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The Wolf and the Shepherd – 狼と羊飼い

The Wolf and the Shepherd – 狼と羊飼い


Once upon a time, a shepherd lived in a small village next to the forest. He used to take the sheep to graze in the forest.

One day, he saw a wolf roaming around the sheep. He was afraid of the wolf and did not move. The sheep were terrified and did not move as well. The wolf however did not do anything. The wolf only made sure that the sheep did not stray away. He circled the sheep and pushed them towards the shepherd and went into the forests.


昔々、 森の隣の小さな村に羊飼いが住んでいました。彼は森に羊を連れて放牧していました。



The next day the same thing happened. Soon the sheep and the shepherd got used to the wolf.

The shepherd thought, “This wolf might not be a bad wolf. He is so kind and helpful. He must not be wicked. Maybe all wolves are not wicked.”





He got so used to the wolf that he trusted the wolf completely. One day, he went to the village when the wolf was taking care of the sheep. When he came back, half his flock was dead or missing.

He said, “How foolish was I to trust a wolf.”





Moral: “Once a wolf, always a wolf.”


道徳: 「狼はいつまでたっても狼だ。」

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