The Farmer and the Snake

Once upon a time, there was a kind farmer who lived in a village. He was nice to everyone and every animal. He was nice even to his enemies. He was nice to people even when they hurt him.

One cold winter day, the farmer was walking through the village. He saw a Viper lying on the ground. The Viper was motionless. It was stiff with the cold.

The farmer knew how deadly the snake was. But he was very kind. He decided that he would nurture the snake back to health. He took the snake to his home. The snake revived and bit the farmer. The farmer was in so much pain that he thought that he would die.

The man thought, “I have learned my lesson. The snake is a snake and its nature can never change. I should not take pity on a scoundrel.”

Moral: “Never take pity on a scoundrel.”

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