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The Travellers and the Purse – 旅人と財布

The Travellers and the Purse – 旅人と財布


Once upon a time, two travellers were travelling together. They were going from one town to another town when they met on the way.

When they were walking, one of the travellers found a purse. He opened the purse and it was filled with many gold and silver coins. The traveller was overjoyed.





“Oh how lucky I am”, he said, “I have found such a large purse and that too filled with gold and silver coins. This should be my lucky day. I am rich!”

The other traveller said, “Do not say that ‘I have found the purse’ when we are travelling together. Say that ‘we have found the purse’ since travellers must share their fortunes or misfortunes together.”





The first traveller put the purse into his pocket. He angrily said, “No No. I found the purse. I am keeping the purse. You cannot have it!”

Suddenly there was a lot of noise, “Look! There are two travellers there! They must be the thieves who stole the purse”. They turned and saw a large mob carrying clubs and swords.




The man who found the purse started to panic while the second traveller was calm.

The first traveller said, “We are going to be beaten up by the mob if they find they purse with us! We are in so much trouble. What should we do?”

The second traveller said, “No No. You did not say ‘We’ before and declared that the purse belongs only to you. Now say ‘I am in so much trouble’ and not ‘We’.”





Moral: “We cannot expect one to share our misfortunes unless we are willing to share our good fortune also.”





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