The Wolf in Sheep’s clothing

Mr. Wolf was very hungry and was searching for food. He saw a shepherd herding a large number of sheep.
He thought, “Oh, lucky me. I shall have one of those sheep for lunch”.
When he was near the sheep, they started to cry out loudly.
The farmer came with stick and chased the wolf away. The wolf was thinking of a plan to catch the sheep when he saw some sheepskin next to the trees.
“I have a cunning plan”, he said to himself.
He wore the sheepskin all around himself and he looked exactly like a sheep. He went in and all the sheep thought that the wolf was just another sheep. He quickly led one sheep away into the forest and killed it for lunch.
The next day, he came to the same flock dressed like a sheep. The shepherd was walking around petting the sheep. Every time he pet a sheep, the sheep would say “BAAAAAAAAAH”
He soon came and pet the wolf, who tried to shout “BAAAAAAAAAH”. But can a wolf say “BAAAAAAAAAH”? No.
The wolf said, “GROOOOOWL”
The wolf was caught and beaten by the shepherd. He did not come near the sheep ever again.
Moral: “The evil doer often comes to harm through his own deceit.”

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