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The Serpent and the Eagle – ヘビとワシ

The Serpent and the Eagle – ヘビとワシ


Once upon a time, there was serpent. The serpent saw an eagle which was resting in the trees. The serpent wrapped itself around the neck of the eagle.

The Eagle could not reach the serpent with its claws or its beak. He flew into the air and tried to throw it off, but the serpent was very strong. The serpent began to choke him.





The eagle landed near a traveler since it could not breathe. The traveler saw the battle and decided to help the eagle. He pulled the serpent away from the eagle.

The serpent was very angry. He wanted to bite the traveler, but the traveler was very watchful. The serpent bit his water flask. The traveler did not see the snake bite his water flask. The eagle saw the snake bite the flask.





When the traveler was near a stream, he wanted to drink some water. When he was just about to drink, the eagle swooped down and took the flask from his hand. The eagle flew far away and hence saved the travelers life.




Moral: “An act of kindness is well repaid.”




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