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The Two Pots – 二つの壺

The Two Pots – 二つの壺


Once upon a time, there were two pots. The first pot was made of brass. He was strong and heavy. The second pot was made of clay. He was brittle and weak.

The brass pot said to the clay pot, “We have never seen the world. Let us both go out and explore the world.”


昔々、そこには2つの壺がありました。一つの壺は真鍮でできていました。彼は強く重かった。 二つめの壺は陶器でした。彼はもろく弱かった。



The clay pot said, “I too wish to see the world. However, I am made of clay. I am very brittle. If I fall down, I will break into a thousand pieces.”

The brass pot said, “But I am there to protect you. Don’t worry. I will take good care of you. Nobody will hurt you when I am with you.”





The clay pot said, “No. I am very afraid. I will stay in the house and stay safe.”

The brass pot said, “If you are always afraid, you can never see the world. Trust me. I am strong and I will take care of you”




The clay pot agreed and they both moved side by side. They had very small legs and they were bumping into each other. The clay pot began to crack. When they reached the door, the clay pot had cracked badly. He fell down and broke into a thousand pieces.




Moral: “Equals make the best friends.”






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