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List of 100+ Animals in Spanish

List of 100+ Animals in Spanish

One of the “most” important topics in Spanish A1 is learning the vocabulary for animals in Spanish. Why? A few examples will cure your doubts as to why you need to understand and learn the names of all animals in Spanish.

Talking about a pet to someone… Do you like dogs?

  1. Ordering food… One chicken sandwich please?
  2. Ordering clothes and accessories… I like leather jackets and leather wallets
  3. Watching cartoons… literally every cartoon has animals or is completely based on animals!

Let us go through the Spanish vocabulary for 100+ animals in Spanish with loads and loads of example sentences in Spanish and with English translation!!! You will find many of these to be quite easy to memorize and retain as they as super similar to English!


  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Animals related terms in Spanish
  3. Pet animals in Spanish
  4. Names of farm animals in Spanish
  5. Mammals in Spanish
  6. Marine Animals in Spanish
  7. Different Fish in Spanish
  8. Names of Reptiles in Spanish
  9. All Amphibians in Spanish


How do you say Animals in Spanish?

  • The correct word for “The Animal” in Spanish is “El animal”.
  • The plural for “The Animals” in Spanish is “los animales”


Animal related terms in Spanish

You might need to be more generic in some cases when talking about animals. For example “PET” is not an animal but is related to animals. These are the main words in Spanish which you might use on a day to day basis in one way or another. You can learn the list of animal related terms in Spanish.

Spanish English English Sentence Spanish Sentences
El animal The animal We like animals. Nos gustan los animales.
La mascota de la casa The pet I have 5 pets Tengo 5 mascotas
El animal salvaje The wild animal There are many wild animals in India Hay muchos animales salvajes en la India.
El animal de la granja The farm animal The cow is a farm animal La vaca es un animal de granja
El mamífero The mammal What is a mammal? ¿Qué es un mamífero?
El mamífero marino The marine mammal I love marine mammals. Amo a los mamíferos marinos.
El pájaro The bird Birds can fly. Los pájaros pueden volar.
El insecto The insect I hate insects. Odio los insectos.
El reptil The reptile The snake is a reptile. La serpiente es un reptil.
El anfibio The amphibian Is the tortoise an amphibian? ¿Es la tortuga un anfibio?
El pescado The fish The cat ate the fish. El gato se comió el pescado.
Herbívoro Herbivore The cow is a herbivore. La vaca es herbívora.
Carnívoro Carnivore The lion is a carnivore El león es un carnívoro
Omnívoro Omnivore The bear is an omnivore El oso es un omnívoro


Names of pet animals in Spanish

How do you say House Pets in Spanish? The correct word for “House Pet” in Spanish is “Casa de mascota”. The plural for “House Pets” in Spanish is “Mascotas de la casa” The correct word for “Pet Animal” in Spanish is “Mascota”. The plural for “Pet Animals” in Spanish is “Mascotas”

Spain (or most of the developed countries in Europe) is a very pet friendly country. People love their pets and small dogs are very much loved and preferred in Madrid or Barcelona while larger dogs are preferred in the countryside (and as we all know, there are super large swathes of countryside land in Spain).

If you go for a walk, summer or winter, hail or storm, ice or heat, you are pretty much guaranteed to see a dozen people walking their pets.

And of course, many people allow you to play with them which means one thing! It’s very important that you know the list of names of all pet animals in Spanish fluently.

These are the main words in Spanish related to house pets which you might use on semi frequent basis in one way or another. You can learn the list of pet related terms in Spanish.

