The Monkey and the Cat

Once upon a time, a monkey and a cat lived as pets in the same house. They were the best of friends and used to do everything together. They used to play together. They used to get into all sorts of trouble together. Mostly they tried to steal and eat food which the man had hidden around the house.

One day the monkey and the cat were sitting beside the fireplace. Some chestnuts were roasting on the fireplace and they were giving off a wonderful aroma. The cat and the monkey were thinking on how to get them out of the fire.

The Monkey was very cunning. It said, “I would happily get them out. But you are much more skilful and faster than I am. You can easily pull them out one at a time. I can divide them between the two of us.”

The cat agreed and quickly pulled a chestnut half out of the fire. She was slightly hurt but not so much. She repeated it a second time and pulled out a full chestnut. She did this again and again and her paw was burnt severely. Since she was in pain, she did not see that the monkey was eating them all quickly.

The master came in and the two ran away as fast as they could. The Cat had a burnt paw and had not eaten a single chestnut. From that time onwards, the cat stayed away from the monkey and was happy eating mice.

Moral: “The flatterer seeks some benefit at your expense.”

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