The Man and the Lion

One upon a time, there was a traveler who was traveling through the forest. He saw a Lion and made good friends with him. They had lunch together and were boasting to each other.

The Lion said, “I am the King of the forest. There is no animal stronger than I am.”

The Man said, “Ha! That is not true. Man is the strongest. He is stronger than any Lion. He is also the wisest.”

The Lion said, “Ha! The wisest? The Lion is the wisest of all animals and hence he is the king.”

They were quarreling when they saw the great statue of Heracles. Heracles was tearing a Lion with his bare hands.

The Man said, “Ha! Look at that statue. That is Heracles, a Man. He can kill a Lion so easily. Man is the strongest.”
The Lion said, “Ha! The statue is made by a man. If a Lion made the statue, the Lion would be eating Heracles.”


Moral: “It all depends on the point of view, and who tells the story.”



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