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The North Wind and the Sun – 北風と太陽

The North Wind and the Sun – 北風と太陽


Once upon a time, the North Wind and the Sun were the best of friends. The north wind was very cold and used to make people shiver in cold. The sun was warm and people used to hide in the shade when he was shining strong.




One day, the sun said, “I am the strongest since I am the hottest.”

The North Wind said, “No. I am the strongest since I am the coldest.”

The sun said, “No. I am the strongest since I can burn anything I want”

The North Wind said, “No. I am the strongest since I can blow day and night while you are asleep all night.”




太陽は言いました 「いいや。好きなものを燃やすことができるから、私が最強だ。」



The Sun and the North Wind argued a lot and saw a traveller walking down the road. The Sun said, “Let us have a competition. Can you see the traveller over there? He is wearing a coat. Let us see who can force his coat away from him.”




The North Wind agreed. After all, he was the wind and he could blow it away. The North Wind began to blow harder and harder. The man felt so cold that he hugged his jacket as close as possible. No matter how hard the North Wind tried, the man refused to let go of his jacket.




The jacket only fluttered in the wind but it did not fly off since the man was holding it very tightly. After about an hour, the wind gave up. The man was feeling very cold and kept hugging his jacket closely.

The North Wind said to the Sun, “It is your turn now. Let us see you try and succeed.”


男は上着をしっかりと持っていたので上着は風になびくだけで、吹き飛ばされはしませんでした。 約1時間後、風はあきらめました。男はとても寒く感じ、上着をしっかりと抱きしめました。

北風は太陽に言いました「 あなたの番だ。あなたが成功しようとしているのを見てみようではないか。」


The Sun said, “Why not, sure. I shall force the traveller to remove his jacket easily.”

The Sun began to shine. The sun’s beams were gentle at first and the man was very happy. The sun became hotter and hotter and soon it became very hot.





The man started to feel warm and removed his cap. Next he removed all the buttons and opened his jacket as it became sweaty. Soon it became so hot that the man went under a tree and removed his jacket.

The Sun laughed and said, “Look. I have won our bet!”




Moral: “Gentleness and kind persuasion win where force and bluster fail.”




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