Spanish English English Sentence Spanish Sentences
El perro The dog My dog eats biscuits. Mi perro come galletas.
El gato The cat I have ten cats. Tengo diez gatos.
El gato The tomcat The orange tomcat is very large. El gato naranja es muy grande.
La rata The rat There are many rat in China. Hay muchas ratas en China.
La vaca The cow Cows are very large. Las vacas son muy grandes.
El caballo The horse I want to buy a Horse. Quiero comprar un caballo.
El gatito The kitten Kittens are cute. Los gatitos son lindos.
El cachorro The puppy I love puppies amo los cachorros
El conejo The rabbit I have a white rabbit Tengo un conejo blanco
El pescado The fish The cat eats the Fish. El gato se come el pescado.
El hamster The hamster My son wants a hamster! ¡Mi hijo quiere un hámster!
El conejillo de indias The guinea pig Her son in law has two guinea pigs. Su yerno tiene dos conejillos de indias.
La serpiente The snake Snakes are dangerous. Las serpientes son peligrosas.
El pájaro The bird Birds can fly. Los pájaros pueden volar.
El loro The parrot A parrot is green in color. Un loro es de color verde.
El lagarto The lizard Lizards are not pets! ¡Los lagartos no son mascotas!
El ratón The mouse Mickey Mouse is very famous. Mickey Mouse es muy famoso.
El gecko The gecko In Australia, geckos are common. En Australia, los geckos son comunes.
La tortuga The turtle Turtles are slow. Las tortugas son lentas.


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List of Farm Animals in Spanish

How do you say Farm Animals in Spanish? The correct word for “The Farm Animals” in Spanish is “Animales de granja”.

Spain (again most of Europe) is a very diary heavy and meat eating country. Of course you know this as Spain is most famous for its legendary meat products and meat based cuisine. This of course means that there are a lot of farms in Spain. And with farms come the farm animals!

The farm animals are something even children read about in poems and rhymes and it’s something that you absolutely need to learn and know!

These are the main list of farm animals which you call upon to use. You can learn the list of farm animal related terms in Spanish.

Spanish English English Sentence Spanish Sentences
La vaca The cow This is a cow. Esto es una vaca.
El toro The bull The bull is a very large animal. El toro es un animal muy grande.
El caballo The horse A Horse is quite tall. Un caballo es bastante alto.
Ellos son The mare Where is the mare? ¿Dónde está la yegua?
El burro The donkey He works like a donkey. Trabaja como un burro.
El cerdo The pig The pig is very dirty. El cerdo está muy sucio.
La oveja The sheep The sheep is fluffy. La oveja es esponjosa.
La cabra The goat I have two hundred goats. Tengo doscientas cabras.
El gallo The rooster The rooster has colorful feathers. El gallo tiene plumas de colores.
El pato The duck There are ducks and swans in the lake. Hay patos y cisnes en el lago.
El ganso The goose The goose is silly. El ganso es tonto.


Names of Mammals in Spanish

How do you say Mammals in Spanish? The correct word for “mammals” in Spanish is “mamíferos”.

Who wouldn’t want to start off their Spanish knowledge without the study of all mammals? You can learn the list of all mammals in Spanish with English translation.

