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List of 100+ Animals in Portuguese

List of 100+ Animals in Portuguese / Português

In this super basic blog, we are going to learn about the list of 100+ animals in Portuguese / Português with example sentences.



  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Animals related terms in Portuguese
  3. Pet animals in Portuguese
  4. Names of farm animals in Portuguese
  5. Mammals in Portuguese
  6. Marine Animals in Portuguese
  7. Different Fish in Portuguese
  8. Names of Reptiles in Portuguese
  9. All Amphibians in Portuguese


Portuguese Vocabulary Introduction

One of the “most” important topics in Portuguese A1 is learning the vocabulary for animals in Portuguese. Why? A few examples will cure your doubts as to why you need to understand and learn the names of all animals in Portuguese.

  1. Talking about a pet to someone… Do you like dogs?
  2. Ordering food… One chicken sandwich please?
  3. Ordering clothes and accessories… I like leather jackets and leather wallets
  4. Watching cartoons… literally every cartoon has animals or is completely based on animals!

Let us go through the Portuguese vocabulary for 100+ animals in Portuguese with loads and loads of example sentences in Portuguese and with English translation!!! You will find many of these to be quite easy to memorize and retain as they as super similar to English!


How do you say Animals in Portuguese?

  • The correct word for “The Animal” in Portuguese is “o animal”.
  • The plural for “The Animals” in Portuguese is “os animais”


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Animal related terms in Portuguese / Português?

You might need to be more generic in some cases when talking about animals. For example “PET” is not an animal but is related to animals. These are the main words in Portuguese which you might use on a day to day basis in one way or another. You can learn the list of animal related terms in Portuguese with articles in Singular and in Plural.

Portuguese English English Sentence Portuguese Sentence
O animal The animal We like animals. Gostamos de animais.
O animal de estimação The pet I have 5 pets Eu tenho 5 animais de estimação
O animal selvagem The wild animal There are many wild animals in India Existem muitos animais selvagens na Índia
O animal da fazenda The farm animal The cow is a farm animal A vaca é um animal de fazenda
O mamífero The mammal What is a mammal? O que é um mamífero?
O mamífero marinho The marine mammal I love marine mammals. Eu amo mamíferos marinhos.
O pássaro The bird Birds can fly. Pássaros podem voar.
O inseto The insect I hate insects. Eu odeio insetos.
O réptil The reptile The snake is a reptile. A cobra é um réptil.
O anfíbio The amphibian Is the tortoise an amphibian? A tartaruga é um anfíbio?
O Peixe The fish The cat ate the fish. O gato comeu o peixe.
O herbívoro The herbivore The cow is a herbivore. A vaca é herbívora.
O carnívoro The carnivore The lion is a carnivore O leão é um carnívoro
O onívoro The omnivore The bear is an omnivore O urso é um onívoro


Names of pet animals in Portuguese

How do you say House Pets in Portuguese? The correct word for “Pet” in Portuguese is “O animal de estimação”. The plural for “The Pets” in Portuguese is “os animais de estimação”

Portugal (or most of the developed countries in Europe) is a very pet friendly country. It is one of the few countries in the world where the number of people to pets is skewed in favour of the pets. If you go for a walk, summer or winter, hail or storm, ice or heat, you are pretty much guaranteed to see a dozen people walking their pets. And of course, many people allow you to play with them which means it’s very important that you know the list of names of all pet animals in Portuguese fluently.

List of pets in Portuguese
List of pets in Portuguese

These are the main words in Portuguese related to house pets which you might use on semi frequent basis in one way or another. You can learn the list of pet related terms in Portuguese in Singular and in Plural.

Portuguese English English Sentence Portuguese Sentence
o cachorro dog My dog eats biscuits. Meu cachorro come biscoitos.
o gato cat I have ten cats. Eu tenho dez gatos.
o rato rat There are many rat in China. Existem muitos ratos na China.
a vaca cow Cows are very large. As vacas são muito grandes.
o cavalo horse I want to buy a Horse. Eu quero comprar um cavalo.
o gatinho kitten Kittens are cute. Os gatinhos são fofos.
o cachorrinho puppy I love puppies Eu amo filhotes de cachorro
o Coelho rabbit I have a white rabbit Eu tenho um coelho branco
o Peixe fish The cat eats the Fish. O gato come o peixe.
o hamster hamster My son wants a hamster! Meu filho quer um hamster!
a cobaia guinea pig Her son in law has two guinea pigs. O genro dela tem duas cobaias.
a cobra snake Snakes are dangerous. As cobras são perigosas.
o pássaro bird Birds can fly. Pássaros podem voar.
o papagaio parrot A parrot is green in color. Um papagaio é de cor verde.
O lagarto lizard Lizards are not pets! Lagartos não são animais de estimação!
a tartaruga turtle Turtles are slow. As tartarugas são lentas.


