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The Young Crab and The Old Crab – 若いカニと年寄りのカニ

The Young Crab and The Old Crab – 若いカニと年寄りのカニ


There was once an old crab who lived in the sea. The crab always never used to appreciate anyone. She would always say:

“No. No. You are cooking wrongly. You should have added more salt.”





“No. No. You are eating wrongly. You should move your teeth from left to right.”

“No. No. You are jumping wrong. You should jump straight.”

“No. No. You are singing wrong. You should sing in a lower tone.”





Whatever the other crabs did, she would criticize. The younger crabs used to avoid her. One day she saw a young crab walking sideways, like all crabs walk normally. She called him and said:

“No. No. You should not walk sideways. You should only walk straight.”




The young crab said, “Can you please show me Grandmother Crab about how I should walk? I can learn from you then.”

The old crab tired and tried to walk straight but she could only move sidewards. She tried so hard that she fell down and hurt her nose.

The young crab said, “Thank you Grandmother for showing me how to fall.”






Moral:  Do not tell others how to act unless you can set a good example.


道徳: 「良い例を示すことができない限り、他の人の行動に口出しをしないでください。」


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