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Learn eye colors and Eye shapes in Spanish

Colors and Shapes of eyes in Spanish

The eyes are one of the most important organs in the body. It is the most important connection to perception as we can understand what we can see. We see and we perceive, we see and we believe. Also one of the most common topics when it comes to talking to a lover is by describing how beautiful their eyes are. So it becomes very important that we learn as much as we can related to the eyes in Spanish. Hence in this post, we will be learning about a comprehensive vocabulary lists in relation to the eyes in Spanish with tons and tons of example sentences.

Eyes in Spanish
Eyes in Spanish



  1. How to say “Eyes in Spanish”?
  2. Pronunciation Guide
  3. Parts of the eyes in Spanish
  4. Glasses and Spectacles in Spanish
  5. Eye Diseases in Spanish
  6. Learn eye colors in Spanish
  7. Eye shapes in Spanish
  8. Lover Talk related to the eyes in Spanish


How to say Eyes in Spanish?

  • WORD: The Spanish translation for “the eye” is “el ojo”
    • EXAMPLE SENTENCE: “The eye is an important organ” à El ojo es un órgano importante.
  • WORD: The Spanish word for “the eyes” is “los ojos”
    • EXAMPLE SENTENCE: “A snake has two eyes.” à Una serpiente tiene dos ojos.
  • WORD: The Spanish translation for “one eye” is “un ojo”
    • EXAMPLE SENTENCE: “The earthworm has one eye.” à La lombriz tiene un ojo.


What are the parts of the eyes in Spanish?

Close your eyes… yes I know it’s ironic or even eyeronic!!! Quickly name the different parts of the eyes. You have the white bit, the circle bit, the smaller circle bit, an eyelid, eye lashes and the eye brow… Whew.. it’s a small list thankfully!!! In the table below, you can learn how to say the names of all the parts of the Eye in Spanish. This will help you expand your basic Spanish A1 vocabulary list and will help you have to see the eye doctor. So let us learn about the parts of the eye in Spanish.

Parts of the Eyes in Spanish
Parts of the Eyes in Spanish
English SpanishExample sentence Same sentences in Spanish
The corneala corneaThe cornea is transparent in color.La córnea es de color transparente.
The sclera (white of the eye)La esclerótica (parte blanca del ojo)The sclera must be white in color.La esclerótica debe ser de color blanco.
The irisel irisI am blind and my iris is grey in color.Soy ciego y mi iris es de color gris.
The pupilla pupilaThere is a small injury in the cornea and the pupil.Hay una pequeña lesión en la córnea y la pupila.
The eyelash / eyelashesLa pestaña/las pestañasYour eye lashes are beautiful.Tus pestañas son hermosas.
The eyebrow / eyebrowsLa ceja / las cejasThe man shaved his eyebrows.El hombre se afeitó las cejas.
The eyelid / eyelidsEl párpado / los párpadosThe owl has three eyelids.El búho tiene tres párpados.


Glasses or Spectacles in Spanish

Half the people in the world wear glasses. Most of the people in the world would have worn sunglasses at some point in their lives. Is it thus not important to know about the different spectacles in Spanish? In the table below, you can learn the names of all the vocabulary related to Glasses in Spanish or Spectacles in Spanish.

Glasses in Spanish or Spectacles in Spanish
Glasses in Spanish or Spectacles in Spanish
SpectaclesSpectacles in SpanishExample sentence in EnglishSame sentences in Spanish
spectacleslas gafas /My mother has four spectacles.Mi madre tiene cuatro anteojos.
The contact lenseslas lentes de contactoMy daughter wears contact lenses.Mi hija usa lentes de contacto.
The eye patchel parche en el ojoPirates wear eye patches.Los piratas usan parches en los ojos.
The sunglasseslas gafas de solThe sunglasses are cute.Las gafas de sol son lindas.
The monocleel monóculoWinston Churchill had a monocle.Winston Churchill tenía un monóculo.


Eye Diseases in Spanish

Whenever you have to go to the eye doctor, you need to be careful. In France or in any Spanish speaking country, the doctors might be able to explain the problem only in Spanish. You should be able to know all the common eye diseases in Spanish Let us know learn about the Diseases related to eyes in Spanish.

Diseases related to eyes in Spanish
Diseases related to eyes in Spanish
English Vocab Spanish TranslationExample sentence in EnglishSame sentences in Spanish
HeterochromiaheterocromíaHeterochromia is very rare.La heterocromía es muy rara.
ConjunctivitisConjuntivitisI have conjunctivitis and so I must sleep.Tengo conjuntivitis y por eso debo dormir.
CataractCatarataCataract operations are safe.Las operaciones de cataratas son seguras.
Nearsighted (myopia)Miopía (miopía)Are you nearsighted? Do you have myopia.¿Eres miope? ¿Tienes miopía?
Farsighted (hyperopia) Hipermetropía (hipermetropía)Are you farsighted? Do you have hyperopia?¿Eres hipermétrope? ¿Tienes hipermetropía?
GlaucomaGlaucomaGlaucoma is dangerous and can cause blindness.El glaucoma es peligroso y puede causar ceguera.
Colour blindDaltónicoDogs are colour blind.Los perros son daltónicos.