Names of Farm Animals in Portuguese

How do you say Farm Animals in Portuguese? The correct word for “Farm Animal” in Portuguese is “o animal da fazenda”. The plural for “Farm Animals” in Portuguese is “os animais da fazenda”

Portugal (again most of Europe) is a very diary heavy and meat eating country. This of course means that there are a lot of farms in Portugal. And with farms come the farm animals! The farm animals are something even children read about in poems and rhymes and it’s something that you absolutely need to learn and know!

List of all Farm Animals in Portuguese
List of all Farm Animals in Portuguese

These are the main list of farm animals which you call upon to use. You can learn the list of farm animal related terms in Portuguese in Singular and in Plural.

Portuguese English English Sentence Portuguese Sentence
A vaca Cow This is a cow. Isso é uma vaca.
O touro Bull The bull is a very large animal. O touro é um animal muito grande.
O cavalo Horse A Horse is quite tall. Um cavalo é bastante alto.
O burro Donkey He works like a donkey. Ele trabalha como um burro.
O porco Pig The pig is very dirty. O porco está muito sujo.
As ovelhas Sheep The sheep is fluffy. A ovelha é fofa.
A cabra Goat I have two hundred goats. Eu tenho duzentas cabras.
O Galo Rooster The rooster has colorful feathers. O galo tem penas coloridas.
O pato Duck There are ducks and swans in the lake. Existem patos e cisnes no lago.
O Ganso goose The goose is silly. O ganso é bobo.


Names of Mammals in Portuguese / Português

How do you say Mammals in Portuguese? The correct word for “The Mammal” in Portuguese is “O mamífero”. The plural for “The Mammals” in Portuguese is “Os mamíferos”

Who wouldn’t want to start off their Portuguese knowledge without the study of all mammals? You can learn the list of all mammals in Portuguese with English translation and with Singular and in Plural.

Note that this list includes all the Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores.

List of all Mammals in Portuguese
List of all Mammals in Portuguese
Portuguese English English Sentence Portuguese Sentence
O porco-da-terra aardvark Aardvarks eat ants. Os porcos-da-terra comem formigas.
O antílope antelope The antelope is very fast. O antílope é muito rápido.
O babuíno baboon The king of the baboons carried the lamp. O rei dos babuínos carregava a lâmpada.
O morcego bat The bat caught the butterfly. O morcego pegou a borboleta.
O urso bear The grizzly bear is hibernating. O urso pardo está hibernando.
O javali boar A boar is very strong. Um javali é muito forte.
O camelo camel A camel does not drink water. Um camelo não bebe água.
A chita cheetah The cheetah is the fastest animal in the world. A chita é o animal mais rápido do mundo.
O coiote coyote The coyote caught the bird. O coiote pegou o pássaro.
O veado deer My Dogs play with the deer Meus cães brincam com o veado
O arganaz dormouse The dormouse sleeps a lot. O arganaz dorme muito.
O elefante elephant She went on an elephant ride in Thailand. Ela fez um passeio de elefante na Tailândia.
O furão ferret Ferrets are not good pets. Os furões não são bons animais de estimação.
A Raposa fox The fox is sly. A raposa é manhosa.
A girafa giraffe The giraffe is the tallest animal in the world. A girafa é o animal mais alto do mundo.
O gorila gorilla The gorilla is an endangered animal O gorila é um animal em extinção
A lebre Hare Rabbits do not like Hares. Coelhos não gostam de lebres.
O ouriço hedgehog I saw a Hedgehog in Portugal. Eu vi um ouriço em Portugal.
O hipopótamo hippopotamus The hippopotamus is the most dangerous animal in the world. O hipopótamo é o animal mais perigoso do mundo.
O leopardo leopard I saw the Leopard and ran away. Eu vi o Leopardo e fugi.
O Leão lion The lion is the king of the jungle. O leão é o rei da selva.
O lince lynx Have you seen the lynx? Você viu o lince?
O suricato meerkat Meerkats are timid. Os suricatos são tímidos.
O mangusto mongoose The mongoose caught the snake O mangusto pegou a cobra
O macaco monkey I like monkeys but I don’t like gorillas. Eu gosto de macacos, mas não gosto de gorilas.
O alce moose I saw a moose in Canada. Eu vi um alce no Canadá.
O rato mouse The rat is bigger than the mouse O rato é maior que o camundongo
A lontra otter The zoo does not have otters O zoológico não tem lontras
A pantera panther The panther lives in south America. A pantera mora na América do Sul.
O ornitorrinco platypus The platypus is poisonous. O ornitorrinco é venenoso.
O Coelho rabbit Who ate the rabbit? Quem comeu o coelho?
O guaxinim raccoon We have many raccoons in our garden. Temos muitos guaxinins em nosso jardim.
A rena reindeer Santa has many reindeer. Papai Noel tem muitas renas.
O rinoceronte rhinoceros The Rhinoceros weighs over two thousand kilograms. O rinoceronte pesa mais de dois mil quilos.
A megera shrew The shrew is blind. A megera é cega.
O esquilo squirrel I gave a cashew nut to the squirrel. Dei uma castanha de caju para o esquilo.
O Tigre Tiger The Tiger is ferocious. O tigre é feroz.
A doninha weasel The weasel is faster than the mouse. A doninha é mais rápida que o mouse.
O lobo wolf Is the wolf larger than a dog? O lobo é maior do que um cachorro?
A zebra zebra A zebra has black stripes. Uma zebra tem listras pretas.