Spanish English English Sentence Spanish Sentences
El oso hormiguero The aardvark Aardvarks eat ants. Los osos hormigueros comen hormigas.
El antílope The antelope The antelope is very fast. El antílope es muy rápido.
El babuino The baboon The king of the baboons carried the lamp. El rey de los babuinos llevaba la lámpara.
El murciélago The bat The bat caught the butterfly. El murciélago atrapó a la mariposa.
El oso The bear The grizzly bear is hibernating. El oso grizzly está hibernando.
El jabalí The boar A boar is very strong. Un jabalí es muy fuerte.
El camello The camel A camel does not drink water. Un camello no bebe agua.
El guepardo The cheetah The cheetah is the fastest animal in the world. El guepardo es el animal más rápido del mundo.
El coyote The coyote The coyote caught the bird. El coyote atrapó al pájaro.
El ciervo The deer My Dogs play with the deer Mis perros juegan con los ciervos
El ciervo The Stag The stag has antlers. El ciervo tiene astas.
El lirón The dormouse The dormouse sleeps a lot. El lirón duerme mucho.
El elefante The elephant She went on an elephant ride in Thailand. Ella fue a dar un paseo en elefante en Tailandia.
El Huron The ferret Ferrets are not good pets. Los hurones no son buenas mascotas.
El zorro The fox The fox is sly. El zorro es astuto.
La jirafa The giraffe The giraffe is the tallest animal in the world. La jirafa es el animal más alto del mundo.
El gorila The gorilla The gorilla is an endangered animal El gorila es un animal en peligro de extinción
La liebre The Hare Rabbits do not like Hares. A los conejos no les gustan las liebres.
El erizo The hedgehog I saw a Hedgehog in Germany. Vi un erizo en Alemania.
El hipopótamo The hippopotamus The hippopotamus is the most dangerous animal in the world. El hipopótamo es el animal más peligroso del mundo.
El leopardo The leopard I saw the Leopard and ran away. Vi al leopardo y me escapé.
El león The lion The lion is the king of the jungle. El león es el rey de la jungla.
El lince The lynx Have you seen the lynx? ¿Has visto al lince?
El suricato The meerkat Meerkats are timid. Los suricatos son tímidos.
La mangosta The mongoose The mongoose caught the snake La mangosta atrapó a la serpiente
El mono The monkey I like monkeys but I don’t like gorillas. Me gustan los monos pero no los gorilas.
El alce The moose I saw a moose in Canada. Vi un alce en Canadá.
El ratón The mouse The rat is bigger than the mouse La rata es más grande que el ratón.
La nutria The otter The zoo does not have otters El zoológico no tiene nutrias.
La pantera The panther There is a panther in the zoo. Hay una pantera en el zoológico.
La pantera The panther The panther lives in south America. La pantera vive en América del Sur.
El ornitorrinco The platypus The platypus is poisonous. El ornitorrinco es venenoso.
El conejo The rabbit Who ate the rabbit? ¿Quién se comió el conejo?
El mapache The raccoon We have many raccoons in our garden. Tenemos muchos mapaches en nuestro jardín.
El reno The reindeer Santa has many reindeer. Santa tiene muchos renos.
El rinoceronte The rhinoceros The Rhinoceros weighs over two thousand kilograms. El rinoceronte pesa más de dos mil kilogramos.
La musaraña The shrew The shrew is blind. La musaraña es ciega.
La ardilla The squirrel I gave a cashew nut to the squirrel. Le di un anacardo a la ardilla.
El Tigre The Tiger The Tiger is ferocious. El Tigre es feroz.
El jabalí The warthog Warthog are quick. Los jabalíes son rápidos.
La comadreja The weasel The weasel is faster than the mouse. La comadreja es más rápida que el ratón.
El lobo The wolf Is the wolf larger than a dog? ¿Es el lobo más grande que un perro?
La cebra The zebra A zebra has black stripes. Una cebra tiene rayas negras.


Spanish Vocabulary: What are the names of different Sea creatures or marine animals in Spanish?

How do you say Marine Animal or Mammals of the sea in Spanish? The correct word for “Marine Animals” in Spanish or “Sea Animals” in Spanish is “Animales marinos”.

From dolphin to whales, Sharks to stingrays, the animals in the ocean or the marine animals have always held our fascination. You can learn the list of all Sea creatures of marine animals in Spanish with English example sentences.

Spanish English English Sentence Spanish Sentences
El cangrejo The crab Crabs are tasty. Los cangrejos son sabrosos.
El delfin The dolphin The dolphin is friendly. El delfín es amigable.
La tortuga verde The green sea turtle You can see green sea turtles in Maldives Puedes ver tortugas marinas verdes en Maldivas
La ballena asesina The killer whale A killer whaleis massive. Una orca es enorme.
La langosta The lobster The lobster is expensive. La langosta es cara.
El pulpo The octopus An octopus has 8 tentacles. Un pulpo tiene 8 tentáculos.
La ostra The oyster The otter broke the oyster. La nutria partió la ostra.
El león marino The sea lion The sea lion likes fruits. Al león marino le gustan las frutas.
El erizo de mar The sea urchin Did you see a sea urchin? ¿Viste un erizo de mar?
El sello The seal There are 5 seals in the lake. Hay 5 focas en el lago.
La concha The seashell He sells seashells Vende conchas marinas
El tiburón The shark The shark is deadly. El tiburón es mortal.
El camarón The shrimp The shrimps are dead. Los camarones están muertos.
La señal The signal Did you see the signal? ¿Viste la señal?
El cachalote The sperm whale Moby Dick is a Sperm Whale Moby Dick es un cachalote
El calamar The squid Japanese people eat Squids Los japoneses comen calamares
La estrella de mar The starfish A starfish is colorful. Una estrella de mar es colorida.
La mantarraya The stingray The stingray is dangerous. La mantarraya es peligrosa.
La morsa The walrus The walrus eats fish. La morsa come pescado.
La ballena The whale The whale is massive. La ballena es enorme.
La almeja The clam The clam is grey in color. La almeja es de color gris.