Different eye colors in Spanish

You are in Spain and on a date, a date with an amazing Spanish dude / dudette. He (or she) sits opposite to you and you stare deeply into his eyes. The eyes are of a very beautiful colour. You wanna impress you date and so want to ask about the colour or of their eyes in Spanish. How do you do it?

  • ENGLISH SENTENCE: Translation for “What color are your eyes?” in Spanish?
    • SPANISH SENTENCE: The translation “What color are your eyes?” in Spanishà ¿De qué color son tus ojos?

Now how does your date respond?

  • ENGLISH SENTENCE: Translation for “I have blue eyes.” in Spanish?
    • SPANISH SENTENCE: The translation I have blue eyes in Spanishà Tengo ojos azules.
different eye colors in Spanish
different eye colors in Spanish

Similarly, let us learn about the different eye colors in Spanish

Eye ColorsSpanishExample sentences in EnglishSame sentences in Spanish
brown eyesOjos cafésShe has brown eyes.Ella tiene ojos cafés.
grey eyesojos grisesYou have grey eyes.Tienes ojos grises.
black eyesojos negrosThe Asian man has black eyesEl hombre asiático tiene ojos negros.
green eyesojos verdesMany Europeans have green eyes.Muchos europeos tienen ojos verdes.
amber eyesojos ambarMy wife has amber eyes and they are gorgeous.Mi esposa tiene ojos color ámbar y son hermosos.
violet eyesojos violetasHave you seen violet eyes?¿Has visto ojos violetas?
hazel eyesojos color avellanaI love hazel collared eyesMe encantan los ojos color avellana
blue eyesojos azulesThe wolf has blue eyesel lobo tiene ojos azules
Grey blue eyesojos azul grisPolar bears have Grey blue eyesLos osos polares tienen ojos azul grisáceo
White eyesojos blancosThe blind man has white eyesEl ciego tiene los ojos blancos.
Light blue eyesojos celestasMy son has light blue eyes.Mi hijo tiene ojos celestes.
Purple eyesOjos moradosThe hero has purple eyesEl héroe tiene ojos morados.


Shapes of the eyes in Spanish

You know that different people have different eye shapes. Some people have round eyes while some people have slanted eyes. I like people who have almond shaped eyes while you may like people who have large eyes. Small eyes may indicate intelligence while cross eyes (through no fault of their own) are ridiculed. Let us learn about the different shapes of the eyes in Spanish

different shapes of the eyes in Spanish
different shapes of the eyes in Spanish
Eye ShapesEye Shapes in SpanishExample sentence in Englishsentences in Spanish
Slit eyes (or) slanted eyesojos rasgadosMost Asians have slanted eyes.La mayoría de los asiáticos tienen los ojos rasgados.
round eyesojos redondosThe woman has round eyes.La mujer tiene ojos redondos.
almond shaped eyesOjos almendradosThe supermodel has almond shaped eyes.La supermodelo tiene ojos almendrados.
large eyesojos grandesChildren have large eyes.Los niños tienen ojos grandes.
small eyesojos pequeñosDo you have small eyes?¿Tienes ojos pequeños?


Lover Talk in Spanish…..

The eyes are considered as a reflection of one’s beauty. You often compliment your partner on their beautiful eye. So you must know how to do this kind of lover talk in Spanish as well

  • One of the most common sentences one can say to their lover is that their eyes are very pretty. The Spanish translation for “your eyes are pretty” is “tus ojos son bonitos
  • Another very common sentence that I usually say to my wife is that her eyes are very beautiful. The Spanish translation for “You have beautiful eyes” is “tienes ojos hermosos
  • The Spanish translation for “I love your eyes” is “amo tus ojos


Simple questions and Answers 

Let us have a small test. Try and answer as many questions as you can honestly!!!

How to say brown eyes in Spanish?Ojos cafés
How to say blue eyes in Spanish?Ojos azules
How do you say green eyes in Spanish?Ojos verdes
How do you say Hazel eyes in Spanishojos color avellana
How do you say grey blue eyes in Spanishojos azul gris
How do you say dark blue eyes in Spanishojos azul oscuro
How do you say bluish green eyes in Spanishojos verde azulados
How do you say grey eyes in SpanishOjos grises
How do you say black eyes in Spanishojos negros

Finally on more list 


What colour are your eyes?¿De que color son tus ojos?
I have green eyes.Tengo ojos verdes.
My eyes are black in color.Mis ojos son de color negro.
Do you wear glasses?¿Usas lentes?
I wear contact lenses.Uso lentes de contacto.

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