Names of different marine animals in Portuguese

How do you say Marine Animal or Mammals of the sea in Portuguese? The correct word for “Marine Animal or Mammal of the sea” in Portuguese is “mamífero marinho”. The plural for “Marine Animals or Mammals of the sea” in Portuguese is “mamíferos marinhos”

From dolphin to whales, Sharks to stingrays, the animals in the ocean or the marine animals have always held our fascination. You can learn the list of all Sea creatures of marine animals in Portuguese with English example sentences.

Portuguese English English Sentence Portuguese Sentence
O caranguejo crab Crabs are tasty. Os caranguejos são saborosos.
O golfinho dolphin The dolphin is friendly. O golfinho é amigável.
A tartaruga verde green sea turtle You can see green sea turtles in Maldives Você pode ver tartarugas marinhas verdes nas Maldivas
A baleia assassina killer whale A killer whaleis massive. Uma baleia assassina é enorme.
A lagosta lobster The lobster is expensive. A lagosta é cara.
O polvo octopus An octopus has 8 tentacles. Um polvo possui 8 tentáculos.
A ostra oyster The otter broke the oyster. A lontra quebrou a ostra.
O leão marinho sea lion The sea lion likes fruits. O leão-marinho gosta de frutas.
O ouriço-do-mar sea urchin Did you see a sea urchin? Você viu um ouriço do mar?
A concha seashell He sells seashells Ele vende conchas
O tubarão shark The shark is deadly. O tubarão é mortal.
O camarão shrimp The shrimps are dead. Os camarões estão mortos.
O cachalote sperm whale Moby Dick is a Sperm Whale Moby Dick é um cachalote
A lula squid Japanese people eat Squids Os japoneses comem lulas
A estrela do mar starfish A starfish is colorful. Uma estrela do mar é colorida.
A arraia stingray The stingray is dangerous. A arraia é perigosa.
A morsa walrus The walrus eats fish. A morsa come peixe.
A baleia whale The whale is massive. A baleia é enorme.
O molusco clam The clam is grey in color. O molusco é de cor cinza.


List of all Reptiles in Portuguese

How do you say Reptiles in Portuguese? The correct word for “The Reptile” in Portuguese is “O réptil”. The plural for “The Reptiles” in Portuguese is “Os répteis”

What can be more memorable than the creepy crawly snakes and crocodiles? They are scary and hence always a nice discussion point and hence you might as well do it in Portuguese.

Portuguese English
o camaleão the chameleon
o crocodilo crocodile
a lagartixa the gecko
a iguana the iguana
a salamandra the salamander
o lagarto monitor the monitor lizard
o lagarto com chifres the horned lizard
a cobra venenosa the poisonous snake
a cascavel the rattlesnake
a tartaruga marinha the sea turtle
a cobra grama the grass snake
a tartaruga the turtle
O lagarto lizard
a tartaruga turtle
a cobra snake


Names of Birds in Portuguese

How do you say Birds in Portuguese? The correct word for “The Bird” in Portuguese is “o pássaro”.  The plural for “The Birds” in Portuguese is “os pássaros”

Now that you’ve learnt the list of animals in Portuguese, why not step into birds? Here you will learn about the names used for different birds in Portuguese language with English translation and with a large number of example sentences.


Portuguese English
o melro blackbird
o periquito budgie
o corvo crow
a pomba dove
a águia eagle
o Falcão falcon
o Ganso goose
o harrier harrier
a garça heron
a pega magpie
o avestruz ostrich
a coruja owl
a perdiz partridge
o pavão peacock
o pinguim penguin
o falcão peregrino Peregrine falcon
o pombo Pigeon
a codorna Quail
a gaivota Seagull
o pardal Sparrow
o cisne swan
o Peru turkey
o abutre vulture
o pica-pau woodpecker


Names of some Amphibians in Portuguese 

Done with the list of animals in Portuguese and the list of birds in Portuguese? Excellent!!! Now let us go for the list of amphibians in Portuguese?

Word / Plural Meaning
o sapo frog
o sapo comum the common toad
a perereca the tree frog
a salamandra the salamander


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