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Os corvos no reino

Portuguese short stories – Learning Portuguese through English

Akbar and Birbal – Os corvos no reino


Once upon a time, King Akbar was walking around the palace garden with Birbal. Birbal was famous for being very clever and Akbar always kept testing him.


Era uma vez, o Rei Akbar caminhava pelo jardim do palácio com Birbal. Birbal era famoso por ser muito inteligente e Akbar sempre o testava.


King Akbar saw a crow and thought, “Let me test the wit of Birbal. I will give him a question which is impossible to solve.”


O rei Akbar viu um corvo e pensou: “Deixe-me testar a inteligência de Birbal. Vou dar-lhe uma pergunta que é impossível de resolver. ”


King Akbar said to Birbal, “Dear Birbal, how many crows are there in our kingdom?”

Birbal thought for a moment and then said, “My king, there are eighty thousand nine hundred and ninety three crows in the kingdom.”


O rei Akbar disse a Birbal: “Querido Birbal, quantos corvos existem no nosso reino?”

Birbal pensou por um momento e então disse: “O meu rei, há oitenta mil novecentos e noventa e três corvos no reino.”


King Akbar was surprised and amazed to hear the answer. He wanted to know how Birbal was giving him such a number without counting.


O Rei Akbar ficou surpreso e pasmo ao ouvir a resposta. Ele queria saber como Birbal estava a dar a ele tal número sem contar.


King Akbar said, “How can you say so surely? What if there are more crows than that?”

Birbal said, “Then there are crows from other cities which have come here to visit their relatives and friends.”


O rei Akbar disse: “Como pode dizer isso com certeza? E se houver mais corvos do que isso? ”

Birbal disse: “Então, há corvos de outras cidades que vieram aqui para visitar os seus parentes e amigos.”


King Akbar laughed and asked, “Fine. What if there are lesser crows than that?”

Birbal said, “Then crows from our Kingdom have gone to other cities to visit their relatives and friends.”


O rei Akbar riu e perguntou: “Tudo bem. E se houver corvos menores do que isso? “

Birbal disse: “Então, corvos do nosso Reino foram para outras cidades para visitar os seus parentes e amigos”.


Akbar was very happy with the response and gave him 100 gold coins for his wit and intellect.


Akbar ficou muito feliz com a resposta e deu-lhe 100 moedas de ouro pela sua inteligência e intelecto.


Moral: There is always a solution if one thinks creatively.


Moral: Sempre existe uma solução se pensarmos criativamente.


Hope you had fun learning the Portuguese language through short stories 🙂 If so leave a comment!!!

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These Portuguese short stories are super cool to read for beginners and also for entertaining children. Akbar and Birbal is among the best stories that can be studied on a daily basis.

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