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The Lark and her young ones – 親ヒバリと彼女の子ヒバリ達

The Lark and her young ones – 親ヒバリと彼女の子ヒバリ達


There was once a Lark which lived in the wheat fields. The wheat field was very young and the Lark made a nest and laid three eggs.

Soon a few days later, the eggs hatched and three young baby chicks were born. The chicks grew in strength and the wheat field grew bigger and bigger.





One day the wheat field was fully grown. The golden wheat grain was long and waved when there was even a slight breeze. The farmer and his son came and saw the crop and were very happy.

The farmer said to the son, “My dear son, look at how well the wheat has grown. We can ask our neighbours and friends for help and harvest it soon.”





The son said, “Indeed father. The crop is plentiful and we must start soon. Let us call our neighbours and friends at once.”

The young Larks in the nest heard the conversation between the farmer and his son. They became very frightened. They were still too young to fly away. If the farmer and the son caught the birds, they would be cooked and eaten.





The young larks cried and cried. The mother Lark came back in the evening with some fine grains of wheat and worms. The larks cried and said, “Mother! Mother! We are in danger. The farmer and his son are going to harvest their crop soon. We heard them talking some time ago.”

The mother lark said, “What exactly did they say?”





The young larks explained the full story to the Mother Lark who heard it and then laughed loudly. The Mother said, “Don’t worry children, if the farmer says he is going to call his friends and neighbours, it means we still have a lot of time. It means this wheat is not ready for reaping yet.”

A few days later the wheat field was so ripe that it waved when there was even a slight breeze and dropped the grains into the soil. The farmer and his son came and saw the crop and were now worried.





The farmer said to the son, “My dear son, the wheat crop has fully grown. If we delay it any further, we will lose half our crop. We do not need to wait for our neighbours and friends. We shall harvest it tomorrow morning.”

The son said, “Indeed father.”





The young Larks in the nest heard the conversation between the farmer and his son and informed the mother Lark. The Mother Lark said, “They are going to harvest it themselves? Then we cannot wait any longer. Let us fly away at once. When a man says that he is not going to depend on anyone anymore and do his work himself, then there will be no delay.”





In the early morning the little birds their wings as hard and as fast as they could. By afternoon, the farmer and his son had harvested the entire field and found an empty nest on the ground.




Moral: “Self-help is the best help.”




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