The Cat and the Birds

Once upon a time, there was a cat which was getting old. The cat could not find something to eat and he was hungry.

Mr. Cat thought, “PURR! PURR! I am a smart cat. Let me trick the birds.”

He went around listening to the birds. Mr. Cat had very sharp ears.

He heard the birds say, “Mr. Tweet is sick. He has such a cold. We should take him to a doctor.”

Mr. Cat thought, “PURR! PURR! I should pretend to be a doctor.”

Mr. Cat wore a white suit and a pair of spectacles. He also carried a small leather briefcase.

He knocked on the door of Mr. Tweet and said, “Hello Mrs. Tweet. Is everything well?”

Mrs. Bird was very smart. She immediately saw the cat. She smiled and said, “Tweet! Tweet!”

Mr. Cat said, “I am a famous doctor. I can cure Mr. Tweet. I can give him medicines.”

Mrs. Bird said, “Tweet! Tweet! You are a smart cat. We are very well. We would be healthier if you don’t eat us. Please leave us alone.”

Moral: “Be wise and shun the quack.”

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