds
  4. Other birds of India


Names of different pet birds in Sanskrit

In Ancient India, kings and courtiers had pet birds. Pigeons were used for sending across messages and eagles were used for hunting. Pet birds were very common and are mentioned in many of the Sanskrit texts and stories. That being said, also whenever you are learning a new language, birds are the super basic stuff which you have to memorize.

Sanskrit English
कपोतः Pigeon
काकः Crow
कुक्कटः Cock
कुक्कुटी Hen
कोकिला / पिकः Cuckoo
चटकाः Sparrow
वर्तिका / वर्तकः Duck
शुकः / कीरः Parrot
सरिकाः Mynah
कपोतः Dove
वर्तकः Quail
सारिका Myna
कुक्कुटी Poultry
कुक्कुटः Cock


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Water Birds in Sanskrit

In the ancient world, cities and villages sprang up near water sources such as near rivers and lakes since water was the most precious commodity which was required on a day to day basis. Because of this, fishing and water birds were very common in the ancient world.

People who lived in forests hunted water birds while people who lived in villages reared water birds. Ducks were very common if people lived near rivers or lakes. There were hundreds of mentions of the different water birds in Sanskrit texts and stories.

Water Birds in Sanskrit
Water Birds in Sanskrit
Sanskrit English
वकः Stork
वर्तिका / वर्तकः Duck
सारसः Crane
हंसः / मरालः Swan
मीनरङ्गः Kingfisher
बकः Heron
जलकुक्कुटी Waterfowl


Eagles and other predatory birds

Anyone and everyone knows’ that up to a thousand years ago, 90% of India was covered in dense forests. Even now India has over 30% of forests and there are thousands of varieties of birds across India. Every temple in India has carvings of hundreds of birds. So with that being said, you can understand the importance of learning the names of the different predatory birds.

Sanskrit English
उलूकः Owl
गृधः Vulture
श्येनः Hawk / Falcon
गरुडः The King of Birds


Names of the other birds

We have covered three big lists of birds and the rest can just b mashed together into one final list of birds.

Sanskrit English
जतुका Bat
मयूरः Peacock
चटकः Sparrow
दार्वाघाटः Woodpecker
उष्ट्रपक्षी Ostrich
चकोरः Ptarmigan
कोकिलः, पिकः Nightingale


Hope you had fun learning about names of different birds.

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