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Milky Way Galaxy and the Solar System in Spanish

Milky Way Galaxy and the Solar System in Spanish

When you were a child, one of the “most” common topics is speaking about the planets. You can study about the list of the nine planets here Names of all the planets in Spanish with example sentences. Is that all that you need to know? What about describing something as simple as a comet or the entire universe? Of course you need to know the vocabulary necessary to describe the moon and the stars in Spanish, comets and asteroids in Spanish, Universe in Spanish etc. You also need to know about the Milky Way Galaxy and the Solar System in Spanish

Universe in Spanish
Universe in Spanish

A simple example for its importance: You’re lying down in the grass with your partner and you and you want to romantically describe “THE GORGEOUS MILKY WAY AND THE DEPTHS OF SPACE”. And your partner turns out to be a gorgeous (or handsome) Spanish dude / dudette. You know it’s a sure homerun if you speak romantically about the infinite depths of Space in Spanish. You need to explain the beauty in Spanish. How do you do that? Simple… know the words for the universe in Spanish and then string them together with some grammar.



  1. How to say Universe in Spanish?
  2. How to say Solar System and Milky Way Galaxy in Spanish?
  3. Space objects such as asteroids, comets and meteors in Spanish?
  4. Space related inventions?


The milky way galaxy and the solar system in Spanish

  • WORD: The Spanish translation for “The Universe” is “El universo”
    • EXAMPLE SENTENCE: “The universe is not infinite.” à El universo no es infinito.
  • WORD: The Spanish word for “The Galaxy” is “La galaxia”
    • EXAMPLE SENTENCE: “Milky Way is a Galaxy.” à La Vía Láctea es una Galaxia.
  • WORD: The Spanish translation for “Solar System” is “El sistema solar”
    • EXAMPLE SENTENCE: “Our Solar system has nine planets.” à Nuestro sistema solar tiene nueve planetas.


Asteroids , comets and meteors in Spanish

Ok now that you are convinced that you can’t be talking about the nine planets all the time and that you need talk about Meteors in Spanish, the universe, the galaxy, the stars and what not in Spanish, we now know the next logical step.

learn about the Universe in Spanish
learn about the Universe in Spanish

Sometimes, you need to be more generic in cases when talking to acquaintances. Sometimes you need to be very specific when talking to friends and you are to deep dive into many a topic.

The universe in EnglishUniverse in SpanishEnglish SentencesSpanish Sentences
The Milky WayLa vía LácteaThere are billions of stars in the milky way.Hay miles de millones de estrellas en la vía láctea.
The universeEl universoThe universe has many galaxies.El universo tiene muchas galaxias.
The galaxyLa galaxiaThe artist painted a picture of the galaxy.El artista pintó un cuadro de la galaxia.
The solar systemEl sistema solarThe solar system has nine planetsEl sistema solar tiene nueve planetas.
The cometel cometaA comet is faster than an asteroid.Un cometa es más rápido que un asteroide.
The meteorel meteoroI saw a meteor yesterday.Ayer vi un meteoro.
The asteroidel asteroideWe have an asteroid in our school.Tenemos un asteroide en nuestra escuela.
The meteoroidel meteoroideWe sold the meteoroidVendimos el meteoroide
The black holeEl agujero negroStephen Hawking studied about black holes.Stephen Hawking estudió sobre los agujeros negros.
The Northern lightsla aurora borealI want to see the northern lights.Quiero ver la aurora boreal.
The orbitla órbitaThe orbit is elliptical.La órbita es elíptica.
GravityGravedadNewton discovered gravity.Newton descubrió la gravedad.
AstronomyAstronomíaI study Astronomy in Harvard.Estudio Astronomía en Harvard.


One more set of examples 

SET 2 - learn about the Universe in Spanish
SET 2 – learn about the Universe in Spanish
The universe in EnglishUniverse in SpanishEnglish SentencesSpanish Sentences
The Milky WayLa vía LácteaThe Spanish astronomer studies about the milky way.El astrónomo español estudia sobre la vía láctea.
The universeEl universoGod created the universe.Dios creó el universo.
The galaxyLa galaxiaThe Andromeda Galaxy is bigger than the Milky Way Galaxy.La galaxia de Andrómeda es más grande que la galaxia de la Vía Láctea.
The solar systemEl sistema solarThe sun is the centre of the solar system.El sol es el centro del sistema solar.
The cometel cometaDo comets have names?¿Los cometas tienen nombres?
The meteorel meteoroThe museum has found many meteors and meteoroids.El museo ha encontrado muchos meteoros y meteoroides.
The asteroidel asteroideThe nuclear bomb destroyed the asteroid.La bomba nuclear destruyó el asteroide.
The meteoroidel meteoroideWhat is the difference between a meteoroid and an asteroid?¿Cuál es la diferencia entre un meteoroide y un asteroide?
The black holeEl agujero negroThere are many black holes in the universe.Hay muchos agujeros negros en el universo.
The Northern lightsla aurora borealYou can see the Northern lights from Norway.Puedes ver la aurora boreal desde Noruega.
The orbitla órbitaThe satellite is in an elliptical orbit.El satélite está en una órbita elíptica.
GravityGravedadIf there was no gravity, humans would fly.Si no hubiera gravedad, los humanos volarían.
AstronomyAstronomíaThe Spanish woman loves Astronomy.La mujer española ama la Astronomía.


Spanish Space related inventions 

Space is filled with wondrous inventions made by man. Today we are going to study not only about planets in Spanish or the universe in Spanish; we are also going to study about the various man made inventions which help us study the universe and its wondrous secrets.

List of the different Space related inventions
List of the different Space related inventions

In this section, we will be learning about the list of all tools and inventions in Spanish related to space with a couple of examples thrown in.

The universe in Englishuniverse in SpanishEnglish SentencesSpanish Sentences
The space stationla estación espacialThe international space station was built in 1998La estación espacial internacional fue construida en 1998.
The satelliteel satéliteSpaceX has launched over four hundred satellitesSpaceX ha lanzado más de cuatrocientos satélites
The rocketEl coheteNASA launches rockets every year.La NASA lanza cohetes cada año.
The rocket fuelEl combustible para cohetesRocket fuel is very expensiveEl combustible para cohetes es muy caro.
The spaceshipLa nave espacialJohn wanted to make a spaceship.John quería hacer una nave espacial.
The space shuttleel transbordador espacialThe space shuttle exploded.El transbordador espacial explotó.
The space suitel traje espacialBuzz Aldrin owns a space suit.Buzz Aldrin tiene un traje espacial.
The oxygen cylinderel cilindro de oxigenoScuba divers and astronauts carry an oxygen cylinder.Los buceadores y los astronautas llevan un cilindro de oxígeno.
The telescopeel telescopioThe young boy loves his telescope.El niño ama su telescopio.
The Hubble telescopeEl telescopio HubbleThe Hubble telescope is thirty years old.El telescopio Hubble tiene treinta años.


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