The Monkey and the Dolphin

Once upon a time, there was a Greek ship sailing towards the Piraeus, the port of Athens and the greatest port in the ancient world. The sea was rough and the ship got wrecked.

The dolphins were very friendly and carried all the sailors back to shore on their backs. Since then the Dolphins and the Athenians were the best of friends.

The dolphins were the heroes who saved humans lost at sea. Since then it became a custom for the dolphins to save humans stranded in the ocean.

A few years later, a monkey fell off a ship into the sea. It was struggling in the sea when a dolphin saw the monkey. The dolphin thought it was a human carried the monkey on its back and started to swim to the shore.

The monkey felt dignified and proud and sat on the dolphins back. He felt like a king.

The dolphin said, “Are you also a citizen of the great city of Athens?”

The monkey said, “I am a true Athenian. I belong to one of the most noble of families in Athens.”

The dolphin said, “Of course, then you must have visited Piraeus a lot.”

The monkey did not know that Piraeus was the port of Athens. He said, “But of course. He is one of my best friends.”

The dolphin got confused and he turned and saw a monkey sitting on his back.

The dolphin said, “I would have carried you on my back if you were a honest monkey and had not lied about being an Athenian.”

Saying so, the dolphin dived into the water leaving the monkey to struggle.

Moral: “One falsehood leads to another.”

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