List of Reptiles in Spanish

How do you say Reptiles in Spanish? The correct word for “Reptile” in Spanish is “Reptil”.

What can be more memorable than the creepy crawly snakes and crocodiles? They are scary and hence always a nice discussion point and hence you might as well do it in Spanish. And once upon a time, Spain was very famous for crocodile skin bags and snake skin belts and bags.

Spanish English
El camaleon the chameleon
cocodrilo crocodile
el caimán the alligator
el gecko the gecko
la iguana the iguana
la salamandra the salamander
el lagarto monitor the monitor lizard
el lagarto cornudo the horned lizard
la serpiente venenosa the poisonous snake
la serpiente de cascabel the rattlesnake
la cobra the cobra
la tortuga marina the sea turtle
la culebra the grass snake
el lagarto the lizard
la tortuga the turtle
la serpiente the snake


List of Birds in Spanish 

How do you say Birds in Spanish? The correct word for “The Bird” in Spanish is “El pájaro”.  The plural for “Birds” in Spanish is “pájaros”

Now that you’ve learnt the list of animals in Spanish, why not step into birds? Here you will learn about the names used for different birds in Spanish language with English translation and with a large number of example sentences.

List of Birds in Spanish
List of Birds in Spanish
Spanish English English Sentence Spanish Sentences
El mirlo The blackbird The blackbird ate the worm El mirlo se comió al gusano
El periquito The budgie She has three budgies Ella tiene tres periquitos
La grúa The crane The crane is tall. La grúa es alta.
El Cuervo The crow The crow drinks water. El cuervo bebe agua.
La paloma The dove The dove flew away. La paloma se fue volando.
El águila The eagle The eagle flies above the clouds El águila vuela por encima de las nubes.
El halcón The falcon The falcon has brown feathers. El halcón tiene plumas marrones.
El ganso The goose The goose laid a golden egg. La gallina puso un huevo de oro.
El aguilucho The harrier The harrier is smaller than the hawk. El aguilucho es más pequeño que el halcón.
La garza The heron The heron has a long neck. La garza tiene un cuello largo.
La urraca The magpie Where did the magpie go? ¿A dónde fue la urraca?
El avestruz The ostrich The ostrich is the largest bird. El avestruz es el ave más grande.
El búho The owl The owl sat on the bull. El búho se sentó sobre el toro.
La perdiz The partridge The partridge sat on the pear tree La perdiz se sentó en el peral
El pavo real The peacock The peacock has colorful feathers. El pavo real tiene plumas de colores.
El pingüino The penguin Penguin live in Antarctica. El pingüino vive en la Antártida.
El halcón peregrino The Peregrine hawk The peregrine hawk has sharp claws. El halcón peregrino tiene garras afiladas.
La paloma The pigeon She likes to feed the Pigeon. Le gusta alimentar a la paloma.
La codorniz The quail Quail soup is very tasty. La sopa de codorniz es muy sabrosa.
La gaviota The seagull There are many seagulls near California. Hay muchas gaviotas cerca de California.
El gorrion The sparrow Sparrows are very cute. Los gorriones son muy lindos.
La golondrina The swallow The swallow attacked the sparrow. La golondrina atacó al gorrión.
El Cisne The swan The swan is graceful. El cisne es elegante.
El pavo The turkey Can you buy a turkey? ¿Puedes comprar un pavo?
El buitre The vulture Have you seen vultures? ¿Has visto buitres?
El pájaro carpintero The woodpecker There are many woodpeckers in the forest. Hay muchos pájaros carpinteros en el bosque.


Amphibians in Spanish 

Done with the list of animals in Spanish and the list of birds in Spanish? Excellent!!! Now let us go for the list of amphibians in Spanish?

Spanish English
La rana The frog
La salamandra The salamander
El sapo The toad
El sapo común The common toad
La rana arborícola The tree frog
La salamandra The salamander
El el tritón The the newt


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