The Farmer and His Sons

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had a large farm. He had three sons who were very lazy. They did not help him. They used to eat and sleep all day. The farmer was very hard working and used to take care of his farm.

One day the farmer felt that he was growing old. He knew that his sons were lazy. So he decided that he would play a trick to make them understand.

He called his three sons and said, “Sons, listen to me carefully. I have ploughed the fields for many years. Do you know why? There is a large pot of gold hidden in the farm. For many years, I searched for this pot alone. I am now growing old and cannot search anymore. Dig the entire field and you will find the treasure!”

The three sons were very excited. A pot of gold would mean that they did not need to work ever again. They dug the farm all day and night and could not find the pot.

However, the three sons had dug the farm very well. During the harvest time, the farm produced a very large crop. The sons made a very large profit.

The sons came to the father and said, “We now understand what you mean by the pot of Gold. We have found our treasure. Our treasure is farming.”


Moral: “Industry is itself a treasure.”

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